Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 191

191. Let’s take a walk

Yep, our team is excellent. 

When the start signal was given, everyone started to move.

“Then I and Yuzuka-san will set a trap around the cottage.”

“Fufu, I’ve prepared for this.”

Yuzuka-san smiled with a lovely smile while showing off the foothold traps. 


Fortunately, it seems to be a type without a blade, but still… it’s disturbing.

Well, the strangest thing is the high school girl who is touching such an object with a happy smile!

“Ehmー, is that okay to use?”

“Hmm? Ah, it’s okay, don’t worry, it won’t break so easily.”

….. You see, that’s not what I mean! I’m worried about the person, but well, whatever….

“I see, do you plan to set another trap?”

“Of course. Something like a net trap or a snare trap.”

“Wellー, nowadays, you can buy anything online.”

Though the company who sell it, never thought it would be use for humans…

“I was talking to Yuzuka-san earlier to prepare some pitfalls too.”

“Well, I’m still not sure about whether or not to put sticks at the bottom, you knowー.”

You still want to add more??

…… Alright! Let’s leave this to these two girls.

“But, I don’t think everyone will get caught.”

“… that so?”

Do high school girls these days have a skill to recognize booby traps?

“W-well, I’ll leave it to you.”

“Thank you, I will do my best”

“Then, I’ll start working on it right away.”

The two went out as if they were going shopping.

“Then I’ll go to sleep.”

Maizumi-san would be the one to guard at night on the first day, so went to sleep in preparation for the night.

“Okay. Hmm, I’m sorry… for asking you doing the night guards.”

“What’s the matter?…  Don’t worry, in the Drama Club, I’ve been forced to practice without sleep for three days!”

Maizumi-san said so and went back to her room. 

…… What kind of club activity is that?

Then, Yachigusa-san said, “I’m going to look around.” 

Minori-san went to the front of the device, and sat in seiza there.

“Minori-san, I’m going out a little, is that okay?”

“You don’t need to worry about me, I’m okay, but… are you going out alone?”

“Yeah. Don’t worry, I won’t do any dangerous things.”

“Is that so? Then, I’ll trust that word.”

“I think Yachigusa-san will come back soon.”

“Yes, don’t worry. I’ve this ‘Kotetsu’ with me.”

Minori-san said so while holding the sword on her side. 

That’s clearly not wooden swords… I just hope she will use it only for dropping the opponent’s weapon…

“… Then, I’ll go.”

“Please be careful…. Fufufu, somehow it’s like we’re newlyweds?”

Hahaha, I was worried about the sword and that didn’t come to my mind in the slightest. 

After interacting with everyone, I left the cottage and walked along the road.

Yeah, it’s a perfect time for a walk. The forest is refreshing, the rich in nature help you refresh the mind. Somehow, it makes me want to forget about this King of Boys.

But going down the road naturally will lead me to other’s base. So, yeah, it’s inevitable to meet members brought by other contestants.


The girl who saw me, she looked at me with a blank expression. 

Yeah, of course she would be so shocked like that, right. If suddenly, one of the bosses appeared in front of me, I would be so surprised too. It’s like, you leave the starting town and the Demon King came out instead of slime… yep, it’s a rigged game.

But, in reality, I’m not a demon king. I’m just a weak high school boy.

“Wha…! Now way, A-attack! An attack is com…”

“You see, I came here because I wanted to talk to you…”


I didn’t panic and called out to her, who tried to shout.

“Eeeh? M-me…?”

“Yeah, you.”

I spoke normally even though I knew what I was doing was something dangerous. However, girls in this world, they would treat boys very carefully, so I thought I could talk it off as long as the opponents wasn’t a boy. In addition, a man in this world wouldn’t want to work, they wouldn’t take an initiative to move first. Basically, the one mostly active in looking around would be mostly girls.

“W-What is it? I-I-I and you are enemies… we can’t talk amongst ourselves now…”

“I don’t care about such a small thing. I was worried that you might be fooled.”


“I thought so when I saw you on the boat. The boy who chose you, he might’ve trapped you with his sweet talks, like being his lover or mistress after the match.”

I tried to make it ‘spicy’ as much as possible.

“But maybe that won’t come true.”


“I don’t want to say it, but he said that himself…”

By the way, I don’t know who your leader is.

“If he wins, you will surely be thrown away.”

“…Well, that means I’ll be a woman tossed away by a bad guy. In a sense, that’s not bad experience too… Ah, it somewhat makes me a little ‘excited’.”

…… This is bad, this girl’s mental is too strong

… It’s not like what I expected at all!! What should I do?


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  1. ………….Kohaku….is exactly for stuff like this that Hibiya doesn’t like you and also the reason why everyone’s opinion of you is not what you imagine………………….i was going to say things like this will eventually backfire you but is already happened….or rather it didn’t even work……….

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