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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 189

189. To the base

“Then, we will give you a map showing the location of your base. Please come to pick it up once I called your name, and move to your base afterward. Ah, it’s prohibited to follow other teams when they move to their base. We will let you know the start as soon as all the teams arrive at the base. “

The announcer who accompanied us to the island gave a brief explanation. Two cameramen would accompany each team to film the developments. They said that the cameraman would only shoot and not answer any questions.

“Then, here is the map of Hatano’s team.”


“I wish you good luck.”

I received a map with the announcer’s fixed phrase. 

Then, I started moving with everyone on the team.

“Since it’s an uninhabited island, I imagined it would have more trees, plants, bugs, or beasts. But, it seems that’s not the case.”

The surrounding area was covered with tall trees and plants, but the road we were on, was well maintained.

“Well, it seems to be an island that is also used for travelers. If there is no road for them, no one will come to use this place for vacation, so yeah, it’s necessary to maintain this place for sightseeing.”

Not many people want to have a survival experience on a trip.

“…Does that mean that if you follow this path, you will find other people’s bases?”

“Well, that may be the case.”

“Then, there’s no point in moving the team separately, don’t you think so?”

“Even if you may locate the location of the base immediately, but you don’t know whose base it is. The time limit is three days, and if you include today, it’s four days. If the uninhabited island has a dense forest or mountains and not well maintained, four days would be not enough, perhaps the time will end even before you found other people’s base.”

If that happens, it may be better to change the program.

“If you don’t know whose base it is, the result will differ depending on your strategy, whether you attack or defend. The program staff said that one of the highlights is the expression of boys who are in worry.”

The girls nodded, “I see”, as if they were also interested in it.

“Hatano-san, did you have a plan in mind already?”

“Hmm… When we found a base and the opponents looked to be strong, I was wondering, whether we should attack or not…”

“Eeー, Let’s attack moreー and more!”

“That’s right! There is a saying, ‘Victory goes to the one who makes the first move’, so we should only attack!”

“I also vote to attack.”

……These girls, how much do they like to fight, huh? Have you forgotten that you are currently being recorded? The boys who’s going to watch this TV, will get turned off you know?

“…I just can’t help but to think about it.”

“What is it?”

Yuzuka-san asked me with a curious face.

“Everyone might get hurt if they fight a strong opponent. I’ll be happier to see everyone safe rather than win…”

While saying something like that, I made a sad face.

You can’t make a fool of something like this, right? 

Everyone who was full of bloodlust until earlier had calmed down.

“…I’m very happy that Kohaku-san thinks like that, but we’re here because we want to help Kohaku-san. So, don’t worry about us and please aim for victory.”

Minor-san said so while wiping her tearful eyes with her hands. 

Everyone nodded in agree.

“Thank you everyone. I, will do my best.”

I answered so with a refreshing smile. 

I guess, youth is indeed a wonderful thing…

Seeing their pure determination, I made me think so.

The six of us were surrounded by a nice atmosphere while walking to the base…. It should have been seven people, but one of them caught a cold and couldn’t join us.

…… Is the chairman okay? Even though she got the lottery, it seems, she was looking forward to it too much and got a fever on the day

…She came to the meeting place with a dying face so the doctor didn’t allow her to join… I couldn’t bear seeing the face of despair she made at that time.

“Oh, I can see the cottage!”

A fine cottage stood at the point where Shino pointed.

“Then, let’s check the inside and decide on the room allocation. After that, let’s have a meeting and a light meal until they inform us.”

In my words, I got a cheerful reply, “Yes!”.

Oh right, they allowed us to bring something for this final round. But, to be honest, I’m very worried about what they brought. 

I saw the a few bags of luggage that the girls brought along. 

No matter how much girls’ luggage is, isn’t it a little too much? I mean, Minori-san brought a long, thin rod-shaped object… is it really okay to use it just because it’s from wood?

Well, I can only pray that a tragic event won’t happen in the living room.


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  1. ……………..F………for the chairman…….she is the same as Kohaku’s middle school….right?…if so…..yeah…so sad……
    Kohaku truly will need to do a follow up about her after this.

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