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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 188

188. On the ship

Today is a good day with a pleasant weather. The clear sky with no clouds is dyed blue enough to makes you feel as if you’re being swallowed by it when staring at it. 

When I took my eyes off the sky, there was a sea with blue color deeper than the sky. I heard the voices of the girls, “Kyaaー, Kyaaー”.

When I turned to them, I saw the dolphins swimming near the ship.

“If only this is a vacation, I might enjoy it heartfully.”

As I let out such words in low voice, it didn’t reach anyone’s ears and melted into the clear blue sky and the deep and beautiful sea. 

We were now moving to the stage for the final round of The King of Boys.

It would be held on an uninhabited island. There might be various types of uninhabited islands, but the island used for the game would be an uninhabited island that was also used for sightseeing trips. 

It seems that wealthy people and travelers who like the outdoors, like the place. They said there are cottages that those people used on the island, and it would be the facility we use later as the base… Each participant will compete over the territory, which is their base. In the previous studio shoot, we chose the location for our base by lot, but the bases of other participants were not shown… well, of course, right.

I took out the imitation jewel I had in my pocket and looked through the light. 

This is what we are aiming for and competing for this time. According to the explanation, if you insert this imitation jewel into the device installed in each cottage, you will have taken the base. Even though it’s my hand now, basically, I have to put it in the device of my base later. In other words, we must consider not only attacking but also protecting. 

They also said that this jewel could be removed for a certain period of time. And even if it is taken away from the device, there is a chance to recover it within a certain period of time.

After you take the jewel from another base, you bring it to your base and insert it to the device installed in your base, and with that, the territory of the base will be yours.

Once you lost all of your territory, you’ll be out of the game.

If you get all the base, you win, but if the time runs out, the number of bases you have will determine the winner. This is the rule of the finals.

“Yo, Hatano! What’s wrong? Why’re you making such a long face?”

“…Daikuji, huh. Well, it’s nothing.”

Kou Daikuji, unlike his powerful appearance, is relatively friendly to other participants. 

He gave me one of the drinks he had in his hand.

“Take this, we’ll be on this ship for a while. You should relax yourself now. “

“Thank you. What juice is it?”

“It’s 100% grapefruit juice”

“What about that?”

“This? This is mineral water. Unfortunately, they don’t have my favorite brand, so I’m drinking this.”

“What is your favorite brand? You are particular about mineral water huh.”

“Um, it’s called ‘Spiritus’. “

…… Don’t. I shouldn’t say anything about it. Don’t make a fun of him.

I looked around the ship to avoid the topic of mineral water. 

The ship was a luxurious cruiser with a pool on the deck, and the girls participating this game were playing with the beach ball happily. 

It seems that they are getting along well even though they’ll be enemies later. Especially Shino-san and Minori-san, they are enjoying it.

“Daikuji, did you carefully select the members of you team?”

“Hmm? Well, that’s right. I chose them after careful examination.”

Daikuji lightly moved his arm saying, “See there”. 

Beyond what he pointed, there was a beautiful woman sleeping on a beach chair with a parasol.

“It’s wonderful abs, right?”

It’s a beautiful six pack for sure, but… What on earth is this guy choosing based on?

Then, someone suddenly joined our conversation.

“My members are amazing!”

The good-looking guy suddenly talked about the difficulty of his selection. The awesomeness of the members, and the greatness of the members who he had selected, he was so proud of what he had been through.

….Lately, when I see him, I feel relaxed at how he proudly show himself off as a small fry, why is it huh? Well, leave him alone.

But, as expected, everyone chose by their own criteria…

…… Other than me!

In the first place, from participation to member selection, it was all a situation that was decided on me… 

How did this happen?

Even that Vice-President Hibiya, who is a student at Seimei, who is supposed to be difficult to select the members of his team… he said that he chose from the branch family and the escort unit… seriously, he was born rich huh! This bastard! I can’t forgive him!

“But this ship…”

Daikuji said so in a low voice, but I could hear it and that words brought me back from my mind.

“What happened to this ship?”

“Well, it’s nothing. I just hope they provided us with a little more luxurious ship…”

……There is a pool on the deck. And the waiters are giving out drinks. Sweets and food are prepared on board, and if you want to eat other things, you can eat them separately. 

…… And you’re not satisfied even in this environment?

 …… Really? How luxurious does this guy usually live? Are you a celebrity? Tell me, are you a celebrity?!

“… By the way, Daikuji. Did you get any presents recently?”

“Present? Ah, that’s right. Recently, I got one floor of a high-rise apartment.”

…Why did you say!? 

I’m supposed to be more likable, but this difference is too much! The one I got was only a lottery ticket for the shopping street, you know! This is not fair at all!


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