Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 192

192. The base next to mine

So, “I’m excited by the feelings of being tossed away”, is it?? Aren’t you really a big M?

“…Well, if you think that way, I can’t say anything, but that’s what he told me. and since our base are right next to each other, I just wanted to settle the matter at the end.”

She responded my word with a serious face that anyone wouldn’t believe she had been lost in her own delusion just a moment ago.

With a slight squint as if to confirm my intentions, she said,

“… Is it an alliance application?”

“I just want to settle our matter without anyone getting in the way.”

…… Given the fact that most of the conversations with her are lies, I feel like I’ve become quite ‘trash’… hmm? it’s strange… really, this should’ve gone with me sound like a smart people…

“OK. I’ll get in touch with them, so wait a little.”

The girl took out her cell phone and contacted her friends.

After a few minutes, she cut the call.

…… It seems that the response has been decided.

“You’re invited to our cottage. Let me guide you.”

The girl extended her hand to me with a serious face. 

When I was wondering about the intentions of her action, she told me the reason.

“Well, even though you’re the enemy, but no matter what, it’s a manner for a lady to escort a man…. So, yeah, hmm, what do you say in this situation… Please give me your hand?”

“… In other words, you want to touch my hand and lick all over it. you can’t hold your desire any longer…”

“N-no! This me, who is said as the as a gentlewoman, have never thought of such an obscene thing…!”

“Your face is bright red.”


“Well, I don’t care.”

I said so while, shrugging my shoulder, and proceeded to hold her outstretched hand. 

Her shining smile at that moment would surely be broadcast.

“…I see, so, this is a lover’s connection!”

“No, this is a normal connection, but… This, is what I call a lover connection…”

I took the girl’s hand and squeezed it tightly so that our fingers would be entwined to each other.

“Wah! No, this is a little too much…! Too erotic! For you who’re aiming to be a king, to do such a shameless thing…!”

“Hahaha, even though you say so, aren’t your hand holding my hand so tightly and won’t let it go?”

“N-No! T-This is… right! it’s for a better protection! As your escort! It’s not that I’m happy or think as if I’ve a lover!”

“I seeー Then, should I change it to the normal connection?”

“Please keep it this way”

The girl replied with a more serious look than when she had contacted her friends earlier. 

…… aren’t these people getting serious in a wrong situation?

I took a walk in the refreshing forest while holding hands with the girl. On the way to her cottage, we kept chatting with each other. Also, we found rare birds and insects too. 

There is no element saying that we’re in a battle royale so far… is it gonna be okay?

Don’t worry, cameraman-san, please be at ease. I finally could see the enemy’s cottage. I’ll show you the brave figure who gets into the danger zone alone.

…… Well, if I became a hostage here, I would just look like an idiot, though…

“Please stop there”

Two girls were waiting at the place where the whole cottage could be seen.

“I’m sorry but that is…..!?”

The girls who were waiting were astonished seeing our hands. However, the girl next to me said, “It’s a manner for a lady to escort a man.”, with a calm attitude.

“I-I see. But there seems to be a slight problem with how you’re hold his hand…?”

Cough… there’s nothing wrong with this. You’re still too pure for this.”

“…..I’m jealous”

Somehow, the girls got exited amongst themselves.

But, why are these people here? 

Then, as if such a question had appeared on my face, one person cleared her throat and explained to me.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. The reason we’ve been waiting here is to make sure you’re not bringing dangerous goods such as knives.”

“It’s a body search.”

“Well, okay.”

The girls face turned while staring at me who answered immediately.

“Umm… I’ll touch you, is that okay?”

“I’ll search every place, is that okay?”

“Go ahead, I don’t have anything with me.”

“Hmm…! Then, excuse me …”

“Excuse me”

Then after they searched more than necessary, I was released.

“… Alright. I was able to confirm that you didn’t have anything. I will guide you to where my lord is.”

With her eyes down, she continued to speak apologetically.

“My Lord instructed me to search carefully in front of the camera… So, I’m sorry.”

“I see…”

In other words, did that guy want to shame me? 

Well, I would have been trembling with shame if I was told to do the ‘Awa Odori’ naked. If it’s just something like touching my body, I’ve no problem. [TN: Awa Odori (Awa Dance Festival) is a summer festival in the Tokushima Prefecture in Japan]

“Don’t worry. I’m glad that it was you girls who did that.”

Well, while hiding my true intentions, I made an embarrassed smile and turned toward them.

“This is the rumored ‘Angel’…”

“The rumor was right”

Did I success in leaving a good impression? Will they go easy on me in case of something happens?

Surrounded by them, I met their lord. 

He looked down on me with his legs crossed on the sofa.

“You can sit there. It seems… you have something to talk about?”

He said while lightly pushing up his glasses with his fingers. 

Yeah, okay, I know the face. 

… But I don’t remember the name.

…… Well, who cares, right?

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  1. Seems like he could very easily convince the other guys’ girls to join him. I know the rules said they could only bring so many girl with them, but as far as I remember there weren’t any rules about recruiting their opponents’ girls during the match.

    1. On top of that, this is meant to show the charisma of the boy. In other words, it sounds exactly like what you said!

  2. Normally, being escorted into the enemy stronghold is the same as being captured but Kohaku is different….or rather his actions developed in way he has no idea how……..
    Well, is war so whatever Kohaku said now or do will probably make him to fight against the mysterious enemy leader………….was his name mentioned before? or is just that Kohaku can’t bother himself to remember him?????
    Either way, next chapter Kohaku will probably pull an Ainz Oal Gown.

    1. You mean, be pushed down and pounced on by a horny succubus just because he said the right words? (season 2)

      1. Nope, i mean, Kohaku doesn’t even need to say anything to be pushed down by some lustful girl or woman or many.
        I mean the “usual”(misunderstanding) Ainz Oal Gown that make even geniuses to bow down before him.

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