Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 5

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5. Chapter 5

“Youth-sama, it seems that the Highserk Empire’s armies that have gathered in the Sarria City, have started to move.”

“Oh, finally huh.”

The sovereign ruler Youth Myard, called by one of his retainers, nodded slowly. People moved hurriedly around the room. They lined up the pieces on the widely distributed map in front of him.

Youth had already requested assistance from the Ferrius Kingdom, the suzerain, for help through a magic tool. He had also sent postal riders to the surrounding villages and towns and had begun to assemble militias.

“In the Ferrius Kingdom, Winston-sama seems to lead the soldiers directly.”

“It looks like Ferrius is serious this time.”

Winston Ferrius was the younger brother of King Ferrius, and he gained a lot of trust from the king because he had experience in combat. The fact that Winston would be the commander meant that the Ferrius Kingdom wasn’t willing to let go of Myard. Moreover, Youth was convinced that he’d lead the decisive battle with the eyesore, Highserk’s army.

When Youth looked out of the window of the room, the post riders were just about to cross the gate.

“It’s been five years since the last battle, it’s been so long but unexpectedly short at the same time.”

Although there were deep-rooted dissenting opinions from the surroundings, Youth carried out scorched earth tactics and left the Kanoa Kingdom. People said that he sold his heart to a monster and lost his mind. He endured the intolerable, endured them, built border fortresses and trained his troops. Ferrius kingdom, which became the suzerain, suffered many humiliating treatments.

All of that was for this time, this moment. Nevertheless, Youth knew very well that people on the borders were doing their best to buy time.

The Highserk Empire that survived the crucible of war could be described as a nation specialized in war, and many peasants there were accustomed to battle.

Youth, was one of the people who made a terrible mistake in evaluating the Highserk Empire. After all, the majority disregarded it as just a country whose national power had fallen due to a series of battles.

In reality, it was a hungry wolf with a thin body, but its fangs and claws were sharpened. And he had tasted how sharp they were. That was the reason why Youth had been preparing for its attack for the whole five years.

“Should we move the troops at Lake Celta too?”

A vassal pointed to a piece on the map that had not yet been moved.

Besides the Highserk Empire and the Ferrius Kingdom, the other two countries were separated by Lake Celta, so the size of the fleet was not exactly small. The troop strength alone was almost 700 soldiers, but if he moved the navy to land, he would only lose capable soldiers, so Youth wasn’t willing to move them.

“Half of the navy can’t play an active part in the land battle. They don’t have to move.”

And then there was the fact that he had to be prepared for an attack that might come there. After all, there was a connection to the Craist Kingdom and the Liberitoa Trade Federation, and most importantly, there was ‘that.’ When Youth saw ‘that’ for the first time, he had no choice but to fall over, even though he was embarrassed. Then he remembered a report he hadn’t yet addressed.

“If I’m not mistaken… The Craist Kingdom asked the cooperation of our navy for dealing with ‘that’?”

“Yes, I heard they needed a harbor pilot ――really, they’re useless.”

Even a decent navy could not save itself from ‘that’. Youth understood why the Craist Kingdom offered to cooperate with Myard, which had the largest navy on the huge lake, so to speak.

At that moment, Youth thought that in this international situation, there would be no lose in gaining one’s favor.

“Cooperate with them to a reasonable degree”

Youth switched gears in his head and listened to the report that came in. But no matter how optimistic he was, the situation at the border could become hopeless.

Even if he sent troops now, there was a great danger that they would all be annihilated before troops from all over the country could gather, and it would be too late for reinforcements from the Ferrius Kingdom.

In this case, of course, the battlefield would be limited. Considering the logistics and the strain on the soldiers, Youth looked at the most suitable land on the map for defense. He pointed to the two highest hills and pointed to the Lilev plain, a plain in front of the capital, Aidenberg

“We will prepare a wedding hall and hold a grand ball for Gerard and his minions.”

The gathered Highserk army couldn’t fit on the training ground in the fort and poured into the nearby vacant lots and boulevards.

The Liguria battalion, the one in command of Duwei’s squad, had arrived early. As a battalion with ample combat experience against the Liberitoa Trade Federation, they were given the honor of standing in the prestigious place, the training ground where it would be visible to see the commander of the entire army, who would be delivering a speech before the battle against Myard’s army.

From the side, it might have looked as if the battalion was wrapped in glory, but Walm didn’t think that way. He thought it looked as if he were in a ceremony to hear the principal’s speech.

The three idiots seemed to have enjoyed the free time, perhaps too much, for their faces were pale from lack of sleep and alcohol.

It was only a matter of time before the armor would be roasted from direct sunlight and the one wearing it would start to complain. If this was the battlefield, Walm had to spit curses here and there.

Even if it was plain, it was a ceremony before the war to annex Myard. Anyone here could easily imagine what was about to happen.

The fully equipped soldiers lined up and faced the podium on which the commander climbed without averting his eyes.

An idol would have a pale face given this much attention.

The decorations that decorated the stage were blood-soaked armor. A total of 9 battalions, 18,000 soldiers, in front of such a large number of soldiers, the man who was the main character of this war stood on the podium prepared in a higher place than others.

From a long distance, his gray hair especially stood out. Even though the man had a medium-sized body, an intimidating atmosphere could be felt from him. His unwavering confidence and mental built by experience could be seen in his eyes.

The sounds on the training ground completely disappeared with the appearance of the leading character. The man slowly opened his mouth…

“You did well to be here. I’m Gerard Berger, the leader of this army.”

He was the war god of the Highserk Empire, who had participated in all the wars for 30 years, since the Highserk Empire was just a small nation and won the wars. An old general who was known in the neighboring countries as the Devil of Highserk.

The Aleinard Forest Alliance, the Galmud archipelago, and the Republic of Maylis, these three immovable powers had dismissed the long-running war over the Highserk Empire as a minor skirmish, but still, no one had made a fool of Gerard Berger.

“Veteran soldiers who have won skirmishes with Myard, men of valor who have experienced how to fight those riches of Liberitoa, and strong men who have beaten monsters every day in the demon territory are gathering here in Sarria City. All of you are the symbol of our pride Empire.”

Although he used magic tools, his words echoed not only in the training ground, but also in the surrounding streets and vacant lots. Not only the Highserk army, but also the residents of Sarria City leaned out of the windows, and some stood on the main street listening to the speech.

“As you all know, it’s been five years since the Kanoa Kingdom fell for the sweet words of the Ferrius Kingdom and started a war with our country. Did the war end and life return to the way it was before?”

Gerard took a deep breath and continued,

“The answer is no. Because Duke Myard and the Ferrius Kingdom betrayed the Kanoa Kingdom. Even if I don’t tell you what they did, the Sarria’s citizens that joined our army know it more than enough. But today, let me say it, when they fell into inferiority, they abandoned more than half of their compatriots, burned down the fields that feed the people, and took away food and livestock.”

The typical scorched earth tactic that has been repeated throughout history was also used in the Kanoa Kingdom.

Not only military facilities, but also houses, fields, and forests were burned, and food was taken away. Then those Myard’s soldiers and the Ferrius army retreated to the designated defense line.

Although the Highserk Empire had won many victories, it was difficult for them to transport supplies into the inner part of the enemy country, so they had to rely on local procurement.

In the Highserk Empire, there was a so-called transportation line, which was a combination of rivers and warehouses, but the lack of magic bags and wagons, the important key of logistics, in the enemy territory made it impossible to advance further.

The Ferrius Kingdom and Myard also intended to push back the Highserk Empire from the areas that had failed to get supplies locally, but since the Highserk Empire had a good line of communication, they failed to prevent the Highserk army from transporting goods to the occupied areas of the East Kanoa Kingdom. The Highserk Empire somehow managed to provide food to the citizens to the point that they didn’t starve, but they couldn’t eat a filling meal either. And it took five years to rebuild the occupied territories.

During these five years, neither Ferrius nor Myard remained quiet on the sidelines. Although troops were sent several times to retake the land, they always failed. They tried to disrupt the movement of the soldiers by revolting in the city, but this failed because they didn’t understand the resentment of the citizens.

“With the elite of Sarria City, let’s put an end to the five-year war with them. Be Brave! Overrun your enemies! Everything you want is in Myard! Tell those people of Myard and Ferrius who they are waging war with. Death to them!!!”

” “DEATH TO THEM!!!!” “

When Gerard Berger the podium, the soldiers reacted as if the training ground had exploded. Some loudly stepped on the ground and raised their spears. Some slammed their shields and swords. Walm read the air and participated. Some were like him, just trying to fit in well. But more than half seemed really excited about it.

The speech maximized the morale of the soldiers. The veteran commander was really good at inciting people, and he was exactly the heroic figure of the military nation born after a protracted war.

The city itself seemed to shake with the heat of the people. Although there were many defensive wars, the militarism of the Highserk Empire could be called invasive.

Even though it couldn’t be said that what the Highserk Empire was doing was right, the endless hellish war could end after they get rid of Myard and the Ferrius Kingdom. Maybe then, the lives of the citizens of the Highserk Empire would be better.

Such expectations arose in Walm.

The movement began with the afterglow of speech that had lingered around the unit. A bloodthirsty soldier, an excited warhorse, began to move.

And so, the fire of the Myard annexation war was about to be lit.

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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 31

31. When a teacher suddenly called you in school

A few days later.

Atsushi and Yuri came to the student guidance office.

No, to be exact, they had been called.

“Oi, Shirasawa. You, what did you do?”

『”Eh, w-wait a moment, why am I suddenly suspected???? I haven’t done anything!!!”』

“Really? You didn’t get a really bad score in the previous small test? Or got caught bringing in a game console?”

『”No… well, my score in the last Kanji test was a little low, but…”

“That’s it.”

『”No no no No. Don’t jump to such a conclusion so fast, Atsushi-san!!! In the first place, if that was the reason, there would be no reason for Atsushi-san to be called too!!!”』

What Yuri said was right.

However, conversely, even if it was Atsushi who made some problem, it could be said that there would be no reason for Yuri to be called too.


“Sorry that I made you guys wait.”

“Sorry that I made you guys wait.”

Saito who called them, finally came in.

And, a boy wearing glasses, Hiiragi.

“Chairman? Why are you here too?”

“I called him. I want you to hear this guy’s report.”


Yuri tilted her head while sending the word by telepathy. 

In truth, Atsushi also wondered about what Saito had just said.

Saito, who sat in front of them, began talking.

“I think you’ve heard it, but well, basically, there are strange rumors about Yamagami in the class again, you’ve heard it, right?”

“Yes, but Sensei…”

“Yeah, I know I know. I don’t think that rumor is true. Please remember, I’m a teacher, I won’t believe such a baseless rumor. I could guess somehow that both of you are hanging out within your own will.”

Atsushi was relieved by the words.

Even though Saito said so, just the thought of being suspected by a teacher was honestly, not pleasant even in the slightest.

“But … you see, the other teachers have heard that too. And they asked me, “We heard that an Otaku student threatened his classmate, so what’s exactly going on?”… Seriously, why does such an adult just swallow the rumors without using their brain. Well, rest assured, because I’ve given them some “cheers” so that they work their ass off. “

“… I-Is that so..”

Then, Yuri, who had doubts about the words, sent telepathy.

『”Well, Atsushi-san. Should we ask what kind of “cheers” that she gave?”』

『”No, stop.”』


Atsushi and Yuri listened to the continuation of the story, without asking much.

“That’s why. Since strange rumors were circulating, I asked the chairman to investigate it.”

“As I said before, I’ve a good grasp of our class.”

Sure, Hiiragi knew more about the class than anyone else in this room.


“But… there’s something strange… Once again, I haven’t been able to identify the source of the rumors at all.”

“Well, isn’t that normal?”

As Atsushi said before, “The source of rumors is something difficult to identify”. It would be difficult to determine who spread it first.

However, Hiiragi shook his head and denied Atsushi’s words.

“No. To be precise, I found some people who might be the main spreader of the rumor this time, but… you see, they all don’t remember where they heard the rumor.”

『”Eeeh… aren’t they just playing dumb?…”』

Atsushi thought so too.

Even if you were the source of the rumor, of course, you wouldn’t be suspected, nor considered as so, right? Normally, you would think so.

“I thought it was weird, but it didn’t look like they were lying. But one thing that all of them said the same to me… they all remember hearing it from someone…”

“But they don’t remember that person, is that what you mean?”

“Yeah. Even they themselves were wondering it too. But, there’s definitely something weird happening… As I was investigating it, I finally arrived at four people. But, except for the fact that they were our classmates. There was no prior contact within them. Still, it’s true that they were making similar rumors… I don’t think this is a coincidence.”

“In other words, you think that there is ‘someone’ behind them?”

“Maybe… As I said earlier, I didn’t think those four were lying. I really felt they forgot that ‘someone’.”

Saito nodded to that word.

“I also think that the students in the class these days seem weird, more than usual. Sure they like rumors, but I’ve never thought that they would swallow it without thinking much, even to the point where they would corner someone to this extent. Someone like Sayama, is one of them. I know that he has a lot in his mind right now, but for him to believe the rumors, and drive someone else to the corner, is something so unlike him…”

Sayama had been getting a lot of stress lately, but he shouldn’t have that kind of personality in the first place. He was one of the students at the top of the class caste, at least he should have been someone with a better personality than what he showed to Atsushi and Yuri recently.

And all of that happened, as soon as the rumors of Atsushi flowed.

No, it wasn’t just Sayama who became weirder. Perhaps you could say the same with the other students in Atsushi’s class.

“Well, anyway, I can’t overlook it anymore. I’ll give some light warning at the morning assembly. That’s it. Now, it’s a little difficult to say from here…”

Saito suddenly stopped… 

Seeing her expressions, Atsushi and Yuri understood that it was something difficult to say.


“So, do you have time after this? The principal wants to talk to both of you a little, soon after this.”



Saito’s words made Atsushi and Yuri show a wonderfully synchronized reaction.

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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 205

205. The end of the second day

“So, after that, you coーuld guess already. The reinforcements were useless, Kaizuka-kun’s team was defeated and the jeーwel was robbed. After that, Daikuji-kun robbed the other team’s jewel and triumphantly returned to his base. Thaーat’s it.”

Yachigusa-san talked right to the point. Then she drank the tea left in the cup and proceeded to take a break. 

As for me, after I heard the story, I went to think about it a little. 

The biggest problem is not that Daikuji won the battle, but that the masked man who supposedly the last boss, was easily defeated. Really, that Kaizuka, why he couldn’t act better as the Last Boss…  What a shame! So lame!

Also, that Daikuji, what’s with that act he did!? Hugging girls? Such a shameless behavior! Do you happy to win because of that? Even I, I only pushed one girl down to bed in a dark room!… Compared to that, hugging girls openly in the daytime like that… Doesn’t he know that, this program will be broadcast in the ‘golden time’! What if the viewers who are watching in living room suddenly becomes awkward due to the appearance of such a scene! Seriously, this is exactly why muscle-brain idiot is troublesome.

“Well then, I’ll give you information about other groups as well.”

As Yachigusa’s story was over, Maizumi-san said so enthusiastically as if she had been waiting for her turn to come.

It’s a shame that there is a winner from that battle. Oops, I need to listen to Maizumi-san’s story.

And so, I listened to Maizumi-san’s story to refresh my mind.

“…Well, the battle of the groups I was watching, was won by Ouza’s team. But, really! The battle ended so quick! There was no the turmoil! Not even a battle of tactics! Well, maybe you can say that ‘high pride’, is Ouza’s team tactics?…. I mean, sure their ability was also as high as that pride. But, rather than, “amazing”, I guess, it’s better to say that in overall their team is well organized… and then…”

Maizumi-san suddenly stopped.

“After that, they met Vice-President Hibiya, who I was watching….”

However, before Maizumi-san continued her words, it was suddenly intercepted by Shino-san.

“E-even though, I tried to say itー! Whyー?!!”

“Well, because Serina-chan suddenly stopped?”

“Still! I did that, so that… all of you could feel the tension!”

Ah, so those two dangerous teams bumped into each other? Did both of them fight?

“But nothing happened.”

“Aaah, why you said that tooooー!”

Well, it seems, that wasn’t the case. I know that Vice-President Hibaya seems to hate me, but still, why does he treat other than me so good like that?…. Really, this world is unreasonable to me.

“So, nothing happened at all?”

“Yeahー. Thaーat’s right.”

After thinking for a moment, Maizumi-san talked about the encounter between Hibiya and Ouza in a dramatic way, perhaps it was because the influence she got from the Drama Club she belonged to.


Ouza and Hibiya met with each other. There was a slight surprise in the facial expressions of the two boys who led the group, as it was an encounter that never had been imagined by each other.

Mazsumi Serina who was watching over Ouza’s team would never overlook it.

“Serina-chan, hey.”


But, then Serina was greeted by Shino, who was watching over Hibiya’s team.

“…So, how was it?”

“Hmm, what to say… the other team was easily defeated by his team.”

“It’s the same then.”

….But, both smiled thinly. The reason was, two leaders with high abilities were glaring at each other, creating a tense air. 

If both fought, they could get more information about those teams, and if it went well, perhaps both teams would waste all of their energy, and it would be a good chance to take the jewel.

Even though they were told by Kohaku that he would want to fight them openly. But, if they could increase his winning percentage, they would like to raise it. After all, they wanted to show Kohaku their cool side. Perhaps, Kohaku would praise them. But on the contrary, they might become a disgrace for Kohaku’s team. Even though Kohaku might give them a gentle word, but he might still be disappointed.

…As for them, the final destination would be for them being seen as a potential partner by Kohaku. After all there was a saying, “Men is always fickle, their heart is easy to change.”, so they thought they should always do their best.

“Well well well, I’ve never thought that I would meet you here.”


Saying so, Ouza smiled.

But, Hibiya didn’t answer it.

“… So, what do you want to do? Should we fight here…?”

The air became tense with Ouza’s words.

“Hmmph, I don’t mind if you want to fight now… but you don’t want to give them any information, right?”

“Oooo! So, you did notice it too, huh? Well, we can just defeat those who are peeking here but… it’s not fun, right?… Let’s leave them alone for now…”

The words made Serina stiffen at the spot. As in the worst case, either Serina or Shino must become a decoy and stop them.


“It’s okay, they shouldn’t know our exact posistion…”

However, the tension was relieved by the following words of Ouza.

“Well, I guess, this is it for today, I should go back now. I don’t think you’re that motivated too. Let’s hold it for tomorrow.”


And the two groups went back to each other’s bases.


“Urgh, I was soー nervous at that time.”

Maizumi was groaning while crossing her arms, perhaps because she remembered the event.

Seeing that, I gently wrapped Maizumi-san’s hand.


“I’m glad that nothing happened to Maizumi-san. When, I thought that those two vile people might attack Maizumi-san, I… I couldn’t seem to suppress my anger…. Please don’t overdo yourself.”

“Y-Yea… Please marry mー It hurts!”

Maizumi-san’s face turned red, as she was trying to propose to me? But, Shino-san was immediately slapped her from behind. 

Then, Shino-san, puffed out her cheeks and said, “Even though, I was in danger too…”

Seeing her getting sulky, I could only respond it with a bitter smile.

Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 30

30. A quarrel between a married couple should be avoided

Atsushi couldn’t hide his confusion in the sudden call from his father ――Taro Yamagami.

Because, Atsushi had never got a call from his father.

It wasn’t like his relationship with his parents was bad. Just that since they were living together. If his parents wanted to talk, they would do that when Atsushi was in the house. Therefore, talking by phone was something that never happened.

And for such a father to call him, he had only one idea as to why…

“Dad… so sudden, what’s wrong?”

[“No-nothing. I just wanted to call, thinking you might be lonely.”]

“…Did you have a quarrel with Mom?”

At the same time as that word, Atsushi heard a slamming noise from the other side of the phone.

The sound was like Taro had fallen so hard…… perhaps it was just his boorish behavior.

[“W-w-w-what, what are you saying? I-It-It’s not like that. Why did your dad have to call you just because of a quarrel with your mom?”]

“So obvious… I mean, you always talked to me alone when you had a quarrel with mom. And it was always just over a small thing. So? Why are you quarreling this time? Did you get told that your snore when you’re sleeping is annoying?”. Or did you get in her way of watching the rerun of “Shogun Summer”? Or did you speak anything about the size of her chest again? “

[“I haven’t done any of that. Just that… That, hmm, I just secretly ate the mitarashi dango that she bought…”]
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“It’s an even smaller thing than I expected.”

Atsushi’s parents were having a lot of arguments, even over a small thing too. However, there weren’t to then point a word “divorce” flying to each other. 

And this time too, it was a quarrel over a small thing where no one needed to stop it, as the saying, “Even the dog doesn’t interfere in a couple’s fight”. [TN: it means, you should not interfere in lover quarrels.]

Then, after having a fight, the usual flow would be, Taro regretted it a little and then talked to Atsushi.

It was to the point where Atsushi sometimes wondered why such a person was a professor teaching in a university.

“For the time being, buy a pack of mitarashi dango and apologize to mom. I mean, that person, basically, will be fine with that much.”

[“What do you think of your mom… well, that’s true, usually it’ll be fine with that much.”]

“The rest depends on how you apologize. Just don’t do it like usual, I mean, don’t apologize as if you’re her boss, okay? You see, I think because of that, you have few friends.”

Atsushi’s parents, only had a few friends.

The reason wasn’t that they weren’t good at socializing. Of course, as a member of society, they could do the minimum. However, you could say that it wasn’t to the point where the people they were socializing with could be categorized as “friends”.

And perhaps the reason Atsushi only had a few friends other than his scary face, was that he had inherited the blood of his parents…

“Is that all? Then, I’ll cut the call. Ah, please apologize to mom and make up with her as soon as you can.”

[“Wa-wait a minute. Well, that… Sure I’ve a fight with your mom… But I didn’t call for that reason alone.”]


[“Your mom said that she felt some strange premonitions. I mean, her intuition is sharp. As a scholar, I think it’s ridiculous, but still, it’s usually correct. So, I contacted you to tell that too… has anything changed?”]

Hearing that, Atsushi was at a loss for words,

Atsushi’s mother, you could say that her intuition was good. His mother’s parents… his grandparents, seemed to be fortune-tellers, and their intuition couldn’t be ridiculed. They could give a weather forecast with 100% accuracy, and even if you tried to lie to them, they could guess it by instinct, you could say it was some sort of mind-reading.

Because of this, his mother sometimes had premonitions that would come true.

In fact, the phone call came from his father, who shouldn’t have known that Atsushi’s current situation was getting worse, so it must be something to be reckoned with.

But now, his parents were at work.

Atsushi couldn’t talk about his circumstances, and be in their way.

“―――Nothing. I’m enjoying my lonely life as usual. It’s the same as, well, you know who.”

[“I see… but wait a minute. I can’t abandon that phrase you just said. Aside from your mother, why am I, certified as a loner too? I’m not like that…”]

“Hmm, you don’t need to pretend to your son.”

[“Ku… why you’re like this, what is it? Is it because you got closer to a pretty girl…”]

“…Wait a minute. What are you talking about, dad?”

Atsushi asked a question because he had heard something that he shouldn’t miss.

[“I got a call from Tsubasa. And he told me. That you recently made friends with a beautiful girl. Moreover, he said that you often take her home. Hmmmm. I’m jealous… I mean, I’m not jealous!!!”]


Atsushi was a little pushed back by the last words, but there was one thing he was convinced of.

It was the fact that Tsubasa said something unnecessary.

For the time being, Atsushi silently decided to give Tsubasa an iron claw the next time they meet.

[“Ah… and that. Well, it’s good that you can make friends. I don’t have a problem with that. But… that, hmm, you know, don’t do too much of “naughty” thing, okay? Even if you do, please do it with proper preparation, I mean, as the prevention for you know… so yeah, what I want to say is, please don’t forget to use “protection”.”]

“OK. For the time being, just go f*ck yourself dad.”

With that said, Atsushi hung up the phone immediately.

Then, when he had a long sigh, telepathy came into his head.

『”Hmm? What’s wrong, Atsushi-san?”』

“…Nothing, just… somehow, I feel tired.”

Atsushi replied such words to Yuri who had curry on the edge of her mouth.

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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 4

4. Chapter 4

Six days after the Goblin subjugation requested by the village, Duwei’s squad arrived at the annexed former Kanoa Kingdom. 

When you saw the villages in the annexed land, you could see the scars left by the war five years ago.

Further to the northwest and you would reach a city adjacent to the Myard territory called, “Sarria”.

Beyond the defense wall of the city, there was a river and moat. And now, Sarria City was used as a fort by Highserk Empire.

Sarria City, connected by tributaries with the other places of the Highserk Empire, was an ideal place to replenish supplies and troops for the battle against Myard. An army unit, at least the size of a battalion, was always stationed in this area.

In the upcoming invasion, the battalions came from all directions. In total, there were 9 battalions, or about 18,000 soldiers, who gathered there for the capture of Myard.

Sarria was the last city of the Kanoa Kingdom to surrender to the Highserk Empire, but even after five years, the walls and stone bridges were still left with traces of destruction by magic and stone.

After passing through the castle gate and entering the city, you could see that the main street was lined with stores and private houses.

Many of the goods sold there were more expensive than in the other cities in the Highserk territory, especially food. When Walm was a farmer, he couldn’t afford such prices.

Many of the citizens who walked the streets were thin, you couldn’t even say they had a normal proportion. The only exception was the army of the Highserk Empire stationed there.

After reaching Fort Sarria, Duwei’s squad, resting on the training ground, were awaited by…

“The whole army hasn’t gathered as planned yet. Rejoice, today is free time.”

“Hufff! Free time is the best”

“Are you going to drink first? Or straight, a woman?”

“Isn’t it okay to have both at the same time?”

Reinus, Tibird, and Danfan. The three idiots disappeared into the back alley right after they heard it. Seeing this, Commander Duwei grumbled while holding his temples in his hand.

“Oi, it’s not over yet. Seriously… well, I guess it’s okay to leave them alone for now?”

Considering the limited time, perhaps they were right to stay true to their own desires.

After all, their empire kept colliding with several neighboring countries, large and small. Even Walm had long forgotten the word “peacetime.”

Since Walm started serving in the military, he was stranded on the battlefield, playing deadly battles for survival and spending his noncombat time on training grounds and exercise.

And now, they had been given free time just like that? For such an army, that sounded like an incredible story. Walm even thought it was a new kind of training.

“F-free time?”

Showing fear of things that normal people would be happy about, Walm asked, startled.

Squad Commander Duwei answered with a stern look, because he had discovered something strange in Walm’s reaction.

“Yeah, do you hate it?”

“N-No, that’s not the case …”

“Of course, right. Well, you can do whatever you want just like them. Alcohol, cigarettes, or women. It’ll be a big and long battle soon. Live without regrets. But, keep strict on the meeting time. Be in the formation at sunrise. If you’re late, you’ll be whipped.”

As soon as Squad Commander Duwei clapped his hand, the rest of the members scattered like birds and disappeared in all directions of the city. Only he, Jose, and Walm remained.

“So, what’re you gonna do Walm?”

“Ah, uh, hmm… what should I do…”

At Jose’s question, Walm didn’t know what to do with the short-lived free time he’d just been given.

After all, Walm grew up in the countryside and never left the village until he was drafted into military service.

In the first place, when he was in the countryside, except for when he was tinkering with soil, he primarily collected wild plants and hunted monsters in the forest. The opportunity to do something freely had long disappeared. 

To be suddenly ordered, “Do whatever you want”, of course, Walm couldn’t help but get confused.

“How can you have no desires.”

“I’m going to have a drink with Commander Duwei. He’s been there once, so he’s the perfect guide for the tavern. And more than that, it’s with an inn. How about coming with us, Walm?”

Since the lifeboat was coming, Walm accepted the offer and followed them without giving it a second thought.

They turned from the main street into a side street. 

From locals to soldiers looking for the store, to beggars, they passed with various kinds of people.

In a corner of the back alley, a woman was standing, saying…

“How about tonight?”

It was a thin teenage girl. You could almost see the bones of her body, which should be roundish, peculiar to a normal woman.

The girl called out randomly to the soldiers passing by.

Then, she came to Walm…

“How about tonight?”

“No, I don’t need it”

The other two didn’t seem to be enthusiastic either.

Rejected by Walm and all the other members, the girl bit her cheeks and turned her face to the ground.

“Buy something with this”

Walm gave her a few bronze coins, knowing that this wasn’t an action that could be called a solution. Nevertheless, the girl smiled a little and thanked Walm.

It was the money that I stole from the corpse. I’m sure the coins will be more pleased to disappear in her stomach than to disappear in the soldier’s liquor and cigarettes.

After that, she disappeared into the back alley without showing a happy expression on her face.

“Feeding them again? Walm, keep it moderate, okay?”

Shouted Jose, who was standing behind Walm, to him. Walm frowned at the vulgar words.

“She was smart, so it’s all good, but if she’d been too happy, you’d have been surrounded by a lot of beggars by now.”

Walm looked around and saw people and children who’d lost their limbs to the war begging for money. And the truth was that he wouldn’t be able to give everyone the same.

“…Yeah, right. I’ll be careful next time.”

Maybe Jose was satisfied with that answer, because he nodded in satisfaction.

“I’m not saying it’s meaningless, just that, if anything, it’s better to give it for something in return. Even I, would be reluctant to do it in this kind of place or in front of other guys.”

As Walm followed Jose’s line of sight, he saw other soldiers disappear into the back alley. And when he focused his ear to listen, he could hear a sweet voice coming from the darkness, from the gaps between the houses. Somehow, he had the feeling that the voices of the three idiots were mixed there.

“That’s not a managed prostitute. The area where the brothels are located, is far from here. Since many soldiers have gathered for this war, amateurs are starting to prostitute themselves because they want some living expenses. And if they get found out, there’ll be disputes.”

The red-light district was a complex structure of concessions. And in any world, many people would take radical measures to protect existing businesses.

Squad Commander Duwei continued deep into the alley, not caring about the people. In the first place, he looked scary, and the only one who was called was Walm.

“But, even though you’ve killed so many on the battlefield, you’re ignorant in a strange place, eh, Walm? You’re not a priest, nor a knight who values ​​chivalry, so it’s a little bit of meaningless action, if you want me to say. No matter how far we go, we’re just soldiers.”

Jose was like Walm, he was drafted. But his background was a little unusual. He was the fourth son of a merchant. There would have been another option for him, such as living as a servant to another merchant, but he said making money on the battlefield was the surest way to have a wagon or a business.

Nevertheless, Jose had adapted to survive on the battlefield and had already changed his way of thinking. Walm, on the other hand, still could not get rid of the mindset from his previous life, nor could he throw it away

As Walm listened to Jose without denying or affirming it, Squad Commander Duwei lonelily muttered.

“Originally, this place, which used to be part of the Kanoa Kingdom, was fertile land. Because of the war, it became like this.”

“I see, so it wasn’t originally like this?”

Jose, who seemed interested in this topic, asked Squad Commander Duwei.

“Five years ago, Kanoa interfered with the Highserk Empire, which kept expanding its borders. We somehow managed to win the war and even captured a village. You see, they used the beans I usually eat as feed for their livestock.”

With these words, Squad Commander Duwei took out a pouch from his bag. The contents were beans, which Walm had eaten many times during the march. Walm had eaten them often because Squad Commander Duwei used them as an ingredient for the hot pot.

“And now, it became like this. The former Kanoa nobleman, Grand Duke Myard, abandoned the Kanoa Kingdom and went to the neighboring country, Ferrius Kingdom. But, the army dispatched from Ferrius and the runaway soldiers took livestock from the other territories of Kanoa Kingdom, mowed the paddy fields in the area, and burned down the fields. The Highserk Empire which lacked troops postponed the invasion until now. “

“Ahh, really. That’s terrible.”

Jose shook his head and seemed tired of it.

Scorched earth tactics would be very effective for troops dependent on enemy territory, even in a world where logistics circulated through magic bags, horses, and animals stronger than in the normal world. And the Highserk Empire had a hard time sustaining itself.

“Grand Duke Myard gave up on his territory once, but although not much, he wanted to provide food support, as he planned to take the territory back. But, the grudge of the former citizens of the Kanoa Kingdom against Grand Duke Myard and the Ferrius Kingdom is heavier than that directed at the Highserk Empire. Well, when you got betrayed by the one you trusted the most, anyone will get angry, right?”

“I was worried when I heard that a battalion consisting of former citizens of the Kanoa Kingdom would also participate in this war, but it seems, it’ll be okay.”

And so, Walm was able to deepen his knowledge of the Kanoa Kingdom.

As they continued to talk about it, they finally arrived at the tavern.

It was a two-story building with a bar on the first floor and an inn on the second. The outside wall was dirty with soot that might have been created during cooking, and the front door was covered with small scratches as if it had been smashed before.

As they pushed the door in, the brass bell signaling that a customer had entered the store sounded softly inside.

Seated at the table near the counter were five Highserk soldiers and in the back of the store, there were men, perhaps regulars, neatly dressed and well-tailored

Walm decided that these people might be the merchants of the city, judging by their appearance.

Together with Commander Duwei and Jose, Walm sat down at the table, away from the two groups.

“Today, it’s my treat. You see, two newcomers have survived their first battle. It’s been a while since Walm.”

Hearing this, Jose whistled happily while Walm smiled complacently.

Squad Commander Duwei raised his hand and averted his eyes, and the host came from the back of the counter.

“Give us three ales and a bottle of wine, also are there any dishes that can be made immediately?”

For a moment the host made a thoughtful gesture, before giving a reply.

“We can serve the soup with hard-baked bread, buffalo, onions, and beans as soon as we heat it, also there’s enough catfish for three people.”

“Give me both for the three people. The catfish should be fried.”

The host nodded and disappeared into the kitchen. Perhaps the other guests had already been served, because the soup and bread, along with the beer, were brought earlier than Walm had expected.

“Following the Liberitoa’s border, may we be victorious against Myard!”

Saying so, Squad Commander Duwei raised the mug. 

Walm didn’t hesitate to hit the mug vigorously. 


After a rumbling sound, they drank the contents in one go.

It was a kind of custom, but for soldiers who lived in war, they just had to toast exaggeratedly when they had a drink.

Walm was taught that soldiers who didn’t do this were considered unreliable.

The host poured more ale into the cup while carefully checking to see if they wanted anything else or not.

Walm cut the bread into bite-sized pieces, soaked them in the soup, and threw them into his mouth. The umami that overflowed from the buffalo meat, the rich taste of onions and beans spread in his mouth.

He stabbed the ingredients sunk into the soup with a fork and brought it to his mouth. The hard buffalo meat was also properly softened. The beans also boiled moderately, and as he chewed lightly, he could feel the texture of meat, onions, and beans balancing each other out.

“I thought I was tired of having a bean soup, but with the ingredients and the skill of the cook, it turned out better than I expected.”

While Walm praised the food, Jose nodded in agreement.

“Well, usually, there were many half-cooked things inside.”

After they finished the soup, fried catfish was on the table. The catfish fillet was cut into three pieces, but since it was a whole fish for each person, Walm reached out, thinking it would be quite satisfying to eat.

Walm brought it into his mouth with a fork. After the texture of the crust, the taste of catfish spread on his tongue. Since it was white meat, the light flavor blended well with the crust, and he felt he could eat as much as he wanted.

“Fried catfish, is the best”

For Walm, who had grown up in a rich food culture in his previous life, eating only baked or boiled food was torture. Especially when he could enjoy it in an environment where he didn’t have to think about late-night attacks or morning runs. As expected, nothing could beat the feeling of being able to eat nice food in a safe space.

“When was the last time we had fish? Was it before the dispatch to the Liberitoa’s border? Well, that was also a river fish, but yeah, catfish is better.”

Squad Commander Duwei, who was in a good mood, immediately finished the ale and reached for the wine bottle.

Duwei, Jose, and Walm drinking Illustration

“Like this, eat and drink”

As prompted, Walm finished the rest of the ale and poured the wine into the empty cup. It had a strong acidity, but was suitable to balance the oil taste in the mouth.

The sun hadn’t yet set, but there was nothing to stop them from drinking liquor. 

Forgetting everything, Walm continued to enjoy the food and drink in front of him.

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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 204

204. The conclusion of the battle

“You see, at that time, even though I was scouting, I can’t help but to get a coldー sweat! Though, the maid who was watching it with me didn’t change her complexion atー allー”

“And?! What happened in after that!?”

“Was it the end for one of the winning candidates!?”

“Well, maybe? I mean, the opponent was also a winning candidate, wasn’t it…?”

On the night of the second day, I was listening to the results of the reconnaissance while eating dinner. Yachigusa-san, who was the first to report, reported the results with a sense of realism. Perhaps it was because, she was a member of the drama club. The girls listening were also excited in hearing the story.

Well, for me, it doesn’t matter who won. If possible, I want them to fight to the limit and exhaust themselves, while I’m resting, recovering my energy, so when I meet them, I can easily win.

“Wellー, when I saw that scene, I thought that Kaizuka-kun’s victory had alreaーdy been decided.”

“Hmm? Wasn’t it?”

“Listen! As expected, Daikuji-kun isn’t called as a winning candidate for nothing. Soー…”

After saying that, Yachigusa cleared her throat,


and started talking again.



The girls in the back started to move with the signal given by Kaizuka. 

The other group who just joined the battle, even though they were from another team, they were following Kaizuka’s instructions. And their team’s leader, he just stood quietly without saying anything.

“Huhー, with this it’s been decided, riーght? What do you think?”

“They’ve been driven to the corner.”


Miu talked to the girl in the maid outfits next to her. To be honest, she didn’t expect to get a reply. Same as Miu, the girl thought that the match had already been decided. Daikuji’s team was being ambushed from behind, and now they would be needed to fight twice as many people. Even if this was prevented, Daikuji’s side would be still at the number disadvantage. 

In the end, the battle will end in the fact that the number surpasses the quality. 

Miu was already thinking about how to counter Kaizuka’s team and his alliance, as it would be twice the strength, rather than the game itself.

However, Miu’s brain had stopped working, or to be exact, forced to stop. The reason was because she saw a big body prevented the girls who were approaching from behind.



At the same time as Miu made a surprised voice, the girl next to her raised a voice too. However, although they made similar voices, they didn’t see each other, but on the battlefield.

“Fuhahaha! Here, it’s a hug! Happy?!”

Daikuji was hugging the two girls who were running at the front. It was a something that no one was thinking would happen in this King of Boys.

“Well, I was stunned for a moment. I didn’t think you had another group under your control. I thought only someone like Ouza who would do that. I couldn’t imagine that the masked man who was looking down on the other than himself would rely on other forces. “

While still hugging the girls, Daikuji said so.

No matter how big Daikuji’s body might be, it would still impossible for him to embrace seven girls at the same time. However, the legs of the girls who were about to attack had clearly stopped, sticking to Daikuji. At the end line of sight of the girls hugged by him were thick arms. 

The girls weren’t rampaging at all… they were letting themselves hugged quietly. On the contrary, their expression was as if they were slowly melting.

“Aaah, to be hugged so tightly like this!”

“Kuh! Do you think I’ll fall with just this…! But maybe, this isn’t bad too…”

Of course, there was a reason why the girls weren’t rampaging. 

But more than that, they couldn’t just go wild and injure a boy in the process. As the common sense in this world, “Protect the boys, don’t hurt them”. 

Therefore, they couldn’t forcibly unwound themselves. In addition to that reason, being hugged by a man could be said as a rare experience in this world. More over if it came from an elite boy who was selected as the finalist of this tournament. Even more, and in addition to that, it was a hug from a super rare muscular boy, so of course the girls would savor the taste as much as possible. That was just what an adolescent girl would do.

“Kukuku. Alright, I’ll let you go, but if you keep it quiet here, I’ll do it again later.”

Daikuji said so and let go the two girls.

And the girls? They fell quietly on the spot. 

After seeing it, Daikuji looked at the other girls. And while opening his thick arms wide, he said…

“So, what about you?”

It wasn’t the girls who responded to the words, but Kaizuka, the other protagonist of this battle.

“Wha-wha-whattt! What a shameless man!  And you dare to aim for the King title!? Aren’t you embarrassed with yourself!?”

“Nuhahaha! Only that naive Hatano who would say something like that! I never thought it would come from the masked man who uttered insulting words! But what I did was to protect my members!…Well, so what about you!? “

The girls were somewhat confused by Daikuji’s words. But after they looked at their leader and Daikuji for a few times, they began to tighten their facial expressions as if they were determined and started to walk. 

….But the direction…it wasn’t to the girls of Daikuji’s team, but to the Daikuji’s wide open thick arms.

Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 29

29. When someone is angry on your behalf

『”What is it? Really, what is it? If you want to confess to someone, why do you need to say such a thing?… Like really, for him to say bad things about his own classmates, what was that person thinking about? Didn’t he notice that he was losing some point? Lowering your own impression like that.. More than that, everyone in the class will help? Hah! Please stop making such a joke. Such a thing, I don’t need it. Even if the rumors are misleading, I don’t want to borrow the hands of those who swallow it without thinking at all and blame it all only on one person. Aaaaaa, I’m frustrated just by remembering it! That’s why Atsushi-san, another bowl of curry, please!”』

“Yeah, yeah”

While saying so, Atsushi brought her another bowl of curry.

After Yuri rejected the confession, she came to Atsushi’s house. And now, she was having a meal… No, to be precise, she was holding a complaints competition while eating dinner.

Yuri said, 『”Atsushi-san, today, let’s eat together at Atsushi-san’s house and get rid of this anger!”』, But to be honest, Yuri was eating a lot.

There was a lot of question such as, “Why is it my house? And why do I need to make the dinner?”, but to be honest, Atsushi didn’t really care that much.

“Aー, that, hmm… Thank you, Shirasawa. For getting so angry on my behalf.”

『”Isn’t it natural? Is there a person who doesn’t get angry when your friends are being ridiculed like that?”』

Sure, Yuri said such a thing easily.

But you could feel that there was no other intention behind her words. And that, made Atsushi embarrassed, but also a little happy.

“But. Don’t be so harsh o Hashida, I mean, he said that because he was thinking of you.”

『”Huh? Atsushi-san, what are you talking about? Why are you defending that person? It put me off a little, you know.”』

“Am I being too much?”

『”I mean, didn’t you hear that person’s words? What is it again… Ah, for Atsushi-san and me doing something together, it’s impossible, was it? Judging who I could be with… really, who do you think you are? Why are you guys acting as if you’re perfect?… Don’t you think so too?”』

What Yuri said was agreeable.

No matter who or what a person might be, it should be the freedom of the person in said. ‘That person’ and ‘this person’ shouldn’t be together? The right to decide that was in the hand of that person in said.

However, there was a fact that it was a little special in this case.

“But. Think it again. After that weird rumor spread, we suddenly started to hang out… the rumored scary-looking man is hanging out with his classmate, moreover, a woman. From the perspective of those who don’t know the truth, it’ll look like that…. so, of course, you’ll be worried, right?”

『”Well, if it’s in a H-manga, such a thing will definitely develop into S○ play, or N○R…”』[TN: if you understand this, you’ve seen too much, you @$#%@%]

“Can you even compare this and that?…Well, you see, humans are creatures who believe in what they see and hear. People often say that you shouldn’t swallow rumors as it is, but when you hear rumors, even if you’ve doubts, you’ll start to believe them. Only the one who can 100% deny it, is the person that is being rumored. And when the said person is trying to deny it, no one will believe it.”

The modern internet society should be a good example of what Atsushi just said. Information, whether it was the truth or just a rumor, would eventually spread on SNS. For sure, there would be quite a lot of people who would believe them without any doubt. 

Of course, there might be times when a person told a truth for good, but some might be purposely spreading false information to deceive others or even to ‘cancel’ someone else.

There should be quite a few people who got hurt by it, who had a taste of it.

However, no matter how much that said person was trying to deny it, no one believe it. 

That was just, ‘how the world works’.

“And, I’m also responsible for this. Sure it’s something related to Tsubasa, but I didn’t do anything and didn’t say anything. I was just following the flow, and now I’m in my current position. That’s why, I’m not qualified to complain. Well, for sure I think that they’re all sickening.”

Hearing that, Yuri’s expression changed.

Specifically, she squinted her eyes a little and was somewhat annoyed.

『”Atsushi-san… I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, but aren’t you evaluating yourself a little too low? Many times, I feel some sort of aura coming from you saying, “Even if others are saying a lot about me, I can’t do anything.”. No, this is where you should complain even more like “Hah, What’s wrong with you, stop it or I’m gonna smash your head in!”』

“Yeah, maybe you’re right, but…”

『”I mean, the teacher is also at fault. I understand that Atsushi-san told the teacher to not care much, but if there are strange rumors that keep spreading, and you still don’t take any action, I can’t help but think that there’s something wrong with the teacher.”』

“Well, the teacher can’t just focus on me, right?”

『”Huft, see, you did it again. Having such a low-esteem, It’s~ no~ good~. You see, humans, when keep thinking that they’re no good or have no value, someday they’ll really become trash. I’m not saying you should be like the president of the club I’m in, but please be more confident in yourself.”』

“…Yeah… you’re right… I’ll do my best.”

Atsushi murmured so with a bitter smile.

Perhaps Yuri didn’t aware of it, the reason why Atsushi wasn’t angry…

Yuri said that Atsushi had low self-esteem. But for sure, ‘Atsushi is a human being’. When someone else said something bad about you, you might get pissed and angry. When you felt that way, of course you would want to get rid of it by saying one or two complaints.

But, when you had a friend who would get angry on your behalf, the joy of being able to confirm that, could be said to be far superior to the irritation and anger that you felt when someone said something bad to you.

So, the reason Atsushi didn’t complain was because, at that time Yuri was there, getting angry on his behalf.

Really, Thank you

Atsushi said thanks again in his heart.

Then, his cell phone suddenly started to suddenly ring.

Atsushi took out his smartphone from his pocket, looked at the name displayed on the screen, and instantly made a disappointed face saying, “Urgh”.

However, he couldn’t help but press the green button reluctantly.


[“―――Oh, finally you picked up. How’re you doing, son?”]

Atsushi could hear his father’s voice.

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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 203

203. Daikuji vs Kaizuka

Daikuji and Kaizuka, two of the contestants who were said as the winning candidate finally met. It could be said that this battle would be the first head-to-head game in the King of Boys. The arm of the cameraman who was shooting this battle, was of course full of power. The feeling that each other’s girls would do their best to overthrow the other was transmitted to the surroundings. 

The facial expressions of the boys who lead the members were in contrast. Daikuji was smiling, while Kaizuka was watching the situation without any expression. Perhaps some might be skeptical with how different the masked man on TV and now, because of his quiet appearance.

“You don’t have to panic. We’ve more numbers! Use this advantage to fight!”

As Kaizuka said, the number of girls on his side was 6 and on Daikuji side was 4. Although Daikuji might be preferred to be in offensive position than defensive position, he wasn’t stupid enough to attack someone’s base leaving his own unprotected on the second day when it was expected to be a rough day. Therefore, two people were left at the base, and when someone came to attack, it was decided to contact them promptly and they would withdraw immediately.

“Hahaha! But we’re more strong, I’ll let you taste it!”

However, even with that numerical advantage, the members of Daikuji’s team couldn’t be defeated. More than that, it looked like Kaizuka’s side was the one being pushed. Some of the girls in Kaizuka’s team, were moving into the place where they were being pushed and pushed them back. They somehow repeating this to keep the balance. 

At first glance, the girls on Daikuji’s side seemed to be more capable than the girls on Kaizuka’s side, but that wasn’t the case. The difference was due to what the boys chose for their team. 

The criteria that Kaizuka used when he was choosing girls for his team, was to have a gentle personality and brave. Of course, he also considered the girl’s intelligence and athletic ability. The problem was that when he was choosing the girls, it was before the TV program where he declared as the masked man. So, it was before he had that ‘Persona’, that was why he chose girl who seemed unsuitable for battle.

On the other hand, the selection criteria for Daikuji’s team were athletic ability and physical beauty. 

It could be said that this difference in selection was what made the difference in the war situation. However, you could say that there was no right or wrong in a selection method. In fact, there was a team that was decided with weird and strange process, such as the selection criteria for groups that already got two jewels. 

However, in a head-on collision on flat ground like this time, it could be said that Kaizuka’s side was at disadvantage.

“Nuhahaha! It looks like you’re doing your best, but it’s only a matter of time! I think, if you quietly admit defeat now, you won’t have to expose your weak appearance to the TV, how ‘bout it?”

“Shut up…! I… the masked man can’t lose! It’s from here!”

“It’s a good spirit, but you see…”

Daikuji said so while watching the war situation progressing in their favor.

“That’s…! Right!”

“I admit the spirit, but!”

“Our feeling to win is unwavering!”

“… Yeah, can’t you feel it?”

The members of Daikuji’s team could still talk even at numerical disadvantage. 

Even so, Kaizuka was still able to return words to Daikuji, without changing his expression.

“You… no, it’s you and the other’s bad habit…”


“You, Ouza, and the guys who had a good reputation are generally underestimating the other contestants.”

The words of Kaizuka made Daikuji had a blank look on his face.

“That’s it…”

“Mmm… I don’t understand what you mean though…?”

“I’m saying that looking down on other than yourself will lead to defeat!”


Kaizuka snapped his finger. 

At that moment, a new force appeared from behind the Daikuji. It was another group including the boy. Seeing those seven people, Daikuji was taken a back. And it wasn’t just Daikuji, but his members as well. Sure they didn’t have that much of a hard time if it was only Kaizuka’s team. 

As expected, an attack from behind with the same number of people as the one in front of them, even as a surprises, it was really unexpected. 

If they lost the battle, these people would definitely go to their base and take the jewel. In other words, if Daikuji’s team couldn’t manage this adversity, their defeat was almost decided.

Kaizuka talked to Daikuji who suddenly stopped moving.

“He promised me to cooperate before the battle began. The reason he cooperated was that he was impressed with my words on the previous TV program and wanted to make a friendship…. In other words, Daikuji, you were dealing with not just my team, but two teams from the beginning! “

Members of Daikuji’s team were trying to protect Daikuji, but members of Kaizuka’s team prevented them.

“Don’t get in the way!”

“Your opponent is us!”

“Daikuji-kun! Run away!”

Daikuji didn’t react to the worried words of his teammates.

“Well, sure the members you gathered are strong. I also understand that you’re confident in yourself. But… that doesn’t mean you’ve won! Your defeat… it’ll be because you underestimated us!”

That said, Kaizuka signaled the assault.

…… If there was a real masked man, Kohaku, here, he would have been furious at this development. It wasn’t because Kaizuka formed an alliance or because his team attacked from behind. It would be because Kaizuka had become too honest.

If Kohaku saw him right now, he would have said,

『”If you role-play as the masked man, you need to laugh loud and curse at your enemies while attacking them! What’s with that hero-wannabe act! Do it properly!”』

Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 3

3. Chapter 3

The devastated Liberitoa Trade Federation retreated far beyond its claimed borders and rebuilt its position around the rivers.

A dry moat and a dam built with earth magic, the items from the magic bag and carriages formed a fortress that could be called a night castle. The Liberitoa Trade Federation, lacking sufficient manpower, and the Highserk Empire, preferring the status quo, reluctantly continued the war.

On such a stalemated front, the prisoners of war were released when the Liberitoa side paid the ransom.

The release of aristocrats and high-ranking military officers occurred as Walm expected, but ordinary soldiers were also paid by the Liberitoa Trade Federation.

Fortunately, a great aristocrat who owned a labyrinth issued a large magic silver coin in a lump sum. For this reason, Walm and the other members of Duwei’s squad guarded the area for the exchange of prisoners.

“Perhaps, I was born in the wrong country.”

As Walm muttered this, he was hit in the flank.

It was Jose, his comrade.

“Oi oi, you’re lucky you’re in this squad, if it’s under other commanders, you’ll be sunk in the river, you know?”

Many ferryboats made a round trip on the river, and prisoners of war were carried across the river. Many archers and soldiers who could use magic were stationed on the opposite bank of the river to protect against surprise attacks.

There was even a large ballista stationed there.

Hmm, I wonder from where did they bring that?

Seeing that, Walm had no choice but to be amazed

The Highserk Empire, on the other hand, also had some sort of troops that could attack the opposite bank. Although, if it were to be compared… if the troops on the opposite bank were a regular army, the troops on Walm’s side were just a bunch of bandits wearing the equipment of a regular army.

If you were going to war as a soldier, you might choose to side with the Highserk Empire, but if you were spending your time as a citizen, the Liberitoa Trade Federation might be better. But of course, you didn’t know how people lived in other countries. So there was no point in comparing them.

POWs (Prisoners of war) passed by Walm’s side. 

From their clothes and skin condition, you could guess that these people must be high-ranking people who could pay the ransom individually.

On the opposite bank, human dramas were playing out, such as those of the scolded and those of the embraced. As a boring threepenny opera played endlessly before his eyes, Walm felt like he had heartburn. His colleague Jose was also desperately holding back his yawns.

Walm, who couldn’t afford to look away and abandon his mission, turned his gaze back to the line of people. Next in line were the low-status people. There were 200 prisoners of war, and there were endless lines waiting for the ferry.

As Walm looked around among the prisoners, the one who had dug the grave the other day passed by. The moment their eyes met, the guy hurriedly averted his gaze.

Unlike then, there was no blood in the armor, and the spear and sword, dirty after use, were clean. But still, he was obviously frightened.

The POWs were scared and had no meals. Even if one bothered to cook something digestible, the prisoners seemed to think it contained poison. At the time, Walm said, “Do you think we would use such a confusing and time-consuming method?”. From what he understood, it was better to stab a sword than to use poison, which was also difficult to hold.

That said, they left an empty grave as ordered. Of course, it wasn’t to bury them but to bury those who died from their severe injuries and couldn’t survive the night. But, the prisoners of war weren’t convinced by this explanation.

The Battalion Commander’s order, that the prisoners had to dig many graves to expend their energy to prevent a prisoner uprising, backfired.

After the last soldier was seen off, the prisoner exchange ended without incident. And so the farewell party was finally over.

Walm hoped that the stalemate would continue.

But the struggle between the Highserk Empire, which wanted to maintain its territory across the river, and the Liberitoa Trade Federation, which wanted to push its territory back to its claimed border, would likely continue.

As the construction of the camp for the frontier progressed, troops were withdrawn one by one, and the battalion to which Walm belonged was the first.

Since moving 2,000 men was a strain on logistics, some of the platoons and companies had to change roads on their way to the designated location.

Several platoons and squads were tasked to move from the southeastern Liberitoa Trade Federation to the annexed former territory of the Kanoa Kingdom in the northwest, where territorial disputes were still ongoing. Duwei’s squad was one of them.

Walm was ordered to subdue the goblins that nested near the water source. Even though not as accustomed to killing humans, he was accustomed to killing monsters too.

There were many corpses on the battlefield, which pleased the monsters. For them it was like a buffet. To drive away the persistently disturbing guests again and again was a familiar task for Walm.

If left unattended after killing them, the corpses would turn into a ghoul or undead. And if that happened, you might have to take their lives not just once or twice to let them rest in peace. But since you have already killed them once, it might be easier on your nerves if you have to kill them again.

In most countries, defeating monsters and exploring mazes were often adventurer tasks, but some countries, like the Highserk Empire, rejected the adventurer system per se.

The Highserk Empire, which could be said to have more troops than the other department, couldn’t afford to let the soldier rest. Therefore, Walm was also made to do the adventurer’s job too.

It was as if the army was dispatched to exterminate the pests just because they were in the field.

But as could be expected, if a high-class monster appeared, a special unit was dispatched, but if it was a group of low-threat goblins, they were cleaned up by the surrounding squad or platoon.

That said, some villagers, who weren’t even trained, were expected to subdue a small number of goblins or even orcs themselves. Even Walm had a hard time fighting off goblins and orcs a few times during his youth in the village.

According to information from the nearby village, more than 50 goblins were initially sighted and some were exterminated by the villagers, but one day a man and woman working in the river were attacked and taken away.

After that, the goblins that got to taste humans began to appear around the village, and the damage to livestock increased. Since further damage was expected as the number of goblins increased, it was then decided to dispatch the army there.

Led by Commander Duwei, the squad left the village and headed into the forest.

The forest was roughly flat land, although there were slight ups and downs. Unlike demon territory, where powerful monsters were subdued, here there were only low-class monsters.

Walm continued walking, but when he saw that Squad Commander Duwei suddenly stopped, not only he, but also the others stopped.

“Hoi, listen carefully, in about half an hour, it’ll be their nest. The footprints and animal trails are piling up. Don’t let your guard down.”

Squad Commander Duwei was considered an alert fighter who surpassed even many Platoon commanders in combat techniques, but it was also easy to understand why such a veteran wasn’t elected Platoon Commander.

Squad Commander Duwei was basically an optimist who could afford anything for better and was a bit rough for worse. Walm was convinced that it must be difficult for such a person to be a Platoon Commander or higher, who might have to do paperwork in a building, to demonstrate his true worth.

More than that, Squad Commander Duwei himself hated the position of Platoon Commander itself as he would be expected to do complicated work.

The member of Duwei’s squad moved forward cautiously, following the path taken by the one before them, slowly disposing of the branches that had become entangled in their sword and armor.

Cloth was wrapped around the places where the metal could easily rub against something else. Walm was no exception. The cloth he used belonged to a soldier he had fought in battle the other day and no longer needed.

Although Walm was reluctant to remove a dead person’s clothing, now, if he thought it necessary, he would do and take anything

The deeper they went into the forest, the greater the distance between the dense vegetation also became.

The members were crawling on the ground, but then all eyes focused on one point.

What they saw was a small humanoid, the size of a child. The teeth were pronounced canines and the ears were more pointed than a human’s. The skin was green with noticeable breakouts and irregularities. There was no doubt about it, it was a goblin like Walm was used to.

In the goblins’ hands were mostly primitive stone spears, clubs, or farming tools that perhaps, were stolen from somewhere. Another thing Walm had learned from experience: intelligent monsters were troublesome when they were in a group.

How should I kill it…

Just when Walm thought that, he was selected by Squad Commander Duwei.

With a gesture, Walm was ordered to kill. He nodded slowly, left the formation and moved towards the goblins’ side without changing his stance.

Walm carefully chose where to place his feet, dodging branches and fallen leaves. As the distance drew closer, his breathing became thinner and thinner.

After lightly moistening his dry lips, Walm squeezed the back of the spear handle and pierced the throat with one blow.

The goblin that the spear had pierced died on the spot without making a sound. While supporting the goblin, who was about to collapse, with the spear, he laid him on the ground and dragged him. A companion joined and hid the corpse in the shade of a tree.

Squad Commander Duwei tapped Walm on the shoulder and told him,

“Good job. That was a good skill you showed there.”

Soon after, the squad arrived at their destination without encountering any of them

The goblin nest was located several dozen meters away from the goblin guard. It was a small cliff where branches and earth were used to build dwellings, and the caves of the cliff were also used as a nest. Looking at it, one could hardly think it was a naturally formed object, so it had to be an artificial cave.

Walm, keeping his posture low, slowly poked his eyes through the gaps between the vegetation to look at it

30 Goblins could be seen within the visible range. Bones were scattered near the fire. Livestock such as buffalo and goats could be seen. Wild boars, a kind of monster, were also among them. And finally, human skulls could be seen laying around.

It must be the kidnapped villager’s…

Walm wasn’t surprised by what he saw because it was one of the end routes for people who had been abducted by demons. Violated, killed and eaten… that was their basic behavior.

“Willart, do it.”

The Squad Commander ordered one of his men. There was no prior interaction, but everyone, including Walm, could understand what was going to happen.

Willart went forward without making any response. He was a quiet man with a hobby of shaving all over his body when he had time. But he was a talented man in the squad and was respected by the others.

Willart concentrated his mana on his hand, and soon a fireball appeared. He was the only ‘Magic User’ in the squad and was relied on in a wide range of fields, from fighting to cooking.

The fireball hit the center of the nest and caused an explosion. The bones were scattered by the blast, as were the goblins. Even the goblins in the vicinity had suffered severe burns.

The goblins were frozen by the sudden event. The other members of the squad, on the other hand, knew what to do, and for Walm it was as if fireworks were setting off a feast.

The members of the squad immediately closed the gap without raising their voices and used their weapons to kill their prey.

Walm was no exception to this example. He pierced the abdomen of the absent-minded goblin twice with a spear and crushed its fallen head with his feet.

One of the goblins, running back and forth, didn’t know whether to flee or fight back and turned its back to him, unprotected. The result was that the spear went straight from the back into the abdomen.

Goblin, a monster with high vitality, although it was ranked at the lowest. Even if you left wounds that would normally stop humans, the Goblin could still crawl and try to escape. If it escaped, it could gain wisdom and become a troublesome opponent in the future. So Walm had no intention of letting one of them get away.

Walm held the spear with his other hand and swung it downward toward the goblin’s neck. After a moment of twitching, the goblin stopped moving.

As the smoke began to clear, a shadow appeared at the edge of Walm’s field of vision. It was a goblin with a club, knocking the corpse to the ground.

Walm slashed the spear horizontally, severing both of the goblin’s eyes and making it wince in pain. Then he stabbed and killed the goblin, who unreasonably swung a club around that could become a troublesome thing if not stopped.

The other members of the squad also killed about the same number.

Commander Duwei used his skill《Strike》to bounce three goblins at once. One of the goblins had its body split in two and the other two had their heads blown off.

The rest of the goblins were overflowing from the cave, but as soon as they came out, they became prey to blades and blunt weapons.

“Reinus, Tibird, Danfan, take half and clean up the leftover on the outside. The others come with me. The spear won’t be useful. Use your sword. Willart, gives us some light.”

Walm was selected as a member of the group for the cave assault. The command for the one who stayed outside was entrusted to the so-called ‘three idiots’ who’d a lot of combat experience.

Because of the narrow cave, the spears were thrust to the outside ground and the group charged through the cave with a longsword and a round shield in hand.


As Squad Commander advanced unconcerned deep into the cave, Willart, who was right behind him, used magic and the inside of the cave was illuminated by flames.

It was the goblins who were surprised. The goblins, accustomed to the darkness, brandished their weapons, but what awaited them was a stormy attack from Squad Commander Duwei.

In the end, Walm had to kill the goblins hiding in the dents and pretending to be dead… although, in reality, they would die―― by the longsword in his hand. In the back, there was an open space about the size of a classroom.

Because of the poor ventilation, the smell soon got into Walm’s nasal passage.

Walm wanted to raise his voice to complain, but he couldn’t, because there were still goblins left and also their leader.

Their leader, an adult, human-sized goblin――the Hobgoblin – bravely raised a rusty sword it might have picked up somewhere. No matter how brave the hobgoblin was, Walm couldn’t help but feel sorry for the monster.

After all, the opponent was Squad Commander Duwei. 

Despite its size, the time it took the hobgoblin to be slashed was about the same as other goblins.

The hobgoblin fell to the ground covered in blood, was stabbed again as a precaution, but as expected it was dead

While Walm was scrutinizing for any other omissions, he noticed a shadow behind the pile of straw that looked like the goblin’s bed.

It was… not a goblin, but a woman who was there. Scratches were engraved all over her body, the ones on her shoulders and back were especially severe.

Walm guessed why she had survived, even though the other man had been eaten. It was because goblins could use the belly of other creatures to reproduce.

“Are you still alive? I’ve come to help.”

Walm called out to her, who didn’t move. What he got was only a short reply.

“Ki-kill me.”

Walm took some time to chew over the words he’d thrown. He called out again and shook the girl’s shoulders, but the response was the same. He looked around, but no one spoke.

“Ple-ase, k-kill me.”

Only Commander Duwei, who nodded slowly. Walm’s instinct and heart tried with all their might to stop him from killing another person, but at the same time, the “reason” in his head was also working hard.

The limbs that had been crushed into a goblin birthing bag wouldn’t heal naturally, of course, but neither would ordinary recovery magic be any of help.

I guess, the wounds carved on the whole body won’t heal nor the mind either...

If she goes back to her village, could she live like a normal person again?

―― Walm wanted someone to do it for him. In any case, someone had to do it. If Walm didn’t do it, someone in the squad would have to suffer in his place.

And so, Walm decided.

When Walm thrust the tip of his sword against the girl’s skin, she groaned softly. The tip of the sword penetrated the gap between her ribs and reached her heart with a thud.

Walm stared at her, who stopped moving at all. Ironically, his face remained calm. It was the first time he had killed a woman. Although the woman was at death’s door and should have been grateful to him―― still, he couldn’t help but look down at the dirty sword and the woman who had stopped breathing again and again. Before he knew it, Commander Duwei was standing next to him.

“I’ll do it. It’s a hindrance if you keep standing there. Go outside, have a drink, and take a break.”

What was offered was an expensive distilled liquor in a hip flask.

“It’s the one I got from the Liberitoa’s people. It’s not to my taste.”

Walm never thought that such a word would come out of Commander Duwei’s mouth, because he always drank everything like water

Walm staggered out and sat down with his back against the foot of the big tree.

The unrefined fighting-loving three idiots said nothing to Walm, perhaps because they had noticed that something was wrong with him.

Walm put his hand on the chinstrap, took off the helmet and let it roll to the ground. The chain rang as if to protest. The scalp exposed to the outside air felt pleasant. While stroking the stuffy and itchy head, he opened the lid of the flask and brought it to his mouth.

The smell of alcohol rose to his nose and his throat and stomach immediately became hot. But soon the taste disappeared, leaving a faint, sweet aftertaste on his tongue.

The time was still early in the morning. In contrast to his cloudy heart, the blue sky beyond the trees was cloudless.

After spitting one swear word, Walm once again gulped the liquor.

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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 202

This CH is from Miu Yachigusa POV

202. Reconnaissance

“Ayayaー you’re fullー of spirit, aren’t you?”

On the second day, it was predicted that other teams would make a move, so Miu Yachigusa, who had been scouting, was keeping watch over a cottage she found. 

Miu thought that it was fortunate that it was one of the winning candidates’ cottages. It was the cottage of Kou Daikuji. 

Miu quietly followed after seeing the Daikuji exiting the cottage. 

From Miu’s eyes, he was full of fighting spirit, and the girls around him seemed to be inspired by it, and their morale seemed to be high. Even if they were far away, she could see how strong they were, and Miu felt that it would be difficult for her team to fight his.

But, it seems that they don’t have any weapons…

As far as Miu saw, it didn’t look like the girls in the group were armed, nor was Daikuji, even though they said they were going to fight. And that, what differentiate their team and her. 

Even though in our team, there’s someone who brought a leg-hold trap, smoke screen, stun rod, and sword.

Miu didn’t think the weapons that the other girls in her team brought was supposedly what an ordinary high school girls should bring. 

Even though I’m a member of a club called as ‘the Military Club’, but I’m still just an ordinary high school student. That’s why, I didn’t bring any special weapons… or am I the strange one here?

Miu was worried about her team, but apparently, she started to believe that the strange one was her team.

While keeping a distance, Miu was following Daikuji’s team quietly so that they wouldn’t be noticed. 

As long as you follow the road, you would reach the cottages of another team. And Daikuji’s team was following the road. 

Since they’re following the road, it seems that his team isn’t going to make a surprise attack Perhaps it’ll be the first head-on collision since the start of the King of Boys. Well, my team has already won two victories, one is a surprise attack and the other is a lucky? victory.

Based on what Hatano-san said, it seems that he finally got it after doing some sort of discussion? Probably the leader realized his defeat to the charisma of Hatano-san, and then voluntarily offered the jewel?

…..As expected, Hatano-san is the best

Miu thought that the title of ‘King’ was only suitable for the one who could win without fighting. 

And so, she decided to do her best for him hoping she would get compliments from Kohaku. Ultimately, her goal was to be his bride in the future.

It’s about time you can see the cottage of another team…

And so, Daikuji and his team arrived at someone’s cottage. However, the opponent was also aware that the enemy was coming, and that person’s team was taking a position outside the cottage before Daikuji’s team even arrived. And that person…

“…Really, for you to came here… what an unlucky person. The only person who is suitable for my opponent is… the one who has won over the other teams.”

It was the masked man, Kaizuka. 

Kaizuka distorted his extremely ordinary face as if he was disgusted at Daikuji. However, Daikuji returned it with a smile without worrying about Kaizuka’s words at all.

“Nuhahaha! Don’t say that… You see, I’m the type who eats from what I like first! Well, sure this might be just a coincidence, but look! My muscles are pleased with this situation.”

Daikuji showed the biceps of his arm as if to prove his words. The girls were looking at the brilliant curves, regardless of whether they were friends or foes. However, his muscles didn’t impress Kaizuka at all, as he looked at Daikuji with a look of contempt.

“I’m sorry. but I’m not interested in muscles. It’s really unpleasant.”

“Hmmph, what a cold man, a party pooper… But what’s it… somehow your atmosphere now and you in that video, is different?”

“…T-That’s not true.”

“Well, I mean, I can’t feel the confidence you showed in that video from you now. You just feel like a small fry!”

“I finally… could be my true self…”

Inspired by the conversation between the two, their members were also ready to fight. Even Miu who was looking at them from a distance could feel it.

What a sight. Well, it’s a battle between the winning candidates.

……Let’s move to a place where I can see them better! 

Miu looked around and found a tree where she might be able to see the fight better, so she climbed that tree. The moment she tried to calm down and sit on a thick branch to see the battle between the two, a person appeared next to her.



The person who appeared next to Miu was a maid. No, it was a girl in a maid clothes. 

Since she’s here, this maid is probably a high school student and a member of someone’s team.


For a moment, “Attack!” crossed Miu’s mind, but she immediately reconsidered. Probably because she thought that the purpose of the maid was to collect the information, same as herself. She decided that it would be more useful to bring back information about the battle that was about to begin than to fight with the maid. It was the same with the maid.

The two stared at each other for a while without talking, and nodded quietly. Then, they turned their attention to the battle between Daikuji and Kaizuka, which was about to take place in front of them.

“Rout the enemy!”

“Go wild!”

The two boys raised their voices and the battle began.