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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 21

21. The real extrovert

“Pre-President Kameshita, are you okay?”

“Fu, Fufufufu… I’m okay. Miss Shirasawa’s machine-gun talk impressions are the same as usual…”

However, Kameshita was on all fours, and his legs were shaking. As expected, Yuri’s words were on his mind.

Personally, I thought President’s Light Novel, was really interesting…

There were some quirks with his novel. So not everyone would like it. However, you could feel that the impressions Yuri gave to Kameshita’s works were all genuine.

In the previous point, Yuri never said that it was “not interesting”. On the contrary, she said, that she liked it, that it was fun to read. Given that, she probably likes Kameshita’s work as well. 

Perhaps that was the reason for Yuri’s machine-gun talk. Because she liked it, she was pointing out at it harshly.

She talked so passionately. But perhaps, she gave such criticisms because it was her favorite…

Well, just because, you couldn’t say that it would be a good idea to beat up the author’s mental health to that point.

However, to such a tattered Kameshita, his childhood friend gave a merciless word.

“Come on, get up. fast. It’s already this time, I’m going home.”

“Yeah. That’s right. I have to reflect on what Miss Shirasawa told me and write a new one!”

In a moment, the man who was shaking his legs up until not long ago stood up at once and said such a thing with a cheerful voice.

Atsushi was stunned by the speed of his resurrection.

“You’ve recovered already? That’s amazing…”

“Well, it’s one of his few good points.”

With a bitter smile, Tsurumi said such words.

Then, Kameshita put his hand in the bag as if he had just remembered something.

“Oh, that’s right. Miss Shirasawa. If you don’t mind, could you please take this?”

“…..!? This is….!!”

Looking at the two sheets of paper taken out, Yuri’s face became serious.

Things that changed her face, which was always expressionless.

『”Isn’t this the movie ticket for the final movie of that Legendary American Comic, that was released the other day, that “Revengeman Forever”, reallyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!!』

A roar was sent to Atsushi.

『”Don’t scream, it’s so noisy”』

『”Don’t scream!? That’s impossible, Atsushi-san!!! This movie is so popular that it’s difficult to even make an online reservation!!! Actually, I’ve tried to book online many times over the last few days, but I’ve always failed… and that movie ticket is here!!! Is there anyone who isn’t happy with this!??”』

Yuri enthusiastically said so.

In today’s world, movies could be booked online without having to buy the ticket directly at the cinema. So, in a situation where you couldn’t even get the ticket on the net, it might be natural for you to shout if you were given the ticket.

“I was actually planning to go with Rinko, but I couldn’t go since I’ve some minor business to do.”

“Shirasawa-san, If I’m not mistaken, you said that you have liked this series before. So, if you don’t mind, can you go instead?”

“And if possible, Young Yamagami too.”

“Me, too?”

“Because I’ve two tickets. It’s a bit weird to say this in for the person, but I know that Miss Shirasawa doesn’t have friends with this kind of hobby. So, would you please go with her? Of course, that’s if you don’t hate it. “

Just from those words, you could tell that they understood Yuri well.

In addition, Kameshita casually gave Atsushi the right to choose.

So, he’s a person who pays attention to such a place.

On the other hand, Yuri sent telepathy to Atsushi.

『”Really? Seriously? Senpai, are you a god!?? I’m sure you are a god, yeah, they were the Buddhas who provided me with this club room, yes, I reconfirmed it now, thank you very much, Buddhas!! And so, Let’s go to the movie together Atsushi-saaaaaaaaaaaannn!!!』

『”Okay, for the time being, calm yourself down”』

Right now, Yuri was so excited

Of course, the beautiful girl who was stunned since she saw the ticket didn’t show her excitement on the outside. However, in her heart, she made a strange voice as if she was dancing like a crazy person, and even those incomprehensible words were sent by telepathy to Atsushi.

As always, why is the inside so different from the outside?

“Is that okay? For me to go”

“It’s okay. As Soichiro said earlier, it’ll be a waste if you don’t go. Besides, I’m indebted to you, for taking care of Shirasawa-san. Well, it’s not exactly for that, but if you can enjoy it, I’ll be happy too. “

But really, you might wonder what were these two people? Were they really gods? Or angels?

After all, both of them understood their Kouhai well and were kind to Atsushi who they just met. To be honest, one of them had a ‘unique’ character, but both of them without a doubt were good people.

But then you might think,

What Yuri always said about ‘Extrovert” this and that, or whatever it was, didn’t that refer to people like them?

Well, anyway, there was no reason for Atsushi to reject their favors

“Then, I’ll accept your kind offer”

In this way, Atsushi decided to go to the movies with Yuri.

But then,

『”Ah, but I’ve never seen this series, is that okay?”』

『”Whaaaaat? Are you serious?”』

Atsushi’s back got a little cold because of the telepathy that seemed to be mixed with murderous intent.


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