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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 18

18. You should read 10 volumes of light novel in a day

As usual, Atsushi and Yuri were playing games during the lunch break.

“Review Meeting?”

『”That’s right. Once a month, it’s the day when I read the member’s light novel and give my impressions.”』

Oh right, I think she said something like that before.

If I’m not mistaken… the other members are writing light novels at their own homes, and it’s Shirasawa’s job to give the impressions about the light novel once a month.

But, wait…

Suddenly a suspicion arose in Atsushi’s mind.

“Wait a minute. Telling ‘your’ impression…? Really?”

『”Yes, that’s right… what’s with that reaction?”』

“…………Are you ok?”

『”Really, what’s with that reaction?! I wonder what kind of worry is in your mind…”』

No matter what, Atsushi couldn’t imagine Yuri speaking by mouth.

But, based on what she said, she seems to have done the same thing once a month. It’s even properly called, a review meeting, but… I still can’t believe it.

『”Then, after I talked to the club president about Atsushi-san, he said he would love to hear your impressions.”』

“You talked about me?”

『”Huh? Ah, perhaps, I can’t?”』

“No, I don’t care, it’s just… hmm, that, the club president, did he complain? Like, ‘Don’t barge into people’s club room’, or something like that…”

『”No, no. The club president is a good human, so he wouldn’t say that. But… for some reason, when I said that Atsushi was my friend, he was happy to the point he shed a little tear… I wonder why, though?”』

“… Well, who knows.”

It seems the club president also understood her disappointing aspects.

“Do the members know about your supernatural power?”

『”You don’t need to worry about that. In this school, the only one who knows my abilities is Atsushi-san, only youl!”』

“I don’t know if that’s what I should rest assured.”

But, it seemed that it wasn’t a lie, that the ability was a secret to the members.

In the first place, psychic powers weren’t something to show off.

Humans tended to hate beings far from themselves. And a psychic would be a good target. Believe it or not, if you were to get caught, there should be a high probability that it wouldn’t end in a good way.

In the case of Atsushi, he didn’t speak about it because no one could believe it, even if he talked to others in the first place, so he didn’t get caught.

『”So, Atsushi-san. How is it? Will you do it?”』

Atsushi didn’t answer that question immediately.

Normally, he would just let it off and joke about it, because he wasn’t a member.

However, on the contrary, there was no reason for him to absolutely reject it.

Atsushi also liked light novels to some extent, so it wasn’t that he wasn’t uninterested in the light novels created by the light novel research club.

And above all…

“…Well, hmm. I’m always using the club room. So, if it’s only that much, okay then.”

He was using the club room for the lunch break. That alone should be a good enough reason for him to help the club’s activities.

『”I understand! Then!!!”』

The next moment.

Before Atsushi, a pile of paper was piled up.

“… Oi. What the hell is this?”

『”What? It’s a manuscript. The manuscript, for ten novels.”』

“… Wait, didn’t you say that this club only has a few members?”

『”Yes. It’s me, the president, and the vice-president. That’s it. Well, it seems that both of them have been doing their best this month. “』

“It’s too much… All of this, just by two people!? And aren’t all of this handwritten? Isn’t it usually written on a computer nowadays?”

『”Well~, the president and vice-president, they’re particular about writing by hand. Oh, by the way, out of the ten novels, seven of them were written by the president, and the rest were written by the vice-president.”』

“Are they monsters…”

Even Atsushi, who had never written a light novel, understood that writing a volume of novels in a month was already quite unreasonable.

Three volumes? Seven volumes? And by hand?

You could say that they might quit being normal humans soon…

But, this made Atsushi more interested in it.

“… Huh. I understand. So, when is the deadline?”

『”The day after tomorrow”』

“Oi, you, despicable fairy, why do you say such an important thing now, huh?”

『”W-well~, you know that I had to take a retake exam, right? In short, I forget it completely. But it’s okay. If it’s just ten light novels, two days would be enough.”』

“Enough…? The time? or the novel, huh?”

Atsushi also read light novels, but usually, it took him several days for each book. In shorts, it would be almost impossible for him to read ten books in two days.

But, yeah, after all, Atsushi had said that he would do it. So, it wouldn’t make sense to say “no” now.

“… It can’t be helped. For the time being, I’ll read as much as I can. Is that okay?”

『”Yes! Thank you very much! I’m sure the president will be happy too. “』

Yuri as usual was expressionless, but on the inside she was energetic.

On the other hand, Atsushi sighed at her words, thinking that he should do.


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  1. I can prolly do that. In my estimation, I read 10+ volumes of manga and 30+ volumes of novels a day. I think I have too much free time on my hand.

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