Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 22

22. A series, it’s something that you want to see in one go

『”Huftー, I can’t believe itー, reallyー. Atsushi-san has never seen any of “Revengemans” series, not even one… Are you really an ‘Otaku’? Are you really a man? No, are you even a human?”』

“Oi, it’s not like I don’t know it at all, it’s just that I’ve never watched the movie, why you have to say that much?”

Sure, the “Revengemans” series is a fairly famous movie work.

Originally, it’s a series in which multiple overseas heroes cooperated and shared the same worldview. It has set numerous records and is very popular all over the world, also has many fans.

Still, it’s unexpected to be told so far just because I didn’t watch the movie.

『”Well, please rest assured. I came here today, for Atsushi-san!”』

Yes, Yuri had come to Atsushi’s house.

To be precise, she went home once before going to his house. Therefore, she had changed her clothes.

Why did she go home once? That was because she had to get something.

『”I brought the entire series of “Revengemans” so far! “Thunder Man”, “My Metal”, “Blazing Titan”, “Master Shield”, of course, other than that four, I’ve brought all the series after that too!!!”』

Blu-ray discs were lined up on the desk.

The number was about ten.

“…Hey, do I really need to see this all?”

『”Isn’t it natural!!? If you don’t see all of this, you can’t go to see the final movie of “Revengemans”!!! It’s okay, don’t worry!!! I’ll explain everything you don’t understand, from the order in which you should watch and the relationships between the characters!!!”』

“Even if you want to explain it… it’s already night, you know?”

『”No problem! I’ve already contacted my parents! When I said I was going to stay at my friend’s house, they gave me the permission right away while crying!!!”』

“Oi oi, there’s no way a parent will allow their daughter to stay at a man’s house… Wait a minute. Shirasawa. Maybe you didn’t tell them that you gonna go to a man’s house?”

『”No one cares about that!!!”』

“I see. I somehow understand the situation.”

So, her parents were delighted knowing that their daughter have friends and so they allowed her to stay over without saying anything.

They probably didn’t think it would be a man’s house.

Normally, your parents would ask whose house it is, but maybe because their daughter, who has too few friends, suddenly said that she’ll stay over her friend’s house, they were so happy to the point they forgot about it…

That said, her behavior is still unusual.

“Wait, you. do you realize that you’re not only coming to a man’s house, but also to stay over there? Really, you’ve got a lot of nerves.”

『”You know it can’t be helped!!! The ticket date is Sunday, the day after tomorrow. It’s only today and tomorrow, if you’re not going to watch it from the start now, when are you going to watch it!!!”』

“I don’t know. But, more importantly, you really should fix that habit. I don’t know if your common sense is getting strange because you’re so excited, but I’m really worried, really.”

I’ve never thought that she would go this far so that she can watch the movie together.

And also,

Why don’t you use that much energy in your daily school life?

“Anyway, do you think I can see all of these in time?”

『”It’s gonna be fine. Tomorrow is Saturday. In other words, no school, right?”』

“Oi, what about my schedule on Saturday.”

Ten movies. If one movie is about one or two hours. It will take at least about 20 hours.

Even if I use all of my Friday night and Saturday, it’ll be very close.

Yeah, in other words, Atsushi was told to spend all his Saturday on watching the movies.

『”Pleaseee!!! I, have been watching this series by myself. But, finally, I can fiーnally go see the movie with someone!!! For that purpose, with proper knowledges, feelings and excitement!! I want you to go with all of that!!! So, please, somehow please…!!!”』


Yuri kept asking for such things.

Even so, her face was expressionless as usual.

However, there was no doubt that what she said by telepathy was all serious.

To be honest, I don’t hate watching movies. No, rather I like it.

Only if I’m in a normal state. 

But, I didn’t sleep for two days. In such a state, it’ll be impossible to watch ten movies in one go. Sure I don’t need to watch it all night, but, I’m sure I won’t be able to sleep peacefully until I finish watching everything. I bet I won’t be able to focus on it.


With that in mind, Atsushi sighed.

“… Huft, I guess I need to pull another all-nighter…”

『”T-That means…!!!”』

“Alright, get it ready quickly. Also, don’t complain if I fall asleep on the way.”

『”OK! At that time, I will poke your eyes so that you wake up!!!”』

“Yeah. It’s okay to wake me up, but don’t poke my eyes.”

With that said, Atsuhi and Yuri started watching the movie.

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