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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 26

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26. Talking about the movie, silently

『”Well… it was, reallyー interesting. Really, what’s with that development? Isn’t that super good? In the previous movie, they got beaten up so badly, and this time, the story started with the aftermath of each hero whose heart was broken, and crawling up back. Even though it’s a royal road, my heart was beating the whole time, and I even cried.”』

『”Yeah, that’s right.”』

『”But, what’s really amazing was after that. With the help of the female supporters who have supported “Revengemans” until now, they found the weaknesses of the enemy and restored the collapsed Earth. To be honest, I never thought it will be like that… “』

『”Yeah, at that time, I thought, “Oh, so, that’s the way huh.””』

『”But what was really awesome was the last battle scene. Looking back on it now, this movie fighting scene was only that last thirty minutes, right? And, who thought that, Titan, who would “go run out of control, if he passed the time limit”, was the one who fights against the enemy for everyone, and while becoming tattered, he managed to take one arm and one eye of the enemy. Really, it was so good.”』

『”Right. After all, it was Titan who made the hero lose in the previous movie. I got goosebumps over there.”』

『”But what was really ridiculous was that after that! Thunderman’s thunder and Metal’s strongest alloy were combined into a Thunder Sword. And the one who used it, it was Master Shield! Among the members, Master Shield, who was just a human being, confronted the strongest enemy! “This is human’s power!!!”, those lines really made my heart beat fast.”』

『”Yeah, right. Really. In a war, sword and shield are classic weapons, but that’s why I thought it was perfect for this movie.”』

『”But, because of that too strong power, Master Shield… Master… Masteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrr!!!”』

Yuri was screaming hard in the telepathy, but this time around, Atsushi nodded strongly.

They were talking about the movie, usually, Atsushi would speak with his mouth, but…

They were in a restaurant near the movie theater. People who had finished watching a movie often went to this place on their way home. However, unlike usual, many people who were going to watch movies from now on, in there. Still, even without those people in there, talking about the impressions of the movie which was just released not long ago in a loud voice like a fool, talking spoilers like that could be considered as an inappropriate act.

So, they were telepathically exchanging their thoughts.


If you look at them from the side…

“Oi, what are those two doing… they’ve been silently nodding, or doing some gestures to each other since a while ago.”

“Moreover, it seems that a conversation is established… Wait, they haven’t opened their mouth at all, so calling it as a ‘conversation’ is strange.”

“Well, but… for sure they’re having fun.”

Those two who were having a heated conversation about the movie by telepathy, didn’t notice the other’s voice at all.

They kept that passionate conversation going even while eating,

But then…

『”Oh, that’s right. Atsushi-san, take this.”

Suddenly, Yuri handed over a small pouch.

Then, Atsushi looked at the contents.

『”This is… a key chain of Master Shield’s shield.”』

『”Atsushi-san, your favorite is Master Shield, right? I bought it at the goods section a while ago.”』

What Yuri said was right.

Atsushi’s favorite was indeed, “Master Shield”, the only member of the group, the leader, a human being. And the reason why he also shed tears for this movie.


『”Well, I’ve been indebted to Atsushi-san. So, at least, as a thank you.”』

『”I, see…..”』

『”Eh… perhaps, my guess was off!?? No way… I saw Atsushi-san’s reaction, and decided which character was your favorite by that…!!! Huft, perhaps, a female character would be better!?? Perhaps, you prefer that ‘Sarah’, Master Shield’s younger sister, one of the supporters, who has the biggest breasts in the “Revengeman’s” series….?”』

『”No, my favorite character is indeed, Master Shield, so you’re not wrong. Don’t worry. And, don’t make a strange guess.”』

Atsushi stopped Yuri who was about to misunderstand in a strange direction.

What stunned him was not about that.

Simply, it was because, he just received a gift from a girl of the same generation. It was the first time for him.

Considering Atsushi, who only had a few friends, it was a rare thing. Moreover, it was from a beautiful girl like Yuri, it was the first time in his life.

That was why he couldn’t hide his confusion.

……No, perhaps it would be better to say that,

He was happy with the gift from his friend.

And so,


With his mouth, he said the word, properly.


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