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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 193

193. Discussions between men

Apparently, the boy wanted to take control the flow of the story. His was very impudent.

A boy with glasses…

I’m very sorry, but I can’t remember your name, so I’ll call you ‘glasses-kun’ for now, since it’s convenience…

“So, what is it? For you to come all the way to other people’s base…”

“Oh, that is…”

“According to the report, you want to form an alliance with me… What are the benefits for me?”

“It’s not exactly an alliance… just that, wouldn’t it be difficult for us to fight, if there were enemies on each other’s backs?”

“… Well, that’s true, but it doesn’t really matter to me.”

Apparently, glasses-kun was full of confidence. 

To be honest, I didn’t care about his attitude or the outcome of the discussion. But that didn’t mean I should just finish the talk like, “Alright, have a good day (peace)”.

“…Wha-! Why? You don’t want to have an enemy behind you, right?”

So, I made a frustrated face. I did that so that he could speak comfortably and thought that I was cornered… In fact, if the discussion breaks up, this place is full of enemies.

“Sure, but that’s only matter if I keep attacking, right?”

Glasses-kun pushed his glasses lightly and looked at me with a satisfied smile.

“My policy is to exclusively in defense. After all, all you have to do is defeat the guy who has many positions at the end. I think it’s stupid to uselessly fight and exhaust your strength, don’t you think so?”

“That’s not how the real king fights!”

Glasses-kun sneered as if ridiculing my words.

“Hah, but you came here because you thought you couldn’t win alone, right? So, why don’t you beg me. come on, say it. Depending on your attitude, my feelings may change.”

Glasses-kun provoked me while trying to make a fool of me. So, I answered it while trembling my body.

“Say it. Fast. Well, if you don’t want to do it, it’s okay.”


“Oho, apparently he wants to go back, see him off.”



“Urgh! W-wait …”


“Wa…wait a moment …”

Looking at my bitter face, Glasses-kun’s face was full of joy. 

….. As expected, isn’t the personality of the boys in this world so bad? I mean, can’t you guys at least treat me a little better?

“Ple… please.”

“Fufufu, your words are getting better. Good. I’ll keep my hands off from you until the other enemies are gone. You should defeat the enemy to your heart’s content.”

“You want me to get rid of the obstacles alone, while you on a high spectator seat, is that what you mean…!”

“Don’t say it in a bad way. This is just my strategy from the start. If they come here, then there’s no choice but to fight. Anyway, why don’t you come back after you’re done with your errands?”

Glasses-kun looked at me with a grinning face. Perhaps my actions were going according to his wishes and so he felt good.

“That’s…right… I can’t keep staying here…. Since, I’ve finished my talks, let’s shake hands to finish the deal.”

“Hmm, it seems you don’t plan to argue which one is better… but well…”

I stood up with a frustrated face, approached glasses-kun and extended my hand. Some of the girls around me had shining eyes at the victory of their Lord, while others were looking at me with some anxiety.

And then, Glasses-kun also extended his hand, and when our hands touched each other…


The voice that came out from glasses-kun spread throughout the room. It was because I suddenly grabbed his wrist.


Then, I pulled Glasses-kun, while at the same time wrapping him around from behind and put my left arm around his neck.


“Everyone, don’t move. If you move even in the slightest, something awful will happen to him…”

I just took glasses-kun hostage.

“W-What do you plan to do! Let me go! All of you, what are you doing, help me now!”

“If you move, I’ll pierce his eyes with my fingers. Maybe it hurts a lot.”


The members of Glasses-kun’s team didn’t move, perhaps because of my unconcerned appearance.

“What do you mean by this! Did you plan to deceive from the beginning!? You coward! Isn’t it embarrassing to do something like this!?”

Glasses-kun kept throwing not-so-important abusive words to me.

“I want you to stop talking. Anyway, it’s the same with you, isn’t it embarrassing to surround me alone with such a large number of people?”

“Here is my ba…Urgh!”

Stop saying anything unnecessary

As I felt that his mouth would cause some disasters, I tightened my arm on his neck.

The girls were almost incapacitated once I took their lord, a man, as a hostage. 

…The security in here is very bad.

“F-from the beginning… I-I was deceived…? Was the time we walked together in that forest just a lie?”

In addition, the first woman I met turned pale and kept muttering something. 

I haven’t done anything wrong though? But based on her attitudes, it seems I’ve done something wrong with her. 

But such a worry that I had shattered after I saw the corner of her lips immediately went up.

“… I-Is this the feeling of a woman being tossed away… I can’t describe it in words, but it’s somehow thrilling…. Not bad.”

Let me take my previous statement back.

“I’ll still forgive you now! Release me soon and bow your head!”

Even in this situation huh?

I tightened my arm on glasses-kun’s neck again. 


His team members were flustered hearing his groaning voice.

“I don’t want to do this either! This is the only way for me to save these girls from a terrible man like you!”

I closed Glasses-kun’s mouth who was trying to argue, and freely say whatever came to my mind, and tried to justify the action I was doing. 

Finally, I gave the following instructions to the girls.

“ーWell, then, bring the jewel now. Or something more terrible will happen to him.”


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  1. ,……………………………………….K-K-K-K-K-Kohaku………more dudes like Hibiya will appear after something like this…………………………..
    Weeeeeeeeeeellllllll~~~the dude in glasses was also not really good……but taking him hostage…………actually, to be honest Kohaku didn’t have many options….or rather that was the only one he had.
    If the dude in glasses have ordered the girls to grab Kohaku it was game over for him.
    The girls would’ve delightly grab him and not let him go away. I guess it wasn’t a bad move.

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