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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 185

185. Discussion? Debate?

“The promising boys are in here! And the King will be one of these boys! So, this time, we are calling a special guest who is familiar with the terms ‘King’!”

It seems that someone is still coming. And, someone familiar with the word ’King’? Perhaps, it’s someone from the royal family?  Like the maid? R the guard? They must be exaggera…

“Let’s call the person! The member of the royal family! Your Royal Highness Sai Sumeragi!”

…… What the hell!? Are the one in charge of this program stupid? It’s not like we’re going to decide the King of the country, it’s just the kings among the high school boys… To bring the real deal… Why’re they so enthusiastic?… No, wait, perhaps Etou-san went out of control?

“Hel~ loo~. Speaking of the King ~ it’s me. Speaking of me ~ I’m the one familiar with the terms ‘King’~, Sai Sumeragi~”

…… It seems, someone was listening to my conversation with the boys. No, more than that, Please someone stop her! See that face of the Self-Proclaimed King, it’s in tense, you know? In the first place, you’re not the King, so you’re also not that familiar with it!

“Welcome and thank you very much for coming. Your Royal Highness, please come to this seat.”

“Thank you~!”

“I’m surprised that the member of the royal family really comes!”

“Yeah, really. I guess, that’s how much attention is being paid to this ‘the King of Boys’!”

“Then, without delay, Your Royal Highness, among the boys here, is there any boy who pique your interest?”

“Of Course~ There is~”

The talk was progressing without trouble, but really, I never thought that Your Royal Highness Sai, has allowed her to appear here.

Then, our eyes met.

“It’s the one over~ there~ Kohaku Hatano-kun~”

The camera turned to me all at once in the words of Your Royal Highness Sai. 

And the hostile gaze directed by other boys. 

…It’s very unreasonable.

“Ooooo, Hatano-kun, he’s definitely one of the players to watch.”

“Yeah~ I’m sure he can do it~”

“I see! So, Hatano-kun, Your Royal Highness is expecting a lot from you, but what are your feelings now?”

“Well, I didn’t expect the member of the royal family to say that, so the pressure I feel right now is great, but I’ll do my best to meet the expectations.”

I gave response that sound as if it came from a ‘How to answer’ template, but for sure, it was better than saying something strange.

“I guess that must be the case. As expected, he feels pressured!”

“Then, all of the boys, please sit at that round table.”

The plan would be to play the introduction VTR of each boy after we get to the seat. 

Well, let’s hope everything go well.

When I got to my seat, the good-looking boy spoke to me.

“You, just because you got a little attention from the royal family, don’t get it wrong.”


“Don’t think that you’re a big deal.”

For some reason, he doesn’t like me…

“Isn’t that the same as you?”

“……Huh? What do you…”

Other guys came in before I said anything back to the good-looking guy. 

Everyone was in a warlike spirit.

“Remember what you did before the recording? That is the proof that you’re not a big deal. You can’t even understand that? It seems you’re really stupid.”


The smart-looking guy shrugged his shoulders, and the good-looking guy changed the target of his hostility towards him.

“A-anyway, I think I’ll be the winner…”

Another boy muttered in a small voice, and another boy took that bait. Then again, other boys ridiculed him. 

For the time being, even though VTRs were playing, but most cameras directed to us, and the Host and the guests of the program were also paying attention to us. 

…… Really, isn’t there a word in your dictionary that says, ‘be quiet for a moment’?

“Alright, it’s a good opportunity, I want to hear your opinion about something.”

As the heat gradually increased, Daikuji, which had been quiet until now, shook his large body and said so.

“Opinion? What do you want to hear?”

“Oooh, so you’ll listen to him? As expected, the Student Council’s Vice-President of a prestigious school is different.”

“You don’t have to say something so unnecessary. So, say what you want to hear. Fast.”

“I’m also interested. Is it something interesting?”

“Well, I don’t know if it’s interesting…. It’s just, I wonder who do you think the masked man is?”

The topic made the heated up round table cold in an instant.

“The program staff says that he is among us. Well, I don’t think he’s insane enough to just telling us the truth. But one of my aims is to crush him as soon as possible.”

“Hooo, are you worried about that clown?”

“Well, just a little. I mean, everyone here was participated mainly because of him.”

From there, a conversation began to find out who was the masked man.

Meanwhile, for some reason, the Vice-President Hibiya glanced at me.

I returned with a confused face saying, “I wonder who is it?”


“I think it’s the one sitting there, that Hatano.”

However, unfortunately it seemed Vice-President Hibiya didn’t understand what I wanted to say. Thanks to that, the eyes of the other guys turned to me all at once.

…… It’s not me you know?


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