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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 15

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15. Scandal is scary

“―――Thank you for the meal.”

Yuri, who finished eating the omelet rice made by Atsushi, said so while clasping her hands together.


『”Fuー, I’m full. Well well, Atsushi-san’s omelet rice was superー delicious. Ah, that’s right, Atsushi-san. Do you have dessert? Especially if it’s pudding, I’ll be really happy.”』

『”You’re really a carefree person”』

Atsushi thought that even though from the outside Yuri looked like a polite beautiful girl, perhaps she could be said as a top-class beauty, her inner self was disappointing, in a way.

However, more than that, Atsushi had something to confirm.

“So… Tsubasa. What’s the real reason you came here?”


“No matter how close this place is to the site of your job this time, you don’t have to come all the way to my house. Especially when you’re incredibly busy.”

Yes, “Step”, Tsubasa’s idol group was gaining in popularity. Of course, other than the music CDs were going high in sales, the members of his group were also doing commercials and appearing in dramas.

The reason why he came all the way to Atsushi’s house.

It wasn’t a lie when he said, he was on the way back home from work, but he had another reason.

As evidence, Tsubasa was somewhat embarrassed.

“Well, you see… I, ermm, have to thank Ak-kun, for the other day…”

Atsushi sighed at the words of Tsubasa, who was hesitantly saying the words.

“I thought that would be the case. Still, it’s already happened. As I say many times, you don’t need to worry about it anymore.”

“B-But, you ended up being hospitalized because of me, and you know, it’s natural, for a man to take responsibility…”


As soon as the word came out, Yuri immediately understood it and asked a question.

“Hmm, sorry but… that, hospitalized, do you mean …”

『”It’s ‘that’, right? The case that is rumored at school now, “The guy who hit the face of a girl student after stalking her, and the others who came to help the girl was beaten up, but in the end, the stalker also got hospitalized”, right?”』

『”It’s too long. Can’t you make it shorter?”』

Atsushi was a little lost.

Even though I said that I can’t speak about it, now when you see the chance, really…

But, more than that, you said that I can’t reveal it to another person, but now you want to talk about it? Are you sure?

Tsubasa, who didn’t know the feelings of Atsushi who was worried about such things, answered Yuri’s question.

“…Actually, I, have been stalked for a long time. At first, it was only a letter, but eventually, various things were sent to me…”

『”Wowー There are people who do that in real life huh.”』

“But recently, as it’s getting worse, I consulted with the police, but they didn’t listen to me very seriously…”

『”Ahー, is it ‘that’? “If the incident doesn’t happen, the police can’t move”, right?”』

『”… Well, that’s right.”』

While Tsubasa was speaking, Atsushi and Yuri, were having a conversation by telepathy.

Atsushi, who thought it was unavoidable to keep silent, let Tsubasa continue his talk without stopping him.

“That’s why I consulted with Ak-kun several times. Then, on the day I consulted, a stalker happened to come to my house…”

“And yeah, I sent that person away.”

『”I, I see… As expected, even the stalker has no choice but to leave after seeing Atsushi-san’s scary face.”』

Atsushi had some doubts about what Yuri just said, but since it actually worked, he couldn’t deny it.

If only the other person had stopped there, the story wouldn’t have become more complicated.

“But, I wonder what did that person think at that time? You see, 1 week after that, that person brought a bunch of strangers to meet Ak-kun.”

“Eh, why…”

“That woman said, “A guy like you must not be near Tsubasa, he’ll be tainted by you. If you keep staying beside him, I’ll make you stay away from him forever”… or something like that.”

『”Seriously? I guess she’s the kind of person whose head is filled with a garden of flowers and couldn’t think straight… Huft, as expected, Yandere is scary.”』

Yuri didn’t dare to say it by mouth, but what she said with telepathy was something that Atsushi could agree on.

Atsushi had also seen yandere characters in anime and manga, but all of that was a 2D story. He thought that a 3D, real-life yandere was nothing more than a nuisance. 

Well, in the first place, the stalker might not even fit to be called, ‘Yandere’.

“Of course, I answered that I wouldn’t do as she wants, so the people that she brought along attacked me all at once. As a result of fighting with them, I was hospitalized.”

That was the truth as to why Atsushi was hospitalized.

However, one question came into Yuri’s head.

“But, why… it wasn’t in the news?”

An idol group was stalked. Even though it could become big news, Yuri never heard anything about such information.

That was why Yuri uttered that question instead of muttering it with telepathy, meaning that she wanted to hear the reasons from not only Atsushi but also Tsubasa.

“Ummm, actually …”

“I asked for it. If this came to light, it would affect his job, so I asked them not to reveal this. Of course, the stalker… the woman, and her companions were punished accordingly.”

Even if you were a victim, as long as you had something to do with the case, you would be flooded with media attention.

It was an important time for Tsubasa and his group, “STEP”. No one should put more stress on them.

For that reason, Atsushi asked not to make the matter public.

『”By the way, the teachers know this. However, as I said, if this comes to light, it will bother Tsubasa, so I’m asking them to not say anything about this.”』

『”I see, that’s why the teacher didn’t say anything.”』

To be honest, Yuri thought it was strange that Saito didn’t say anything about Atsushi.

If the rumor was not true at all, Saito would have already done something about it.

However, as Atsushi said, he was the one who asked her to keep silent.

『”Shirasawa, please keep this off the record.”』

『”I understand. And rest assured! I, have no friends other than Atsushi-san who I can talk about that!”』

Atsushi was confused, whether he should be happy for her or pity her.

However, he reconfirmed that the girl in front of him was indeed disappointing in some aspects.


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