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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 17

17. Research Report (Tentative)

Research Report (Tentative)

There are people who believe that there is supernatural power in this world, but it is just a few people.

It’s divided into two patterns, one is that of the person themselves, and the other is someone they know, who believes in it. From the information I have collected, the latter is overwhelmingly common.

In the former case, most of them are their assumptions or delusions, and the possible causes are past trauma.

And in the latter case, there are many cases where you are brainwashed by someone else when you have a weak mind.

Many of today’s religious groups use such brainwashing methods.

Sometimes they appeal that they are special, and then say that you also have psychic power. And some people believe it.

Of course, 90% of them are fake. Religious groups are just how they promote themselves, where in fact they’re just fraudulent groups, full of scammers.

Originally, even if someone shows you supernatural powers, you usually think that it’s just a magic trick.

Things like levitation, telekinesis, and reading people’s minds. Even though they say that they will show it, they will then say that they need to do some “preparation”. If they really have those powers, there is no need for such “preparation”.

But, even if they said that. There are still people who believe.

Many of them have worries and wounds in their hearts. And people have the nature of being easily deceived when they are depressed.

The more familiar you are with such a mechanism, the easier you are to manipulate other people.

Normally, you’ll never be fooled that easily, but depending on the situation and the timing, and also the way they talked to you, it may be easy to take advantage of you. After all, people could trust any stupid thing if they want to.

The most troublesome thing is, that deceived people never admit that they are being deceived.

Of course, there is a factor that you need to have the skill to deceive someone, but there is a big factor on the side that is being deceived.

What I mean is, it is easier to be deceived. That’s the point.

To summarize it in one word, it’s “escapism”. However, it couldn’t be helped. It’s easy for someone who has a wound in their heart to get deceived. After all, if they are deceived, they will be free from the pain.

I won’t mention the good or bad here. The pain in people’s hearts varies. What kind of answer is needed for each of them is the problem of the person themselves.

But if there is something I can say for sure,

Once deceived, it is not so easy to get out of the brainwashing. That’s it.


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