Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 190

190. A meeting for strategy

After deciding the room allocation, each person went to leave their luggage in their own room. 

I came back to the living room a little earlier and looked at the equipment placed along the wall of the living room. 

The device itself isn’t that big, but it has a large monitor on it. There is a dent in the device, so you probably put the jewel into it.

……Then, maybe a map will be displayed on the monitor above? So that you can see the territory that we took?

“Kohaku-kun, we’ve finished organizing our room!”

Apparently, everyone was ready and gathered in the living room.

“It was a pretty good room, wasn’t it?”

“That’s right. The bed was comfortable.”

“I want to come here again for vacation someday”

Everyone was satisfied with the room, probably because it was a cottage for the wealthy people to enjoy their vacation. 

…… Well, I have no words to return when asked where ‘survival’ is.

“If I’m not mistaken, the staff said that they prepared food just in case…”

While saying that, Maizumi-san opened the refrigerator. 

Inside, there were chunks of beef and pork, and vegetables and fruits that seemed to be fresh.

“Is this ‘that’? To test our girls’ power?”

“Well, whether it’s being tested or not, it might be a good idea to raise your spirit in preparation for the upcoming battle.”

“That’s right. They haven’t informed us yet, so we can’t really do anything. Should I make a sandwich or something simple?”

I guess, everyone is fully equipped with housework skills…

Apparently, there would be no problem with eating during this match.

“That’s right. Let’s make something that is easy to digest and have a meeting while eating.”

“Thenー Miu will make it. I’m good at cookingー”

“I will help you too.”


Due to the size of the kitchen, it couldn’t fit all of us, so this time we decided to leave it to Yachigusa-san and Maizumi-san. While they were cooking, we were deciding who would be the one cooking during this match. 

Not long after, the food was done.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting. It’s a simple sandwich, but we used various ingredients for the fillings.”

“Thank you. I’ll make tea, so sit down.”

I gave tea to the two who came back and started the meeting.

“Basically. it’s this gem that we need to protect, and it has to be put into the device there when the match begins.”

“In other words, it’s preferable for one person to be in front of that device…”

“Well, that’s right.”

To be honest, even in terms of the number of people, it would be possible to distract the person guarding the base and enter. So, it’s better to place personnel in a place that’s for sure will be attacked.

“I want to one person, preferably two people, to guard it.”

“Yeah. It’s natural to do it the daytime, but we need to be careful at night.”

“But, butー then there will be no one to attackー”

That’s right. If you turn into put a better defense at night, you will naturally have to rest during the day. Then, only three people can move in the daytime, and two people can attack if only one person placed to defend the device. It’s quite difficult to knock down other camps with this strategy. 

…… Should I ask Minori-san to charge in alone? 

…… No, I’m sure the other party also full of talented and excellent people, even if it’s Minori-san, it’ll be too much for her to go alone…

“Hmm… It’s only about three days, I wonder if we can just not sleep…”

“It’s not impossible.”

….Huh? What are these girls saying? No sleep for three days? If suddenly a truck came before you, you won’t be able to avoid it, you know? It’s good to have a sleep properly, this is an advice from my previous life experiences.

“But then I’m worried about everyone concentration at the end of the game. If you make a mistake in such an important time, we’ll lose for sure.”

Hearing so, everyone started to think it again, “Hmmm…”

In the end, we decided to place one person to defend the equipment on daytime and night, and if there was an attack, the person would make a loud noise. 

After that, we discussed about how to look around.

“Then, Kohaku-kun, lastly, I’ll ask you the most important thing, is that okay?”


“How do you want to win?”

I went to think a little about Shino-san’s question. 

……I understand what you are saying. Basically, she wants to know, whether I will defeat everyone or secure six territories and enter into full defense afterward

…Of course, winning is important, so the later choice it the safe way to go

… But I still need to liven up this show as the one who suggested this program.

…in short.

I smiled at everyone who was watching me.

“I don’t wish to do this half-hearted, and be a mediocre king. So, Defeat them all.”

I declared with a smirking face.

“Alright! I’m now motivated! Everyone, Let’s do our best!”

To Shino-san’s shout, everyone pushed up their fists saying, “Yes!”. 

And when our morale was high, the staff made an announcement.

『”Then, we are about to start the final round of the King of Boys. Each group should put the jewel on the device. If it is not installed within 5 minutes, it will be considered as giving up.”』

“It’s time for war!”

Then, I put in the jewel I had in my hand to the device.


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