Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 44 Part 2

44-2. In the meantime, No one knows who’s gonna win (Part 2)

————— MC POV —————

The battle between Lacra and Ecdoic is like a battle between a spear and a shield. Lacra defends herself with a barrier against Ecdoic, who freely manipulates and slams the long chains. It’s a chain onslaught that constantly attacks from all directions, but it cannot break through the barrier.

“Sorry butー, why don’t we just stop? I don’t want to kill people you know…”

“I’m the son of the Demon. That’s reason enough to fight you, priest!”

“Even if you say so, aren’t you human? Right?”


As Ecdoic went into a frenzy of rage, the attacks were getting more intense. Perhaps because each of Lacra’s words was poking Ecdoic’s nerves. 

Isn’t she doing it on purpose?

But, as expected, compatibility is important. Ranged attacks that cannot be avoided. The power of each blow easily scrapes the ground. If the opponent is an average person, that person will be minced meat in an instant. If Ecdoic’s opponent is Wolfe, I’m sure she has already been defeated by now.

“Umm, Shosho-sama! This person doesn’t listen to meー!”

“Well, just give him the fight that he wants…”

“But, up until now, I only ever fight a Monster or a Demon, you know!? I can’t control my strength, you know!?”

“Wha-, Bastard!”

Ecdoic chains formed a shape in the air. 

It was a giant axe that big enough to even split a house.

“Get crushed and die!”

“Really, it’s dangerous, you know!”

As the Axe swung down, Lacra broke the barrier and held her hand towards the axe. The Axe stopped just before it hit. 

There was a barrier around the axe.

“For a dangerous weapon like this, you just need to do this!”

As Lacra turned her wrist back, countless lines with equal gap were formed in the barrier. 

And she closed her palm.

Then, the barrier becomes innumerable blocks, sliding on each other’s surface and falling apart in the air. It was as if she was doing a cut in three magic tricks in a transparent box without giving any explanation about it.

Lacra created a barrier to block the movement of the object, and further divided the barrier and even the object. The giant axe was made by entwining innumerable chains, and it was cut into innumerable pieces.

The barrier broke and many broken chains fall to the ground. 

Well, if you use it for living things, most of them will die for sure.

If there is a drawback, it’s the time to set it up. Even though the barrier that you use to protect yourself can be made in instant, there’s a time lag in activating and operating the barrier from a long distance. Also, it’s difficult to catch the opponent if the opponent moves too fast. But, this is not the case if the other party has a high pride or huge body. Still, it’s a technique that has a high probability to kill the opponent you meet for the first time. It’s really a shame that she used it only to neutralize Ecdoic’s weapon.

“Now, just give up already. Your weapon is broken!”

“Broken? Really?”

The chains in Ecdoic’s hands started to move, entwining the scattered chains around him. Then, as it touched the broken chains, the broken chains became liquid for a moment, and returned to the shape of the chain again. Not only that, the amount of the chains, was obviously increasing. 

The total amount of the chains is now more than enough to fill a house… Is that chain, something out of ordinary like Girista’s magic sword?

“Well, too bad.”

“This chain is my anger, my grudge! An infinite chain that can’t be crushed! Never!”

A wavy-like attack attacked Lacra again. But in an instant, she made barrier to protect herself and concentrated on defense once again.

“Uh, Shosho-sama! Please do something about it! If you can, please replace me!”

“If I get closer there, I’ll die!”

“Then give me a hint! Anything is fine!”

Lacra sees Ecdoic as a person, a human. And she has decided not to kill people. She’s reluctant to even hurt him. Even if she’s about to get murdered.

It’s a so priest-like, but does she have a way to incapacitate him ―― wait, she said that she was trained to battle against demon, so perhaps, all her skills are deadly? If all the magic used by Lacra is first-class, its power is definitely beyond normal. There is a risk of killing Ecdoic no matter which one she uses. That’s why she’s reluctant to attack.

“If you can’t defeat him with your attack, defeat him with another attack!”

“Eeeh!!? …Illias-san!”

“Don’t rely on others!”

“What should I do then!?”

The chains covered Lacra’s barrier. It scraped the ground and completely wrapped her in all directions.

“Exhaust you Mana and crush her to death!”

“Woaaah! It’s moving! It looks like a centipede, Hiii!”

…… Okay, let’s leave that alone. If Illias becomes free, first she should help Wolfe, and if she still has strength left, let’s ask her to do something about it.

It’s the same state as the previous time, if you cancel the barrier, you will be attacked by an instant death attack. If you use magic right after you cancelled the barrier, you may be able to do something. If you use magic from inside the barrier, you will be in danger, and if you late at using your magic after canceling the barrier, you will definitely die.

“Ah, it’s not an insect. I’m not scared! Take this!”

The chains were blown off and the scraps were fluttering around. I could feel a gust of wind. 

I guess, she just used a Wind Magic, but… she did it without hesitation.

“Even though you said it was impossible at that time…”

“At that time, it was a real insect! If I blow off the insects, the body fluids will come at me, you know!”

“For the reason? Really?”

But now, Lacra can move again. 

Once again, the chain was being regenerated.

“You think it’s the end!? Over, over and over again! I will remind you of the weight of my anger!”

“I understand enough! Hmm what should I do… Oh, that’s right.”

Lacra used a Magic. 

A strange haze can be seen around the feet.


“I don’t want toooo!”

Lacra jumped. 

Lacra, who should have low physical strength, jumped far above.

“A jumping magic!? I won’t let you escape!”

The chains immediately extended into the air and attacked Lacra. 

But she jumped many times in the air, avoiding the onslaught of chains. 

So niceー, that, what a convenient Magic.

Anyway, perhaps she has noticed the advice I gave as to why she shouldn’t use barriers. 

When I sensed her intentions, Lacra was completely surrounded right above Ecdoic.

“Now, there’s no place for you to escape!”

“There is still a place!”

Lacra once again used Wind Magic to create an escape route to the sky, and Jumping Magic to escape far above. However, the connected chains immediately chased after her and kept growing longer and longer.

“It’s no use!”

“No, this is enough.”

The moment the chain extending from directly below touched Lacra, it was blocked by the barrier. 

Lacra landed on the barrier.

“A barrier again!? Stop protecting yourself and fight!”

“I don’t want to! And this barrier doesn’t protect me.”

“What ―― “

Ecdoic noticed the current situation. 

The barrier that Lacra stretches, it didn’t surround Lacra. It surrounded Ecdoic, and also covered the stretched chains.

“Do you intend to lock me in with this!? No matter how strong you are, if I keep attacking until your Mana is exhausted―― “

“Your chain, is it the effect of sucking a lot of Mana? The mass is much heavier than usual, isn’t it?”

Horizontal line appeared one after another in the vertically long barrier. 

It was the same technique as the one that cut off the chain that turned into an axe earlier.

“No matter how much I cut your chain, you can regenerate it by passing your Mana from your hand. But that means, the chain that is not in contact with you is just a normal chain, isn’t it?”

The vertically elongated chain was continuously being sliced. 

Then, the barriers with the chain inside were cancelled.


“Sure it takes a few seconds for you to regenerate the chains, but it’s also easy for me to drop this large number of chains to you in a few seconds!”

“La, Lacra-Saaaaaallff!”

It couldn’t be avoided. And a decent defense wouldn’t be possible with a shortened chain. 

The huge number of chains was raining from the sky swallowed Ecdoic.

“In the end, it was you who knew that your thoughts were heavy…. Shosho-sama! I did as what you said!”

“Well, but isn’t he dead?”

“… Se-self-destruction is okay! It’s not entirely my fault!”

So, it doesn’t that she has a priest-like mindset to not kill human. It’s just that she doesn’t want to get her hands dirty… Oi, return my feelings!

Ecdoic was buried in chains, probably either he died or fainted. The chains, it was shrinking in a fast pace. All that remained was a chain of appropriate length and the figure of Ecdoic who collapsed and didn’t move. 

It seems, she has won safely.

How about the others? 

I turned my point of view to Illias. At the same time, Girista’s arms blew off. 

Apparently, it’s the same there.

I turned my gaze toward Wolfe, but there wasn’t any particular development. However, there was a change in the surroundings. In other words, it would be soon the time for ‘that’.

“Hah, what a bunch of useless people! Trash! There’s no other choice then, Let’s defeat the rest by myself. The play is over! You damn beast!”

Black flames came out on Parshuro’s arms.

It seems, an external factor could change his switch. Any condition might be acceptable. But when a big change happens in the surroundings, he’ll change his mood. And this time, his mood is switched because Ecdoic was defeated and Girista was heavily injured.

What about Wolfe―― yeah, not bad. It seems that she’s getting ready. 

Wolfe hair was gradually increasing its luminescence. The Man inside the body was actively moving and overflowing to the outside. 

If this is the case, she should be able to use that technique at a good enough level. 

But, we’re still in a fifty-fifty situation.

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