Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 204

204. The conclusion of the battle

“You see, at that time, even though I was scouting, I can’t help but to get a coldー sweat! Though, the maid who was watching it with me didn’t change her complexion atー allー”

“And?! What happened in after that!?”

“Was it the end for one of the winning candidates!?”

“Well, maybe? I mean, the opponent was also a winning candidate, wasn’t it…?”

On the night of the second day, I was listening to the results of the reconnaissance while eating dinner. Yachigusa-san, who was the first to report, reported the results with a sense of realism. Perhaps it was because, she was a member of the drama club. The girls listening were also excited in hearing the story.

Well, for me, it doesn’t matter who won. If possible, I want them to fight to the limit and exhaust themselves, while I’m resting, recovering my energy, so when I meet them, I can easily win.

“Wellー, when I saw that scene, I thought that Kaizuka-kun’s victory had alreaーdy been decided.”

“Hmm? Wasn’t it?”

“Listen! As expected, Daikuji-kun isn’t called as a winning candidate for nothing. Soー…”

After saying that, Yachigusa cleared her throat,


and started talking again.



The girls in the back started to move with the signal given by Kaizuka. 

The other group who just joined the battle, even though they were from another team, they were following Kaizuka’s instructions. And their team’s leader, he just stood quietly without saying anything.

“Huhー, with this it’s been decided, riーght? What do you think?”

“They’ve been driven to the corner.”


Miu talked to the girl in the maid outfits next to her. To be honest, she didn’t expect to get a reply. Same as Miu, the girl thought that the match had already been decided. Daikuji’s team was being ambushed from behind, and now they would be needed to fight twice as many people. Even if this was prevented, Daikuji’s side would be still at the number disadvantage. 

In the end, the battle will end in the fact that the number surpasses the quality. 

Miu was already thinking about how to counter Kaizuka’s team and his alliance, as it would be twice the strength, rather than the game itself.

However, Miu’s brain had stopped working, or to be exact, forced to stop. The reason was because she saw a big body prevented the girls who were approaching from behind.



At the same time as Miu made a surprised voice, the girl next to her raised a voice too. However, although they made similar voices, they didn’t see each other, but on the battlefield.

“Fuhahaha! Here, it’s a hug! Happy?!”

Daikuji was hugging the two girls who were running at the front. It was a something that no one was thinking would happen in this King of Boys.

“Well, I was stunned for a moment. I didn’t think you had another group under your control. I thought only someone like Ouza who would do that. I couldn’t imagine that the masked man who was looking down on the other than himself would rely on other forces. “

While still hugging the girls, Daikuji said so.

No matter how big Daikuji’s body might be, it would still impossible for him to embrace seven girls at the same time. However, the legs of the girls who were about to attack had clearly stopped, sticking to Daikuji. At the end line of sight of the girls hugged by him were thick arms. 

The girls weren’t rampaging at all… they were letting themselves hugged quietly. On the contrary, their expression was as if they were slowly melting.

“Aaah, to be hugged so tightly like this!”

“Kuh! Do you think I’ll fall with just this…! But maybe, this isn’t bad too…”

Of course, there was a reason why the girls weren’t rampaging. 

But more than that, they couldn’t just go wild and injure a boy in the process. As the common sense in this world, “Protect the boys, don’t hurt them”. 

Therefore, they couldn’t forcibly unwound themselves. In addition to that reason, being hugged by a man could be said as a rare experience in this world. More over if it came from an elite boy who was selected as the finalist of this tournament. Even more, and in addition to that, it was a hug from a super rare muscular boy, so of course the girls would savor the taste as much as possible. That was just what an adolescent girl would do.

“Kukuku. Alright, I’ll let you go, but if you keep it quiet here, I’ll do it again later.”

Daikuji said so and let go the two girls.

And the girls? They fell quietly on the spot. 

After seeing it, Daikuji looked at the other girls. And while opening his thick arms wide, he said…

“So, what about you?”

It wasn’t the girls who responded to the words, but Kaizuka, the other protagonist of this battle.

“Wha-wha-whattt! What a shameless man!  And you dare to aim for the King title!? Aren’t you embarrassed with yourself!?”

“Nuhahaha! Only that naive Hatano who would say something like that! I never thought it would come from the masked man who uttered insulting words! But what I did was to protect my members!…Well, so what about you!? “

The girls were somewhat confused by Daikuji’s words. But after they looked at their leader and Daikuji for a few times, they began to tighten their facial expressions as if they were determined and started to walk. 

….But the direction…it wasn’t to the girls of Daikuji’s team, but to the Daikuji’s wide open thick arms.

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  1. ……………………………………I guess this will be similar to how those idols start try to show their cleavage or other body parts(the safe ones) to make boys lose focus and make them lose………….
    Seems Daikuji is ready to get his arms dirty(just an expression) to win. Also, the majority of the girls in that world are beauties so a hug to them isn’t bad in any way.
    I’m sure Kohaku will do something more extreme whe he fights against Daikuji. A kiss i think.

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