Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 202

This CH is from Miu Yachigusa POV

202. Reconnaissance

“Ayayaー you’re fullー of spirit, aren’t you?”

On the second day, it was predicted that other teams would make a move, so Miu Yachigusa, who had been scouting, was keeping watch over a cottage she found. 

Miu thought that it was fortunate that it was one of the winning candidates’ cottages. It was the cottage of Kou Daikuji. 

Miu quietly followed after seeing the Daikuji exiting the cottage. 

From Miu’s eyes, he was full of fighting spirit, and the girls around him seemed to be inspired by it, and their morale seemed to be high. Even if they were far away, she could see how strong they were, and Miu felt that it would be difficult for her team to fight his.

But, it seems that they don’t have any weapons…

As far as Miu saw, it didn’t look like the girls in the group were armed, nor was Daikuji, even though they said they were going to fight. And that, what differentiate their team and her. 

Even though in our team, there’s someone who brought a leg-hold trap, smoke screen, stun rod, and sword.

Miu didn’t think the weapons that the other girls in her team brought was supposedly what an ordinary high school girls should bring. 

Even though I’m a member of a club called as ‘the Military Club’, but I’m still just an ordinary high school student. That’s why, I didn’t bring any special weapons… or am I the strange one here?

Miu was worried about her team, but apparently, she started to believe that the strange one was her team.

While keeping a distance, Miu was following Daikuji’s team quietly so that they wouldn’t be noticed. 

As long as you follow the road, you would reach the cottages of another team. And Daikuji’s team was following the road. 

Since they’re following the road, it seems that his team isn’t going to make a surprise attack Perhaps it’ll be the first head-on collision since the start of the King of Boys. Well, my team has already won two victories, one is a surprise attack and the other is a lucky? victory.

Based on what Hatano-san said, it seems that he finally got it after doing some sort of discussion? Probably the leader realized his defeat to the charisma of Hatano-san, and then voluntarily offered the jewel?

…..As expected, Hatano-san is the best

Miu thought that the title of ‘King’ was only suitable for the one who could win without fighting. 

And so, she decided to do her best for him hoping she would get compliments from Kohaku. Ultimately, her goal was to be his bride in the future.

It’s about time you can see the cottage of another team…

And so, Daikuji and his team arrived at someone’s cottage. However, the opponent was also aware that the enemy was coming, and that person’s team was taking a position outside the cottage before Daikuji’s team even arrived. And that person…

“…Really, for you to came here… what an unlucky person. The only person who is suitable for my opponent is… the one who has won over the other teams.”

It was the masked man, Kaizuka. 

Kaizuka distorted his extremely ordinary face as if he was disgusted at Daikuji. However, Daikuji returned it with a smile without worrying about Kaizuka’s words at all.

“Nuhahaha! Don’t say that… You see, I’m the type who eats from what I like first! Well, sure this might be just a coincidence, but look! My muscles are pleased with this situation.”

Daikuji showed the biceps of his arm as if to prove his words. The girls were looking at the brilliant curves, regardless of whether they were friends or foes. However, his muscles didn’t impress Kaizuka at all, as he looked at Daikuji with a look of contempt.

“I’m sorry. but I’m not interested in muscles. It’s really unpleasant.”

“Hmmph, what a cold man, a party pooper… But what’s it… somehow your atmosphere now and you in that video, is different?”

“…T-That’s not true.”

“Well, I mean, I can’t feel the confidence you showed in that video from you now. You just feel like a small fry!”

“I finally… could be my true self…”

Inspired by the conversation between the two, their members were also ready to fight. Even Miu who was looking at them from a distance could feel it.

What a sight. Well, it’s a battle between the winning candidates.

……Let’s move to a place where I can see them better! 

Miu looked around and found a tree where she might be able to see the fight better, so she climbed that tree. The moment she tried to calm down and sit on a thick branch to see the battle between the two, a person appeared next to her.



The person who appeared next to Miu was a maid. No, it was a girl in a maid clothes. 

Since she’s here, this maid is probably a high school student and a member of someone’s team.


For a moment, “Attack!” crossed Miu’s mind, but she immediately reconsidered. Probably because she thought that the purpose of the maid was to collect the information, same as herself. She decided that it would be more useful to bring back information about the battle that was about to begin than to fight with the maid. It was the same with the maid.

The two stared at each other for a while without talking, and nodded quietly. Then, they turned their attention to the battle between Daikuji and Kaizuka, which was about to take place in front of them.

“Rout the enemy!”

“Go wild!”

The two boys raised their voices and the battle began.


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  1. ……………I kind of feel sorry for the masked man wannabe……………….i mean, he is a small fry and will get defeated right now(probably)……………..
    I’m thinking Daikuji will fight mano a mano with his fists.
    I’m really surprised Daikuji like man exist in that earth since the mayority are pampered and weak.
    Well, Miu to be fair everyone in that world is weird, from an otherworldly point of view.

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