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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 24

24. Check the time. Please. No joke.

“Well well~, I’m really surprised. I’ve never thought that I’ll the chance to see Ak-kun’s ‘Asa-Chun’ scene.”[TN: ‘Asa-chun’, Or if I translate it literally to English will be ‘Morning-Chirp’. It’s a word mainly seen in anime, manga, light novel, when the writer wants to omit the ‘R-18’ scene, cause the writer doesn’t want to write or know how to write it in words. Whether it’s really R-18 or not, they want to leave it to the reader’s imagination]

“Oi, that word is not correct at all, and depending on how you hear it, it’ll lead to some misunderstandings.”

“Heー, I mean, no matter how you look at the situation, you had to do… Oouch, it hurttt!?”

“You, really don’t learn huh.”

Atsushi muttered such words while doing an iron claw on Tsubasa.

Well, if you looked at the situation, it might be reasonable to think so.

“Seriously… anyway, why did you come here from the morning?”

“Well, I was able to take a vacation for the first time in a long time, so I was thinking of going out to play somewhere but… well, if you’ve another plan already, it can’t be helpedー, yeah it can’t be helpedー, right.”

“Oi. Why are you grinning like that?”

“Hmmー? Nothingー”

Tsubasa laughed.

Atsushi couldn’t understand what that meant, but for sure he was a little annoyed, so he decided to give Tsubasa another iron claw.

And while Tsubasa was in agony, Yuri who had finished her preparation came to the living room.

『”A-Atsushi-san! I’m ready!”』


『”But Atsushi is really a worrywart. How could you about to leave now…”』

『”I mean of course. What If we somehow couldn’t reach there in time for the movie.”』

『”Hahaha. What are you talking about huh, Atsushi-san? The movie starts at 10:30 am. And now it’s 9 am. Even if it takes 30 minutes by bus from here, isn’t it more than enough?”』

Yuri sent a lot of words by telepathy.

…..What is it? For a moment, I feel like a terrible chill just ran down my spine.

“By the way, Ak-kun. When does the movie start?”

“From 10:30 am”

“Eh, are you okay?”

“?? What?”

“Because now, it’s 10 am you know?”



Atsushi and Yuri, whose faces turned pale for a moment in the words of Tsubasa.

And at the same time, they looked at the clock in the living room.

『”Wait, I mean, that watch is…” 』

“… Oh, right. That clock was about an hour late…”

Atsushi, who had been watching movies since Friday, had completely forgotten to correct the clock in his living room.

In addition, because he was in his house, he didn’t bother to check the time on his smartphone either.

And the result of the combination of these factors…


In instant,

A weird scream echoed in Atsushi’s head.


In conclusion, Atsushi and Yuri managed to make it in time for the movie.

『”Well~, we managed to make it in time. I didn’t expect that Tsubasa’s manager would bring us here with the car.”』

Apparently, Tsubasa’s manager was waiting in the car, and they were sent here, with that car.

In the first place, Tsubasa had the manager waiting in the car since he planned to go out with Atsushi somewhere. As expected of Tsubasa.

“My bad. This time, it’s completely my mistake.”

『”It’s okay. We’re in time after all. Instead, let’s go buy it soon!!!”』

“? Buy? What do you want to buy? We already have the tickets, you know?”

『”Hee, Atsushi-san. Isn’t it decided? Speaking of movies, it’s popcorn and drinks!!! Without those two, it won’t be complete!!!”』

Popcorn and drink at the cinema. A staple set. That’s for sure.


“Ahー… personally, I don’t really want to eat and drink while watching the movie.”

『”Huh? No no no, I mean, yesterday, didn’t you watch the movies while eating sweets?”』

“That’s because it’s inside a house. If you drink juice, eat sweets, and want to go to the bathroom at the final battle, you will be troubled, right?”

『”Mm, mmmmm. Well, there’s that reason.”』

“Especially, I heard that this final film has the longest screening time of all the series.”

『”T-That’s right. With that in mind… I guess it’s best to refrain from buying popcorn and drinks… “』

Yuri lost her energy.

Of course, there was no change in facial expression. However, Atsushi, who could hear her telepathy, continued his words with a smile.

“… But, it can be stressful not to eat or drink anything for that long, so just in case, let’s buy it, but try not to eat or drink too much, okay?”

『”Hm!?? Well then…..”』

“Well, please don’t order too much. Also, as an apology from me, I will pay for it. What do you want?”

『”Then, butter and soy sauce popcorn, and the drink is cola!!!”』

“It’s the standard set huh. Okay. Wait here.”

With that said, Atsushi went to buy popcorn and drink alone.

The shop was a little crowded because it was before the screening time. 

However, it wasn’t a long line, it would be a matter of waiting a few minutes and your turn would come.

Therefore, Atsushi didn’t consider it a problem.

But then,

“Oops, I’m sorry.”

Perhaps because it was crowded, Atsushi bumped into the customer who was lining up there.

“Ah, me too… Hmm? Are you, Yamagami?”

At that moment, Atsushi turned in the direction of the voice as it was a familiar voice.


“Wait-, are you ――― Hiiragi?”


Stood Yukito Hiiragi, dressed in Revengemans‘ goods.


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