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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 194

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194. Return to my base

It was a really fruitful discussion. 

I looked back on the results of the negotiations on the way back from Glasses-kun’s cottage. Despite being held hostage, Glasses-kun, who was trapped by me, still had the energy to throw abusive words to me. Even though, if he used his brain a little more, he should know that provoking me wouldn’t improve anything.

But well, I knew that he did that to get my attention and somehow create a gap where all the people around us could help him. In fact, he was so noisy that I squeezed his neck hard to the point he fainted.

After that, the discussions went very smoothly. The girls gave me the jewels and asked for his release. Of course, I planned to do that in the first place, but no matter what, it wasn’t my territory, so I promised to release him after I was safe and left the cottage with Glasses-kun.

As expected, the girls went to follow me. But as I getting near to my base, I told them that I would give them my contact information to those who would stop chasing me, after the battle. And in that very moment, they all suffered a sudden abdominal pain and got stuck.

…… Probably the water on this island isn’t good. I need to be careful… 

After I secured my safety, I just threw away Glasses-kun in that area and returned to my cottage while enjoying the surrounding scenery.

… get into the enemy’s base alone and succeed in stealing the jewel, I think it’s a pretty exciting development. There may be pros and cons with the way I did to steal it, but that’s just a matter of talking to Etou-san and having her edit it skillfully. Well, having a connection with the management side can also be said as a weapon.

……speaking of the managements of this program, I need to makes this exciting as this was came from my idea. So yeah, I’ve to do something a little dangerous like this, again. Perhaps many of the other participants are waiting, just like Glasses-kun. In order to liven up the tournament, it’s necessary to inspire other participants a little more and make them more active in the fight. For that, I need to take about one more of this by the end of today. 

I looked at the jewels I got while thinking so.

…… Seriously, to think about the tournament so far and act for it, I guess it’s not that wrong to say that I’m the MVP, right?

“Ah! Kohaku-kun!”


When I turned my face to the voice, there, Shino-san was waving.

“I’mー back.”

“Welcome home, Shino-san”

When I replied, Shino-san laughed happily.

“What’s wrong?”

“Eh? Hmm, nothing. I just feel like a lover who lives with in the same house.”

Shino-san shyly laughed. “Ehehe”

Very cute. She doesn’t look like someone who would happily setting up a foothold trap… Not only her, Minori-san and Yuzuka-san too, girls in this world are scary no matter how pretty they look, I can’t let my guard down.

“I guess so. It’s like we’re lovers.”

“!!! Y—yeah, right!”

“Then, let’s go home together while holding hands like a lover?”

I held Shino-san’s hand the same way I did to the girl I met on the way to Glasses-kun’s cottage.

Shino-san shyly dyed her face red, but after a while she looked at our connected hands, suspiciously…


“What’s wrong?”

“Kohaku-kun, did you hold another person’s hand today?”

“!? W-Why do you think so?”

“It’s just my guess? Hmm, I’m sorry, please forget it.”

Shino-san returned to a smile. 

…..Damn, you surprised the hell out of me. My heart skipped so fast even though I didn’t do anything wrong! I felt like someone who got caught while having an affair. Seriously, what on earth did you feel to come to that? Right, I can’t let my guard down…

…… No, no, Shino-san is my friend, a good friend. Yeah, it’s gonna be okay… but just in case, let’s tell Etou-san to cut the scene where I was holding hands with that girl.

“Welcome backー. Would you like to have a mealー? Bathー? Or, would・you・like・to・have・Miuー?

“I want to take a bath since I got dirty after setting up the traps.”

When I returned to the cottage, Yachigusa-san welcomed me in a lovey-dovey style as if we were newlyweds, but before I could answer her, Shino-san answered it first. It was their principles to cut the flags that other people tried to set up.

“Eー, you want to have Miuー? Hatano-kun, you’re so naughtyー.”

But it was also the reason they didn’t care about those who tried to cut their flags. They would forcibly make the flag stand.

“…I’ll take a bath then have a meal.”

Since I had something to tell them, I suggested it for the time being. After that, Maizumi-san woke up, but she made a fuss as I saw her waking up appearance.

Not long after Yuzuka-san also came back.

After everyone took a bath and had a meal.

“Well, the first day is almost over, but how was it everyone?”

“… I didn’t know exactly their positions, but for sure I felt someone was looking our base.”

Minori-san told me so.

But, but, I thought you supposed to be in front of the device the whole time? How did you feel the sign?

“We didn’t have anything to report in particular.”

There was no problem with Yuzuka-san and Shino-san, who went to set up traps outside. Yachigusa-san also didn’t have anything to report in particular.

“I see … Minori-san may have been people who were trying to map the field, like whose base this is and how many people guarding it.”

“That’s right. It would be advantageous to know it.”

“But basically, nothing happened. So, the other party hasn’t been actively moving yet…”

I stood up and started talking.

“By saying that, should we go on the offesinve?”

I proposed so to everyone with my angel-like smile.

“A night attack is also one of the strategies, right?”


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