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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 30

30. A quarrel between a married couple should be avoided

Atsushi couldn’t hide his confusion in the sudden call from his father ――Taro Yamagami.

Because, Atsushi had never got a call from his father.

It wasn’t like his relationship with his parents was bad. Just that since they were living together. If his parents wanted to talk, they would do that when Atsushi was in the house. Therefore, talking by phone was something that never happened.

And for such a father to call him, he had only one idea as to why…

“Dad… so sudden, what’s wrong?”

[“No-nothing. I just wanted to call, thinking you might be lonely.”]

“…Did you have a quarrel with Mom?”

At the same time as that word, Atsushi heard a slamming noise from the other side of the phone.

The sound was like Taro had fallen so hard…… perhaps it was just his boorish behavior.

[“W-w-w-what, what are you saying? I-It-It’s not like that. Why did your dad have to call you just because of a quarrel with your mom?”]

“So obvious… I mean, you always talked to me alone when you had a quarrel with mom. And it was always just over a small thing. So? Why are you quarreling this time? Did you get told that your snore when you’re sleeping is annoying?”. Or did you get in her way of watching the rerun of “Shogun Summer”? Or did you speak anything about the size of her chest again? “

[“I haven’t done any of that. Just that… That, hmm, I just secretly ate the mitarashi dango that she bought…”]
TN : Here a random picture of Mitarashi Dango

“It’s an even smaller thing than I expected.”

Atsushi’s parents were having a lot of arguments, even over a small thing too. However, there weren’t to then point a word “divorce” flying to each other. 

And this time too, it was a quarrel over a small thing where no one needed to stop it, as the saying, “Even the dog doesn’t interfere in a couple’s fight”. [TN: it means, you should not interfere in lover quarrels.]

Then, after having a fight, the usual flow would be, Taro regretted it a little and then talked to Atsushi.

It was to the point where Atsushi sometimes wondered why such a person was a professor teaching in a university.

“For the time being, buy a pack of mitarashi dango and apologize to mom. I mean, that person, basically, will be fine with that much.”

[“What do you think of your mom… well, that’s true, usually it’ll be fine with that much.”]

“The rest depends on how you apologize. Just don’t do it like usual, I mean, don’t apologize as if you’re her boss, okay? You see, I think because of that, you have few friends.”

Atsushi’s parents, only had a few friends.

The reason wasn’t that they weren’t good at socializing. Of course, as a member of society, they could do the minimum. However, you could say that it wasn’t to the point where the people they were socializing with could be categorized as “friends”.

And perhaps the reason Atsushi only had a few friends other than his scary face, was that he had inherited the blood of his parents…

“Is that all? Then, I’ll cut the call. Ah, please apologize to mom and make up with her as soon as you can.”

[“Wa-wait a minute. Well, that… Sure I’ve a fight with your mom… But I didn’t call for that reason alone.”]


[“Your mom said that she felt some strange premonitions. I mean, her intuition is sharp. As a scholar, I think it’s ridiculous, but still, it’s usually correct. So, I contacted you to tell that too… has anything changed?”]

Hearing that, Atsushi was at a loss for words,

Atsushi’s mother, you could say that her intuition was good. His mother’s parents… his grandparents, seemed to be fortune-tellers, and their intuition couldn’t be ridiculed. They could give a weather forecast with 100% accuracy, and even if you tried to lie to them, they could guess it by instinct, you could say it was some sort of mind-reading.

Because of this, his mother sometimes had premonitions that would come true.

In fact, the phone call came from his father, who shouldn’t have known that Atsushi’s current situation was getting worse, so it must be something to be reckoned with.

But now, his parents were at work.

Atsushi couldn’t talk about his circumstances, and be in their way.

“―――Nothing. I’m enjoying my lonely life as usual. It’s the same as, well, you know who.”

[“I see… but wait a minute. I can’t abandon that phrase you just said. Aside from your mother, why am I, certified as a loner too? I’m not like that…”]

“Hmm, you don’t need to pretend to your son.”

[“Ku… why you’re like this, what is it? Is it because you got closer to a pretty girl…”]

“…Wait a minute. What are you talking about, dad?”

Atsushi asked a question because he had heard something that he shouldn’t miss.

[“I got a call from Tsubasa. And he told me. That you recently made friends with a beautiful girl. Moreover, he said that you often take her home. Hmmmm. I’m jealous… I mean, I’m not jealous!!!”]


Atsushi was a little pushed back by the last words, but there was one thing he was convinced of.

It was the fact that Tsubasa said something unnecessary.

For the time being, Atsushi silently decided to give Tsubasa an iron claw the next time they meet.

[“Ah… and that. Well, it’s good that you can make friends. I don’t have a problem with that. But… that, hmm, you know, don’t do too much of “naughty” thing, okay? Even if you do, please do it with proper preparation, I mean, as the prevention for you know… so yeah, what I want to say is, please don’t forget to use “protection”.”]

“OK. For the time being, just go f*ck yourself dad.”

With that said, Atsushi hung up the phone immediately.

Then, when he had a long sigh, telepathy came into his head.

『”Hmm? What’s wrong, Atsushi-san?”』

“…Nothing, just… somehow, I feel tired.”

Atsushi replied such words to Yuri who had curry on the edge of her mouth.


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