Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 201

201. Those who move, and those who stay quiet

“My leg hurts so much…”

“It’s your own faults. How could you go into the enemy camp alone.”

“But, well, Hatano-san is amazing! He took the jewel and victory, alone!”

“After I talked to them, I realized that they were… reasonable people.”

The details of the event were not all that good, so I omitted it. 

Anyway, now, there’re three jewels on the device and three areas of the same color on the monitor. If someone from another team is to wake up in the morning and to see this in the monitor, they would surely have an interesting reaction.

I mean, they have the audacity to just ‘wait-and-see’, and now, it ends with some territories overtaken by another team. Among the men of this world, those ones in this battle have a high pride. They can’t forgive those who stand out more than themselves.

“As expected, with this, other teams will make a move. Right?”

“But, I don’t think they will attack us.”

“Yeah, right. We’ve defeated the ones on our left and right, so we’re a little far from the other teams.”

“If you try to come here, on the contrary, your position will be far away from your base…. It’ll be tough if the enemy in the vicinity aims your base.”

“Alright. So tomorrow let’s devote ourselves to rest and gathering information.”

…After all, the important part of this King of Boys is the battle between boys. Although the fighting power of girls is high, it can be said that they won’t physically attack boys. The point is that the girls are lively, and it is said that the girls are like the bonus excitement for the game, as ten boys are not enough.

Let’s say I asks Minori-san to cut the neck of that muscle freak. Even if she has no problem with kicking the girls off, I can’t say for sure that she’ll swing the sword to that Daikuji. Even if she is okay with my request, viewers would complain saying that the girls are using violence against boys.

That’s why the one who have to deal with that muscle idiots, the self-proclaimed King, and the Vice Chairman, is me.

…Just thinking about it makes me feel uncomfortable. Really, I hope they get stomachache and retire from the game…

…… Won’t they just eat the strange mushrooms in the forest? Well, is it really impossible? Huft… those strange people… I hope they will crush each other tomorrow…


“I see…”

In the morning of the second day of the King of Boys, Kou Daikuji was disappointed with the peaceful atmosphere.

I thought someone would come to attack me at night, but there was nothing…. Well, it can’t be helped, should I attack them first?

Kou had an evil smile, thinking that if no one would start the fire, he would do it himself. 

If the other participants are motivated by that, that’s good. Otherwise, it’s just a matter of crushing them one by one.

When Kou entered the living room thinking about from where should he start, he noticed that the girls were making a strange expression.

“Hmm? What happened?”

“Ah, good morning, Daikuji-kun.”

The girls who noticed that Kou had come, gave a morning greeting. However, to put it the other way around, some didn’t even realize that Kou had arrived. In other words, something had happened.

Then, Kou looked at the monitor installed in the living room and opened his eyes wide.

“This is… what’s the meaning of this …”

On the monitor, it shown that two groups had been crushed.

“T-that… suddenly in the middle of the night…”

“Did he attack at night, or did he get the jewels in the daytime and put it in the middle of the night…?”

“Either way, we’re falling behind.”

While listening to the girls making speculations, Kou was smiling.

“I see… I see…”


“Are you okay?”

“Don’t worry. The game isn’t over yet!”

His members worriedly call out to Kou, who looked like he was having fun but wickedly laughing like, “Kukukuku”.

“I’m okay, don’t worry. Well, perhaps I did something unfit of me like just wait and see, I’m a little bit surprised seeing someone dared to do something different than me.”

“No! Even if you did something like ‘wait and see’, the champion hasn’t decided yet!”

There was a voice of advocacy from the members, but Kou understood the reason of ​​the person who did this.

“The guy who did this made me… no not only me, but the other participants, looks stupid.”

You guys are cowards who don’t dare to leave their nests. Not suitable for a king!… is it?

“HaHaHa! Good. Bring it on! I’m all motivated now. I’ll let you know who’s better! Oi, it’s sudden but, let’s start crushing nearby guys.”

With a loud laugh, Kou asked the members to prepare for doing an assault. His members were confused at first, but soon began preparing with a fierce smile as if they had received his will.


Other participants grasped the current battle situation as well. Some decided to make a move and some decided to stay still. However, the fact that the number of people who decided to make a move had increased implied that the conflict would intensify.

In the meantime, the one who created this situation thought, “Let’s relax on the second day.”


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