Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 198

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198. I don’t want to fight

In front of the room, a girl who was worrying about the safety of her king, called with a desperate voice. But, the king she was worried about, was somehow lying in the corner of the floor, rolled inside the futon. 

…… If she asks about what happened, I’ll tell her that, this is just the evidence that a battle would end in tragedy. Of course, I just did the right thing, nothing was wrong.

So, if I talk to her with sincerity, she should understand, that this situation couldn’t be helped… that I didn’t want to do it either! Well, in the end, if Minori-san comes while persuading her, it’ll be my victory…

“That voice just now, who are you!? I will not forgive you if you do something terrible to my king!”

“Yeah, yeah, I’ll unlock it now, so wait. Also, I’m not doing anything terrible, so don’t worry.”

“Damn! Fast!”

She seems to be in a hurry… well that would be the case, right? I mean, her companions are fighting a dangerous person like Jason after all. You don’t know when the person will come, and the fact that it’s midnight, makes this scarier. [TN: Jason Voorhees, form Friday the 13th]

I unlocked the door. The moment the rattling sound was heard, the door was opened vigorously and the girl jumped in vigorously.


“My king! Where are you!? Are you safe!?”

The girl who entered the room desperately looking every corner of the room for a boy.

“Wha-what happened!?”

Apparently, she found him. 

Well, in the first place I didn’t hide him, so of course she would find him in a moment…

“I’ll free you! Please wait!”

I’d a hard time wrapping him up like that, so I want you to stop trying to release him.

I gently grasped her from behind and stopped her movement.

“What’re you do――!”

A girl who was furious when she got stopped in trying to help her king, her expression changes to astonishment, as soon as she saw my face.

“Oh, you are …! Kohaku, Hatano…-kun”

“Hello. It’s a wonderful night, right?”

“Ah, so… the assailant is you, who are called as an angel… No wait, that monster is your team member…”

“Monster? Who are you talking about? All my members are kind women, you know?”

“Damn! Anyway, let me go!”

“No can do. Let’s talk first.”


I whispered that, slowly into her ear. Then, I put my hand around her waist and moved to the bed.

“Eh! What? Hey!?”

“It’s okay, It’s okay.”

“What is okay!?”

And then we sat on the bed together. 

And I put my hand around her waist

And pulled her slowly.

Our body getting closer to each other…

And as her waist touched my body, with a weak voice she said, “aah”

“Damn! You think you can win over me with this kind of thing?”

“That’s not it! I’m not trying to win over you… or persuading you at all…”

I answered with a hurt expression on my face.

“Eh? I-I’m sorry. I…”

“No, you’re right. No one will believe that the guy who comes to attack them want to talk with them. Yeah, it’s okay.”

With tears in my eyes, I made sure to create an atmosphere that can be called a ‘courageous angel’. Thanks to that, her attitude was obviously getting kinder.

“W-why you came to attack us!?”

“It’s not something strange, I mean, we’re here to fight.”

“T-that’s true…! Then why you want to talk to me…”

I let go of the body that was in close contact with me and gently pushed her down to bed.

“Why…? Isn’t it decided? Of course, because I want to get along with you.”


“What a cute pajama.”

“Do-don’t look… I mean, you attacked so suddenly. I didn’t have time to change clothes… Aah!”

I stare at her whose face was dyed in red, while gently sliding my fingers on her thighs.


“It’s okay, it’s okay.”

Well, I don’t know what’s okay either…

“No, we can’t.. my king is here…”

Come to think of it…

I glanced at the boy rolled inside the futon. 

It seems he hasn’t recovered from fainting yet. 

…… That stan rod, they didn’t tweak the voltage, right?

“Think of him just as a figurine.”

I mean, he’s not even conscious…

“W-what about the camera …”

“It’s okay. The editing staff will do something…”

…… Right? Well, the worst case, they put mosaic… No, no, I’m not going to anything, I just want to waste time…

“…Is it okay?”

“It’s okay, because I really don’t want to fight. I want to get along with everyone …”

Perhaps, the girl made up her mind after she heard that word, she closed her eyes, tightly.

“Aah, Mom, I’m going to be an adult today. God, Thank yo―― “

Right when she said her thanks to God, I heard the door was getting opened slowly. 


For some reason, the sound that I heard clearly had an eerie atmosphere.

Of course, the fact that the door was getting opened meant that someone was there…

“Fou~nd you.”

A monster… Minori-san, appeared with a sword without the scabbard.

Am I actually in a horror movie?

…… ah, there is no blood on the sword. It’s okay… It’s gonna be okay.


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  1. …………………………..I have seen Minori’s illustration and she was really cute…….so i have a bit of a hard time picturing her as a female japanese ver. of Jason…………………..maybe like Sadako…………
    Anyway, Kohaku seems to have choosen to take the fight with his own hands which was actually a good choice given the fact the majority of the boys will left the fighting and planning to the girls except the truly tough ones. But why does he keeps so fixiated to be an angel-like figure???? Hasn’t he realized that everything he does makes him look more like a fiend? That guy from Seimei will feel like some crusader when he fights against him…………
    Still this situation is by no means the ideal one. I can already see the poor un-named girl being massacred by Minori……………

  2. That actually took more effort on his part then usual. And a few too many of his harem seem to have a little bit of the yandere in them.

    1. I f*cking love the way hes going about this! Seducing the enemy minions one by one and none of them have any immunity to a guy who’s suddenly being nice to them! At this rate he could triple his man power and leave the 2 useless kings on their own!

      Talk about winning with charisma!

  3. ….I have a feeling this is actually being livestreamed
    Everyone will remember him as a devil lol with how much he has been seducing the female enemies, they might start calling him an incubus or even Asmodeus

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