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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 187

This ch is from Shinichi Hibiya POV

187. In Hibiya’s house

『”It was so sudden for sure, but why was it announced now?”』

『”Well, I was going to keep silent till the end. That way it’ll be more mysterious, right?…..But, I couldn’t keep silent when I heard what they said. I mean, they said that the masked man, this I, wasn’t a big deal……. and easy to beat…”』

『”I see… I see! Your pride didn’t allow it, so you wanted to remind them that you’re the strongest. Is that right?”』

『”That’sー right, hahaha”』

A girl was watching a program with such a conversation on a large 100-inch TV while throwing her body at the desk. It was the show about The King of Boys, which was broadcast a while ago at the lunchtime wide show.

“Young lordー, he said that, so what’s your planー.”

“Leave it alone, He’s not the one worth of my special attention.”

Shinichi Hibiya looked at the boy, Kaizuka, on TV. No matter how he looked at him, he just looked mediocre in Shinichi’s eyes. Even without saying it, Shinichi already considered Kaizuka as a fake.

“Eeー But, this Kaizuka-kun is now the person of the talk you know? Seeー, this magazine and this magazine too, both special issues, featuring Kaizuka-kun.”

The girl threw the nearby magazines to Shinichi while keeping her sloppy posture. However, before reaching Shinichi, the magazine was grabbed by a hand extending from the side.

“Saki!! Stop showing such a sloppy figure in front of Shinichi-sama!”

The girl who grabbed the magazine immediately screamed in anger.

“Wellー, young lord didn’t say anything. It’s okayー. Hana, stop being so noisyー”

“I’m not noisy! I’m just saying the right thing!”

These two girls were from the branch of the Hibiya family. The Hibiya family was a historic aristocratic family, and while many aristocratic families were in declining, this family managed to maintain its power. And these two cousins of Shinichi were excellent girls. They also would participate in the final round with Shinichi. As for the rest of the members, Shinichi decided to choose some girls from the apprentices of the escort unit who served the Hibiya family.

But now, his cousins, who was said as a capable girl, were in a dispute with each other. 

Seeing such a sight, Shinichi sighed.

“… I didn’t say anything because it was useless to say it to you.”

“Seeー, Young lord just gave me his permission.”

“Hah? He said that he gave up on you.”

And the dispute started again

This is why woman are troublesome…

“But as Saki says, all of them is focused on Kaizuka-kun.”

As the dispute had settled down, Hana was then flipping through the book she had in her hand.


“Until not long ago, there were many who talked about Shinichi-sama, Daikuji-kun, and Ouza-kun…”

Hana didn’t dare to mention the name, ‘Kohaku Hatano’, who was actually the most talked. Because, she knew that Shinichi would be in a bad mood.

“Hatano-kun was the most talked, rightー?”

However, such consideration of Hana was crushed not long after. 

As what Hana had expected, Shinichi frowned.

“Speaking of Hatano, is Tamachi being escorted properly?”

“Yes! He’s being escorted properly.”

“Don’t let your guard down. We’re talking about Hatano, he might take some hostages…. And be sure to tell the escorts not to touch Tamachi.”

“Well, they’re called as an escort for a reason, of course they won’t touch him.”

“Hmm, even though they’re escorting him, they’re still women.”


As a fellow woman, Hana answered with mixed feelings.

Saki groaned and then gave an opinion to Shinichi.

“But a hostage? I thinkー, young lord thinks too muchー If that happens, the police will do somethingー.”

“You don’t know him, that’s why you can say that! He’s worse than influenza! In fact, because of him, every 1st year class of Seimei, are fighting amongst each other! Even though they used to be respectful towards each other!”

“Oh, oooo”

For some reason, Shinichi laments the fact that amber has been competing with each other in a one-year class since the arrival of amber, and the unity is declining. Saki was slightly drawn in that state.

“B-But, he said he liked ‘Peace’…”

“It’s just a lip service, a lie.”


“I’m not surprised if Hatano is the true masked man, he might be holding Kaizuka’s weakness and plan to sacrifice him…. No, wait… that might be the truth…?”

Saki and Hana looked at the TV while Shinichi was indulging in his thoughts. 

The scene was a clip explaining how each contestant chose the member of their team.

『”Well wellー, it seems that the contestants were careful when choosing the members of their team.”』

『”Right. It seems that every contestant has their own evaluation criteria and only girls who exceed those criteria are selected.”』

『”However, there is only one person who didn’t reveal how he select his members……. it’s this person.”』

After the Host’s words, what was projected was Kohaku.

『”Hatano-kun didn’t reveal the selection method at all. He just left some words about it, “I chose it in a way that no one in this place could think of.”』

『”What a deep message!”』

For Saki and Hana, who would actually be in the fight, it was something that they couldn’t not let it by.

“Young lordー, don’t you know somethingー?”


Shinichi, who was asked by Saki, he returned from his thought and remembered Kohaku’s expression at the time of shooting.

“Speaking of which, at that moment, there was a sense of guilt in his face…”

“A sense of guilt?”

“It was like, he didn’t want to put it into words.”

“Perhaps, he did a really harsh selection?”

“… It’s possible. That guy, he would do terrible things without thinking much.”

Having said that, and seeing Shinichi lost in his thought again, Saki and Hana renewed their thoughts, that the finals wouldn’t be that easy.


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