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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 27

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There are a lot of monologues of Atsushi in this Ch, so I did some edit to makes it easier to read…
I think I’ll edit the monologues of Atsushi in the previous chapters to be this way too… (DONE)

27. A moderate physic power is the best

Ten days after Atsushi and Yuri went to see the movies together.

In the morning, Atsushi noticed that the classroom had a strange atmosphere.

What’s, with this air…

The line of sight of the students in the class was directed at Atsushi.

Of course, it wasn’t in a good way. In their eyes, there were doubts and suspicions. Some were even seeing him with a piercing-like gaze full of hatred and disgust.

Certainly, the atmosphere of the class was strange, and the cause of it was something related to Atsushi.

However, it was something that Atsushi himself didn’t know for sure.

It’s not like usual, it doesn’t seem to be related to that rumor…

Even though the students kept seeing Atsushi, no one came to speak to him. They were talking to each other, but Atsushi couldn’t hear any of it. Usually, they would deliberately talk about him loud enough to be heard by him, but this time, they were speaking in a low voice.

Even though they’re talking while I’m here, what a bunch of irrational people.

Well, I don’t care about it.

But, should I ask someone… Nah, no way right. Even if I ask, they won’t answer me.

As expected, if you were to ask something related to you, most of the time, you wouldn’t get a decent answer. Even if you were to ask directly like, “What are you guys gossiping?”

Should I ask the chairman later?

If it’s him, who pays attention to the student in the class, perhaps he may know something.

Depending on the content, it may be a little long story. If so, it’s best to ask him during lunch or after school instead of a short brea


Yuri, who entered the classroom with no expression as usual, was screaming in her heart, and she sent it to Atsushi by telepathy.

『”Like I always said, don’t scream from the morning. So, what happened?”』

『”It’s an emergency!!! We need to hold a strategy meeting during the lunch break! So please go straight to the club room later!”』

『”Ah, today’s lunch break is a little bit…”』

『”Please! My life is on the line!!!”』


Atsushi couldn’t refuse the pressure of Yuri’s voice even though it was by telepathy, and although he was amazed by it, he reluctantly accepted her request. 

And so, Atsushi’s plan on the lunch break… it was to hear Yuri’s problem.


Lunch break.

Atsushi who came to the club room was forced to join ‘Yuri’s strategy meeting’…

『”This, what do you think about this…? 』

While saying so, what was taken out by Yuri, was a memo…

【I have something to tell you. 

After school today, please come to the bench in the back school building

from your classmate, Hashida】

Such words were written on it.

“Hmm… to say it straightforwardly…. it’s, a love letter?”

Even though at the end Atsushi wasn’t that sure with his word, hearing what he said, Yuri dropped her head.

『”Yeah right… Seeing what’s written here, I can’t say any other.”』

“But still, it’s a rare nowadays, something like a love letter.”

『”Yes. I think so, too. I mean, I’ve never thought that something like this actually exists… I thought it’s just something existed only in a light novel or a manga.”』

Of course, someone in this world might still do that. However, in the environment where Atsushi and Yuri were, calling someone to meet after school with a love letter, was something really rare.

『”Anyway, what should I do with this…”』

“Even if you ask me… for the time being, why don’t you go to meet him after school. I mean, he even wrote his name in the love letter. He’s prepared for it.”

『”Well, that may be the case, but… honestly, being someone’s girlfriend, is something I can’t imagine…  at least with someone I’ve never talked to… It’s impossible…”』

“It’s an exaggeration to say that you’ve never talked with him, I mean, he’s in our class.”

『”Then, Atsushi-san. Have you ever talked to this Hashida-san?”』


Atsushi finally realized that his words were thoughtless.

To be honest, neither Atsushi nor Yuri remembered the faces and names of everyone in their class. In the case of Atsushi, they disliked him, and in the case of Yuri, she had no intention of being their friend in the first place.

『”Huft… Wait, maybe, this is… Some kind of punishment game?”』

“Why is it a punishment game to confess to you? Anyway, in the first place, isn’t something like this, had happened to you? You’ve been confessed once or twice, right?”

『”Hmmph, You underestimated me too much, Atsushi-san. Even if I’m a popular girl, in the first place, I didn’t really associate myself with others, you know? So, there wasn’t some event that could develop into a confession.”』

Hearing Yuri who said so with a smug face, Atsushi thought…

Like I always said, don’t say that kind of thing proudly, huft, what a disappointing fairy.

Still, even if it’s her usual, I can’t help but feel sad for her.

“Anyway, at least go, just go.”

『”Well, perhaps I should… But, what if this is a trap?”』

“Why’re you so paranoid? I mean, why don’t you read their mind with your telepathic ability?”

『”What are you talking about huh, Atsushi-san? My telepathic ability is not that convenient. In the first place, I can’t communicate with it unless I send the telepathy first and the other party responds. Also, I can only send to one person at one time. To put it simply, it’s like a phone.”』

“Aaah, I see”

Yeah right, every time we talk with telepathy, she was the one who called me first.

『”In addition, the one being returned is just something that you’re conscious of, I mean it’s only something that you’re trying to say. I can’t look deep into your heart, the truth of your heart. I can’t even hear it.”』

“Is that so?”

『”Yeah. But, I personally think that this ability is just about right. To be honest, being able to hear the other person’s heart, is something that I don’t want to have. I mean, you can hear things you don’t want to hear, right?”』

If you could read the other person’s heart, you could certainly judge whether that person was lying or not, and also you might hear what you wanted to know. However, if by that, you might hear something you didn’t want to hear or know, no matter how convenient the ability might be, for sure it wouldn’t be what every person wanted to have.

『”So, I can’t tell if the other person is lying or not. And that’s why. Atsushi-san――― please come with me after school.”』


At that moment, Atsushi thought.

Why did she come to that conclusion?


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