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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 195

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195. Are you ready?

Yeah, it’s a surprise attack. As expected, in a battle royale, there should be a surprise attack, right? It’s something that in a manga, the main character will be praised for doing it, and the enemy will be despised as a coward. The current time is about 2 or 3 am, which is a good time to do a night attack.

Even though it was at such a time, the members who were preparing seemed to have a lot of fun. Everyone smiled, “Kyafufufu”.

The tools brought by Shino-san and Yuzuka-san were lined up in the living room, and all the girls were looking and thinking carefully which one to bring.

Gas masks, batons, and grenades… in a glance it’s looks like that, but really, what on earth are these girls fighting? Anyway, this is my battle, so I can’t just do nothing. 

Amongst one of the terrifyingly lined up things, I picked up something like a baton.

“Ah, I brought sevens of it! So that everyone can have one!”

“I-is that so? But, what’s this?”

“Of course, it’s a high-voltage stun rod! It can reach slightly further than a normal stun gun, and it’s easy to use, you know?”

…..What do you mean by, ‘Of course’, huh? I’ve never used it, so I can’t really say whether it’s okay to use or not….

“… I see. Then, what about this thing?”

“It’s a smoke screen. Well, I can’t bring the real thing.”

Shino-san said so and laughed, “Ahahaha”

…Is there something funny in our current conversation? 

In this way, I quietly watched over their preparations without saying anything with uneasy feelings.


“Ahー, night shift is so boringー, right?”

A short-haired girl threw herself on the sofa in the living room, and while slouching on the sofa she talked to her companion who was watching the night together with her.

“Wellー, even soー, you can’t neglect the night guard.”

The girl answered the words of the short-haired girl while pouring the juice into a glass.

“Yeah, that’s rightー…. Ah, thank you. Is there a belligerent boy who will go on the offensive from the first day? More over on the night?”

The short-haired girl said so and took a sip of the juice she was given.

“I don’t knowー. Most boys sleep at 10 pm, it was what the people on TV said on the other day, butー I don’t really know.”

“Eh? Is that true!? Well, our king went to sleep early so… “

“Who knowsー. After all, that’s what those people on TV said.”

The short-haired girl scratched her cheeks as if she was a little embarrassed by the words. Another girl looked at her while tilting her head.

“What’s wrong?”

“Ahー, it’s nothing, just that, we’ll be on TV right, Hinata-san?”

The short-haired girl timidly looked at the cameraman who was shooting them from the side. Her companion, a girl called, Hinata, turned to where the short-haired girl was looking at, and when she saw the cameraman, she opened her mouth

“Wellー, that was a program from a different station, so I don’t think there’s a proof behind what they said. The program from this station is different in terms of the credibility.”

“That’s remark, isn’t it a little too much…? W-well, whatever. What do you think of this fight, Hinata-san?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, who do you thing is dangerous? We have to make our king win! We need to analyze the enemy!”

The short-haired girl talked in a straightforward manner, but you could see clearly her face was full of curiosity. Hearing that, Hinata realized that they couldn’t really move away from the device due to night guards, that it wouldn’t be good to be so tense all the time, and so she decided to take the chat to ease the nerve.

“… Hmm, that’s rightー”

Hinata turned her face up and remembered each member who was participating in the finals. Then, she put her finger on her mouth, went to think about it a little and returned the words.

“I feel like four peopleー.”

“Four people! Who!?”

The short-haired girl approached Hinata.

“You’re too close, move.”

“Ah, I’m sorry. Cough… so who are they?”

It seemed the cameraman was also interested in the topic, and began to close up on Hinata.

“Well, it’s just as what speculated.”

“Eeー, but if it’s as speculated, wouldn’t it be five?”

“Hmm… Based on the impression I got when I saw them on the ship… the masked man… that Kaizuka-kun, I feel like he’ll not makes the cut if he ever meets the other four.”

“Is that so… he was so confident though…”

“You see, that Ouza-kun, Daikuji-kun and Hibiya-kun…  just standing in a place, would make that place their own.”

To be honest, Hinata thought that her king wouldn’t be able to win against them, but Hinata thought that it was her job to do something about it, and even if her king himself might be inferior, all she could do was to support him.

“Hmm? What about that ‘Angel’? What is your impression of ‘My Angel’?”

“… Well, let’s put that nickname aside… anyway, Hatano-kun is…”

As Hinata was about to utter the impression she had of Kohaku… At that moment, a terrible sound echoed from the entrance of the cottage.


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