Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 200

Can’t believe that it’s ch 200!!!

200. It’s our win 2

The battle was over and the assailants returned. Hinata quietly saw off their figures.

“It was a stormy night …”

Hinata agreed to the words of her comrade who was watching the assailants leaving next door with her. 

The time we were actually fighting shouldn’t have been long. 

To confirm her thought, Hinata looked at the clock and it was less than 30 minutes since she was talking to her friend who was guarding the device together with her.

“I was thinking about the possibility of a night attack, but I didn’t think there was a group that would really do it…”

“Yeah, really. Until now, I didn’t know the rhythm of boys’ life, but seeing our king, he went to bed early, so….”

It was 10 pm… or that was what said on TV, but considering the boys at their place, they thought that it wasn’t a mistake.

But, after they say Hatano’s group went to attack them in the middle of the night with full energy, they reconsidered the program they watched. That it was suspicious.

“But we’ve already lost. The only thing we could do now, is either support the one who defeated us or pray for their defeat.”

“I, will support them!”

“I, I see… you seem so enthusiastic about it… Did something happen?”

“!? There is nothing!”

“… Why are you sweating?”

“M-more than that! I have to release the king and bring him to bed!”

“That’s right. Even so, I’ve never thought he would be wonderfully wrapped inside the futon.”

Seeing their king looked like that, she felt a little bit strange but at the same time, a little intrigued with the boy who exposed to his defenseless appearance. 

Hinata shook her head and changed her mood so as to drive away ‘that’ kind of thought from her heart.

“For the time being, let’s untie the rop… hey, what are you doing?”

When Hinata was trying to get rid of her desires, she saw her friend’s action… the girl, her friend, she turned her smartphone toward the defenseless boy.

“… Well, it’s rare for a boy to be wrapped inside the futon like this…”

“Huft, Seriously… what’re you doing…”


“….Well, since it has become like this.”

For the time being, Hinata also turned her smartphone to the boy who was wonderfully wrapped inside the futon to commemorate the event.


“We aーre back!”

“We’re back”

“We are finally back”

Everyone’s cheerful voice echoed in the cottage. Everyone seemed to be a little excited probably because they just won the battle. Perhaps the aftermath of the previous battle still remained in their minds.

“Welcome backー”

“Welcome back…. I don’t think I need to ask how it was.”

The two who was guarding the cottage, welcomed us. They were happy to see our cheerful expression as it meant that we had won.

“Is the enemy tough?”

“Wellー, the girl in front of the device was strong.”

“Yeah, really…”

Yuzuka-san said so while taking a breath.

“While dodging our attack, she was continuedly searching for gaps, and when she found it, she came to attack… it was hard.”

“If we didn’t scrape her strength little by little, we would have been injured.”

“At my side, the girls were also well-skilled…. Well, there is about one person who I really want to have a rematch with and cut…”


Minori-san said so, while playing with her Kotetsu.

“Well, anyway. In the end, everyone was able to return safely and bring back the jewel!”

I said so while taking out the jewel out of my pocket and showed it to everyone.


Everyone applauded. 

I stepped to the device.

“Then, it’s time to set this on the device.”

I fit the jewel into an empty dent. The jewels shone brilliantly, and the color of a part of the map on the monitor changed.

“So, it’s changing like this huh.”

“If we get six, we can win just by protecting after that…”

“Well, if that happens, they may come together to attack us.”

“In any case, as what we agreed in the meeting, we’ll defeat them all and make Kohaku-kun the King. So, as soon as we found them, let’s kill them!”

“… It’s a terrible word you said. You should say it more gracefully… like, Search and Destroy…”

Isn’t it the same …!

“If you wake up in the morning and see that the map has changed, you’ll be surprised, right?”

“That’s right. It would be interesting if other groups started to move aggressively from now on…”

“But, do you think they’ll move with just one territory?”

“…It doesn’t feel like a threat.”

The girls’ future exciting battlefield expectations were trampled as they thought that the other groups wouldn’t move yet. 

There…!! I showed everyone the jewels I got in the afternoon.

“Yeah, I think so too, that why I got another one in the afternoon.”

When I showed the other jewel, everyone’s faces were looked confused. After that, when they found out that I had attacked another group alone, I was made to sit in seiza and scolded to stop doing dangerous things alone.

Damn you glasses-kun…! To set up a timed trap like this, What a guy!

Ah, also, editor-san, please cut this scene.

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