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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 199

Well, it’s late but, Happy new year all…
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199. It’s our win

It was as if someone’s unfaithful scene had been found…

…but that wasn’t the case. Rather, I was earnestly earning time until Minori came, so it should be a delightful situation, but surprisingly, an awkward air was flowing.

Minori-san confirmed the situation and smiled. 

Yeah, it’s okay, she’s not angry.

The girl under me was breathing so hard and had a pale face as if she was almost dead. 

What exactly are you so scared of? Minori-san has a gentle smile on her face, doesn’t she?

Since we were in battle, it wasn’t a good to be seen in bed with the enemy.

Yeah, no matter what the circumstances, this isn’t good. 

I quickly let go of the girl who I pushed down and asked Minori-san about the situation.

“Well, what’s the situation?”

“Ah right, the enemies who blocked the way have been defeated. They won’t wake up right away…. All that remains is the one who run away from me, there.”

Minori-san smiled deeply and saw the girl who hadn’t got up from bed yet.

“I see, the reason you left earlier wasn’t to protect your king, but to catch my king, right? I’m sorry, Kohaku-san. I wanted to rush early, but the other girls were also skilled. Because of that, I was late. Because of that, it became like this … “

Minori-san shook her shoulders and made a gesture like wiping her hands against her eyes. 

…… It looked like as if she was crying, but there were no tears flowing out. Why? Because, it was anger that overflowed from the body.

“Such a thing… to be forcibly taken to bed, pushed down by force, and touched all over the body, indecently…! To put Kohaku-san in such a humiliating situation!”


“It was scary, wasn’t it? It’s okay. I’m going to get rid of her now. Sure, I’ve drawn the sword, but it’s gonna be okay. Don’t worry.”

Minori-san’s eyes shined.


The girl who was glared by Minori-san, her body was trembling. 

…… Apparently, in Minori-san’s mind, I was about to be forced to do indecent stuff with her.

Let’s leave aside how it was interpreted, but if I leave her as it is, it seems that an object that isn’t appropriate to be recorded, will be rolling in the living room. Before that happens, I need to explain all of this.

“No, no, please rest assured, she hasn’t done anything.”

“…Nothing…? Really?”

“Yeah. She was an enemy a while ago, but after I talked to her, she understood it. She’s not our enemy anymore.”

Then I procced to ask the girl who was trembling on the bed, “Right?”.

The girl shook her head vigorously to affirm it.

“… Is, that so? But she also needs to protect her king, so it’s not that strange if she lied to you…. Should I hit her here with this Kotetsu…?”

“Yeah. The reason she laid down her arms… see, over there.”

At the end of what I pointed, there was a boy wrapped inside the futon.

“…I see. She admitted she had lost because it was already settled.”

“That’s right. So, it doesn’t matter even if you hit her with Kotetsu.”

“…But the battle isn’t finished until you put in the jewel! As expected, you should kill them here for safety!”

……This girl… she just wants to beat her… is it? 

After a while, I managed to persuade Minori-san. Then we decided to go to where Shino-san and Yuzuka-san were. The fact that they hadn’t come probably meant they were still fighting. Which meant, the enemy they were facing, might be that skilled. If that person was to find out that she was the only one left, she might admit to her lose. That was why we headed to the living room, dragging the futon with the boy inside.

“Huhh, Huhh, Huhhhh…”

As expected, the fighting was still going on in the living room. However, what was being done there was not a deadly battle, but a one-sided fight. The girl in front of the device was exhausted with wounds over her bod over her body. On the other hand, Shino-san and Yuzuka-san were carefully hunting down the opponent, as I didn’t see wounds on them.

“As expected, Toukain-san and Seikagu-san are fighting with safety first in mind, considering the future.”

Minori-san was calmly expressed her impressions while nodding.

…..Well, sure they’re safe, but when viewed from the side, seeing the wounded girl who is trying hard even now, it’s as if we’re the villain you know?… I can’t leave this alone.

I hurriedly called them out.

“Stop the futile fight! No one needs to be hurt anymore!”

The moment I said that, Shino-san and Yuzuka-san, who were fighting in the living room, turned to us.

“Oh, Kohaku-kun. Is it over?”

“I’m glad you’re safe.”

Shino-san and Yuzuka-san joyfully greeted me, but to be honest I was super scared, because they still wearing a gas mask. I spoke slowly to give a sense of security to the girl who hadn’t yet stop her fighting position.

“It’s concluded already. The battle is over.”

Then she saw me, her fellow comrade next to me, and finally their king, who was wrapped inside the futon. Seeing that, the girl sighed and raised her hands

“… I, surrender.”

We had won.


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  1. Long time no see.
    Seems that the first fight came to and end, the previous one wasn’t a fight.
    Well, we will be see Hibiya feeling even more like a crusader after knowing of Kohaku’s “tyranny”.
    I really wanna see how Kohaku will defeat Hibiya.

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