Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 196

196. Night Raid

With Minori-san’s kick, the cottage door blew off in an unbelievable momentum. 

What a splendid “Let me in!!”… even if it’s not a night attack, I’m sure people will still scared of it.

The participants in this attack were four people including me… Shino-san, Yuzuka-san, Minori-san, and me. Maizumi-san and Yachigusa-san remained in the base to protect the device. When the personnel were decided, Maizumi-san made a sad voice saying, “I’ve to watch the base~”.

Well, it couldn’t be helped. Since it’s midnight, I need to bring Shino-san and Yuzuka-san, who provided the night-vision scope and are familiar with how to use it.

……Even though at first, I had a question like, why aristocratic high school girls are familiar with how to use such things, I decided to think, that’s because they’re aristocrats. Yep, that must be it.

By the way, the traps that had been set up while coming to this cottage were released smoothly by Shino-san and Yuzuka-san. 

…… But, seriously, what is a ‘high school girl’ in this world?


“I know!”

While I was escaping from reality, my excellent friends were starting to act quickly. The smoke bomb that Yuzuka-san prepared was thrown into the cottage right after the door got kicked. Smoke immediately came out of the grenade thrown inside and covered the inside of the cottage. And when then they quickly removed the night-vision scope, and changed it to a gas mask.


Now, all we have to do is suppress them.

It was decided in advance that together with Minori-san, I would capture the man. Shino-san and Yuzuka-san would capture the jewel. So, we acted separately as the agreement.

Since the device was installed in the living room, it was found immediately, but it seemed that there were girls who guarding it. Without hesitation, Shino-san and Yuzuka-san rushed into the guards with the stun rod.

“We are going this way. It seems that the layout of cottage itself isn’t that different. It’s easy to understand… still…”

There were noises and calls from all over the corridors where smoke was widespread. 

Even though it’s not even a minute since we opened the door… as expected of the chosen girls.

“Then I will charge. I will hold down the women who came out, so Kohaku-san, please capture the man.”

“Understood. There are quite a number of them, are you gonna be okay?”

“No problem”

Minori-san smiled and rushed into the smoke. 

…… Well, I have to act too…

Minori-san was having a fight with the girls in front of me around and I couldn’t seem to pass through them. 

…It can’t be help, I’ll go around and rush in from the back.


“Hinata-san, Hinata-san! It’s an attack! What should I do? What should I do!?”

“Huftー really, calm down! They’re coming!”

Hinata calmed down the short-haired girl and warned her about the incoming attacks. Immediately after that, the enemy attacked from the other side of the smoke. Since she could hear a loud noise from outside the room, even though two girls were coming to attack them, she guessed that the enemy were attacking other than their side.


Hinata avoided the sharp low hit and tried to grab the assailant, but the opponent didn’t give in that easily. At that moment, Hinata realized that the assailant was not ordinary, and so she braced herself, but at the same time,



Hinata heard the short-haired girl’s shout and an electrical sound.

“Are you okay!?”

Hinata didn’t get any reply. Sweat ran down her cheeks. Due to the fall of her partner, Hinata had to deal with two skilled people alone.

“This isー too much”

“You can surrender, you know?”

A reply came back to the words that Hinata muttered in a low voice. Hinata chose to talk after thinking a little about whether to continue talking or not. 

Hinata thought that if she could waste time, her friends who were fighting outside should come to help. 

The enemy is not that stupid enough to leave his base defenseless, so since there are two people here, there should be only one or two people outside the room. 

After all, the enemy needs to protect the boy and the jewel at the base, so at least two people must be there.

“Noー, I can’t do that.”

“Wellー. If you surrender now, I’ll give you the bromide photo of my king.” [TN: explanation in below]

“… No, hmm. Well, I want it, butー!?”

Immediately after, the opponent’s attack passed just above Hinata’s head so she bent down. It was an attack from the blind spot. 

Hinata calmly analyzing the situation while sweating coldly.

Another person attacked the gap that is created by attracting attention with conversation. Plus, there’s the smoke too. The combination is too good.

“Hmm, I failed”

“She’s tough…”

Even though they used such a nasty tactic, but their voices are so beautiful and graceful.

In that moment,


Hinata’s consciousness went to the source of the sound. She regained it back not long after, but the other person’s palm was already approaching in front of her.


Hinata avoided the hand and on the contrary, she grabbed the opponent’s arm and tried to hold it. However, if the opponent didn’t allow it. The other launched an attack and so she released the arm to avoid it. As a result, each other returned to their original positions. However, the smoke that had spread in the room gradually became thinner, and the other party became visible.


So, they’re wearing a mask and holding something like a baton in their hands. That shape and a loud noise, it must be a stun rod. 

Maybe these two are special agents from somewhere?…

TN: Bromide is commercial photographic portraits of celebrities. Basically, it’s an oversized photo or mini=poster of a celebrity on a card with laminated cover or glossy finish.

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