Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 203

203. Daikuji vs Kaizuka

Daikuji and Kaizuka, two of the contestants who were said as the winning candidate finally met. It could be said that this battle would be the first head-to-head game in the King of Boys. The arm of the cameraman who was shooting this battle, was of course full of power. The feeling that each other’s girls would do their best to overthrow the other was transmitted to the surroundings. 

The facial expressions of the boys who lead the members were in contrast. Daikuji was smiling, while Kaizuka was watching the situation without any expression. Perhaps some might be skeptical with how different the masked man on TV and now, because of his quiet appearance.

“You don’t have to panic. We’ve more numbers! Use this advantage to fight!”

As Kaizuka said, the number of girls on his side was 6 and on Daikuji side was 4. Although Daikuji might be preferred to be in offensive position than defensive position, he wasn’t stupid enough to attack someone’s base leaving his own unprotected on the second day when it was expected to be a rough day. Therefore, two people were left at the base, and when someone came to attack, it was decided to contact them promptly and they would withdraw immediately.

“Hahaha! But we’re more strong, I’ll let you taste it!”

However, even with that numerical advantage, the members of Daikuji’s team couldn’t be defeated. More than that, it looked like Kaizuka’s side was the one being pushed. Some of the girls in Kaizuka’s team, were moving into the place where they were being pushed and pushed them back. They somehow repeating this to keep the balance. 

At first glance, the girls on Daikuji’s side seemed to be more capable than the girls on Kaizuka’s side, but that wasn’t the case. The difference was due to what the boys chose for their team. 

The criteria that Kaizuka used when he was choosing girls for his team, was to have a gentle personality and brave. Of course, he also considered the girl’s intelligence and athletic ability. The problem was that when he was choosing the girls, it was before the TV program where he declared as the masked man. So, it was before he had that ‘Persona’, that was why he chose girl who seemed unsuitable for battle.

On the other hand, the selection criteria for Daikuji’s team were athletic ability and physical beauty. 

It could be said that this difference in selection was what made the difference in the war situation. However, you could say that there was no right or wrong in a selection method. In fact, there was a team that was decided with weird and strange process, such as the selection criteria for groups that already got two jewels. 

However, in a head-on collision on flat ground like this time, it could be said that Kaizuka’s side was at disadvantage.

“Nuhahaha! It looks like you’re doing your best, but it’s only a matter of time! I think, if you quietly admit defeat now, you won’t have to expose your weak appearance to the TV, how ‘bout it?”

“Shut up…! I… the masked man can’t lose! It’s from here!”

“It’s a good spirit, but you see…”

Daikuji said so while watching the war situation progressing in their favor.

“That’s…! Right!”

“I admit the spirit, but!”

“Our feeling to win is unwavering!”

“… Yeah, can’t you feel it?”

The members of Daikuji’s team could still talk even at numerical disadvantage. 

Even so, Kaizuka was still able to return words to Daikuji, without changing his expression.

“You… no, it’s you and the other’s bad habit…”


“You, Ouza, and the guys who had a good reputation are generally underestimating the other contestants.”

The words of Kaizuka made Daikuji had a blank look on his face.

“That’s it…”

“Mmm… I don’t understand what you mean though…?”

“I’m saying that looking down on other than yourself will lead to defeat!”


Kaizuka snapped his finger. 

At that moment, a new force appeared from behind the Daikuji. It was another group including the boy. Seeing those seven people, Daikuji was taken a back. And it wasn’t just Daikuji, but his members as well. Sure they didn’t have that much of a hard time if it was only Kaizuka’s team. 

As expected, an attack from behind with the same number of people as the one in front of them, even as a surprises, it was really unexpected. 

If they lost the battle, these people would definitely go to their base and take the jewel. In other words, if Daikuji’s team couldn’t manage this adversity, their defeat was almost decided.

Kaizuka talked to Daikuji who suddenly stopped moving.

“He promised me to cooperate before the battle began. The reason he cooperated was that he was impressed with my words on the previous TV program and wanted to make a friendship…. In other words, Daikuji, you were dealing with not just my team, but two teams from the beginning! “

Members of Daikuji’s team were trying to protect Daikuji, but members of Kaizuka’s team prevented them.

“Don’t get in the way!”

“Your opponent is us!”

“Daikuji-kun! Run away!”

Daikuji didn’t react to the worried words of his teammates.

“Well, sure the members you gathered are strong. I also understand that you’re confident in yourself. But… that doesn’t mean you’ve won! Your defeat… it’ll be because you underestimated us!”

That said, Kaizuka signaled the assault.

…… If there was a real masked man, Kohaku, here, he would have been furious at this development. It wasn’t because Kaizuka formed an alliance or because his team attacked from behind. It would be because Kaizuka had become too honest.

If Kohaku saw him right now, he would have said,

『”If you role-play as the masked man, you need to laugh loud and curse at your enemies while attacking them! What’s with that hero-wannabe act! Do it properly!”』

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