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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 29

29. When someone is angry on your behalf

『”What is it? Really, what is it? If you want to confess to someone, why do you need to say such a thing?… Like really, for him to say bad things about his own classmates, what was that person thinking about? Didn’t he notice that he was losing some point? Lowering your own impression like that.. More than that, everyone in the class will help? Hah! Please stop making such a joke. Such a thing, I don’t need it. Even if the rumors are misleading, I don’t want to borrow the hands of those who swallow it without thinking at all and blame it all only on one person. Aaaaaa, I’m frustrated just by remembering it! That’s why Atsushi-san, another bowl of curry, please!”』

“Yeah, yeah”

While saying so, Atsushi brought her another bowl of curry.

After Yuri rejected the confession, she came to Atsushi’s house. And now, she was having a meal… No, to be precise, she was holding a complaints competition while eating dinner.

Yuri said, 『”Atsushi-san, today, let’s eat together at Atsushi-san’s house and get rid of this anger!”』, But to be honest, Yuri was eating a lot.

There was a lot of question such as, “Why is it my house? And why do I need to make the dinner?”, but to be honest, Atsushi didn’t really care that much.

“Aー, that, hmm… Thank you, Shirasawa. For getting so angry on my behalf.”

『”Isn’t it natural? Is there a person who doesn’t get angry when your friends are being ridiculed like that?”』

Sure, Yuri said such a thing easily.

But you could feel that there was no other intention behind her words. And that, made Atsushi embarrassed, but also a little happy.

“But. Don’t be so harsh o Hashida, I mean, he said that because he was thinking of you.”

『”Huh? Atsushi-san, what are you talking about? Why are you defending that person? It put me off a little, you know.”』

“Am I being too much?”

『”I mean, didn’t you hear that person’s words? What is it again… Ah, for Atsushi-san and me doing something together, it’s impossible, was it? Judging who I could be with… really, who do you think you are? Why are you guys acting as if you’re perfect?… Don’t you think so too?”』

What Yuri said was agreeable.

No matter who or what a person might be, it should be the freedom of the person in said. ‘That person’ and ‘this person’ shouldn’t be together? The right to decide that was in the hand of that person in said.

However, there was a fact that it was a little special in this case.

“But. Think it again. After that weird rumor spread, we suddenly started to hang out… the rumored scary-looking man is hanging out with his classmate, moreover, a woman. From the perspective of those who don’t know the truth, it’ll look like that…. so, of course, you’ll be worried, right?”

『”Well, if it’s in a H-manga, such a thing will definitely develop into S○ play, or N○R…”』[TN: if you understand this, you’ve seen too much, you @$#%@%]

“Can you even compare this and that?…Well, you see, humans are creatures who believe in what they see and hear. People often say that you shouldn’t swallow rumors as it is, but when you hear rumors, even if you’ve doubts, you’ll start to believe them. Only the one who can 100% deny it, is the person that is being rumored. And when the said person is trying to deny it, no one will believe it.”

The modern internet society should be a good example of what Atsushi just said. Information, whether it was the truth or just a rumor, would eventually spread on SNS. For sure, there would be quite a lot of people who would believe them without any doubt. 

Of course, there might be times when a person told a truth for good, but some might be purposely spreading false information to deceive others or even to ‘cancel’ someone else.

There should be quite a few people who got hurt by it, who had a taste of it.

However, no matter how much that said person was trying to deny it, no one believe it. 

That was just, ‘how the world works’.

“And, I’m also responsible for this. Sure it’s something related to Tsubasa, but I didn’t do anything and didn’t say anything. I was just following the flow, and now I’m in my current position. That’s why, I’m not qualified to complain. Well, for sure I think that they’re all sickening.”

Hearing that, Yuri’s expression changed.

Specifically, she squinted her eyes a little and was somewhat annoyed.

『”Atsushi-san… I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, but aren’t you evaluating yourself a little too low? Many times, I feel some sort of aura coming from you saying, “Even if others are saying a lot about me, I can’t do anything.”. No, this is where you should complain even more like “Hah, What’s wrong with you, stop it or I’m gonna smash your head in!”』

“Yeah, maybe you’re right, but…”

『”I mean, the teacher is also at fault. I understand that Atsushi-san told the teacher to not care much, but if there are strange rumors that keep spreading, and you still don’t take any action, I can’t help but think that there’s something wrong with the teacher.”』

“Well, the teacher can’t just focus on me, right?”

『”Huft, see, you did it again. Having such a low-esteem, It’s~ no~ good~. You see, humans, when keep thinking that they’re no good or have no value, someday they’ll really become trash. I’m not saying you should be like the president of the club I’m in, but please be more confident in yourself.”』

“…Yeah… you’re right… I’ll do my best.”

Atsushi murmured so with a bitter smile.

Perhaps Yuri didn’t aware of it, the reason why Atsushi wasn’t angry…

Yuri said that Atsushi had low self-esteem. But for sure, ‘Atsushi is a human being’. When someone else said something bad about you, you might get pissed and angry. When you felt that way, of course you would want to get rid of it by saying one or two complaints.

But, when you had a friend who would get angry on your behalf, the joy of being able to confirm that, could be said to be far superior to the irritation and anger that you felt when someone said something bad to you.

So, the reason Atsushi didn’t complain was because, at that time Yuri was there, getting angry on his behalf.

Really, Thank you

Atsushi said thanks again in his heart.

Then, his cell phone suddenly started to suddenly ring.

Atsushi took out his smartphone from his pocket, looked at the name displayed on the screen, and instantly made a disappointed face saying, “Urgh”.

However, he couldn’t help but press the green button reluctantly.


[“―――Oh, finally you picked up. How’re you doing, son?”]

Atsushi could hear his father’s voice.


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