Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 186

186. The one behind the mask

The people in the studio… their eyes were on me.

“What about do you think about what Hibiya just said?”

“… Hmm, I guess, there’s a possibility?”

“I think, that it’s this guy too!”

To Daikuji’s question, the Self-Proclaimed King and the good-looking guy gave their thought. As the other boys, their eyes were looking at me more deeply than before.

Well well, this has become a hassle… In the first place, is there any similarity in my behavior with the masked man so far? Seriously, Vice-President Hibiya’s assumption is really troublesome.

“Well, since I’ll be in the finals, so there’s a possibility that I’m a masked man… But, why did Vice-President Hibiya think so?”

“There is no particular reason. If I’ve to give one, well, it’s just my intuition. In addition, the masked man and your wickedness are similar.”

“So, it’s just based on your intuition. Isn’t it weird to decide it that way?”

I shrugged my shoulders and gave a friendly smile.

It’s an unforgivable act to point at other like that! I want you to keep that in your heart. The only time you can do such an act is when you have a solid proof. Well, to be honest, you hit the jackpot this time!

“In the first place, who cares about the one behind that mark?”

“No, as I said earlier, I want to crush him with this hand.”

Daikuji showed the thick arms that he had trained with all his might. Some boys had a pale face, imagining his power.

“No, it’s useless to think about it. In the end, you just defeat everyone here. Or what? Are you trying to fight to the minimum and win at the time limit? Is it such a bearish figure?”


“Well, that’s one way to win, so it’s okay. But… even after you had such a big mouth in the preliminary… you’re actually this petty?”

“…I often laughed at my opponent like that.”

“Hm? I just gave a reasonable argument you know?”

“I understand. I’ll crush you.”

“What! Shit… Is this what you called by, “suppression of free speech”?”

“It’s totally different!”

A calm yet energetic, that demeanor of Daikuji gave off some pressure to others. The people in studio got excited when they heard his remarks.

……But why it become like this? I don’t have any intention of provoking Daikuji, what I said was only some reasonable argument. Really…

“Well, your new feud is irrelevant. Let’s get back to the story. I’m not interested in that clown, but I think it’s not a bad idea to show despair to him…. Hatano, perhaps you really don’t care about it, but who do you think the one behind that mask? “

The Self-Proclaimed King asked me arrogantly. 

Well, it can’t be helped than, the he asked me, let’s answer.

“The one sitting quietly there… Kaizuka-kun, is it?”

Kaizuka, I mentioned a mob-faced boy who hadn’t said anything so far.


To the sudden name that I mentioned, the talk continued.

“…Why? He doesn’t look particularly formidable…”


“Didn’t you notice it? He didn’t speak anything so far. Still, he was laughing at us.”

“Eh? Eeeeh!?”

“To be honest, I thought he was making fool of us.”

“Eh, That’s not true!”

“And there are often people like him who’re not standing out that much, but actually the mastermind.”

“Not standing out…”

Hmm? Why you look a little depressed? Ah, perhaps, did you care about it?

“I can only see him as a small fish though…”

“He doesn’t look strong”

As the other boys gave their words, the atmosphere of the mob-faced guy became heavier.

“… That’s…….true”


“Did you say something?”

“Speak clearly!”

The mob-faced guy muttered something, but his voice was so small that I couldn’t hear it well. It seemed that the others were the same, and so they started to complain to him. His face turned red and he stood up with a sigh.

“That’s right! It’s as you’ve guess! I’m the masked man!”

At that moment, the studio was engulfed in silence, and soon heated up.

“…What? Are you surprised?! I’m going to beat all of you! Remember this!”

It was a sudden identity exposure and victory declaration. 

…What on earth cornered him to that point?

“Kuha! Hahaha, so it’s you! it’s you huh! It seems, I’ve something I can look forward to besides Hatano, Hahaha! I’ll crush you too!”

“… as expected, he’s just a small fry.”


“No, it’s definitely Hatano!”

The mob… No, perhaps I should call him the main cast now.

Daikuji looked happy with Kaizuka-kun’s declaration, and on the contrary, the Self-Proclaimed King looked so bored, the Vice-President just snorted, and the good-looking insisted that the masked man was me.

“Hatano, your guess was right.”

“Well, I’m really surprised myself.”

I mean, with this, the problem is solved without any further trouble. It was decided that they wouldn’t expose the identity of the masked man, but yeah, as expected that would leave a bad taste in your mouth, right? And information may leak from somewhere. But, all of that worry is gone now. Thank you, really. For now, it can be said that this case has already been resolved, although some people may get suspicious later.

Kaizuka looked up on the camera and was being interviewed by the host. He was standing out but he looked somewhat happy. 

Well, even if you’re just a fake, since you declared as the one behind that mask, please make your tongue more poisonous and try to act as if you’re the last boss…

“Well, now that the masked man case is resolved… Hatano, how did you select the girls?”

Don’t ask me that!

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  1. While this is less annoying then the visit to BL High, this part before the finales is getting dragged out a bit too long.

    1. I hate to say it, but I agree with you. We’re here for a devilish man playing with his harem. At this point I’d have rather seen how the other boys were with their harems before the big fight instead of this. Or perhaps have the beautiful onee-san MCs interview him and ask the unfortunate (for him) questions.

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