Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 52

52. Promise

Light was lost from <Osiris Orb>.

Red Mana has disappeared from my body. 

A feeling of weakness starts to attack my whole body.

<Osiris Orb> + “Coloring” … This combination really put a heavy burden on the body――



A wave of crowds overflowing from the audience seats.

Already exhausted, I couldn’t escape and was swallowed by the waves.

“Hey, you! Do you belong to any guild!? If you like, you can join our Delivery Guild, “Pegasus Delivery”, with the girl earli――!”

“You damn Delivery Guild, go away! If you want to make the most of your skills, of course it’s on the battlefield. So, come to this mercenary guild led by me…”

“No, wait! You are an acquaintance of Captain Pearl, right!? Then come and join the Knights here! We gladly welcome you!”

A woman in uniform, a big man with a rugged appearance, and a male knight with a serious look in armor approached me while rubbing each other.

“Wait a minute, guys! I don’t feel like joining to any grou――” 


Suddenly, I heard a sound of clapping hands from behind.

When I turned my head, I saw Pearl with both hands clasping together. The crowd went silent when they heard Pearl’s clap.

“Well, I never thought you would really beat Miss Layla… it seems, you’re a man far beyond my imagination! But… even though you’re the disciple of Old Man Bar, your fighting style is more like Saurus-dono.”

“Saurus? The junior of the Old Man?”

“Make the most of your various skills, corner the opponent, and then seal the opponent. This is exactly how Saurus-dono fights… Anyway, the battle just now was amazing! “

“I couldn’t have this many cards up of my sleeve, if I wasn’t training with you. That girl, she was really a monster, really…”

Shura hit me on my back, put her hands on my waist and looked up at my face.

“You… well, you’ve grown stronger! Especially that last acceleration――only in that moment, your speed was about the same as my speed when I used “Coloring”. I’d like to have a spar again with you someday…!”

“Spare me from that. I don’t feel like I can win against you who know my trump cards.”

“Hmm…”, Shura raised her right hand to demand a high five

I clap Shura’s hand.


“So, what are you going to do now?”

“I’m going to fulfill my promise. I’ll go to Layla’s house, unseal her, and have her read the letter.”

“I see. Then, I’ll be waiting at Pearl’s house.”

“No, I want you to come too. I need you to treat Layla.”

“Aaah, right, she was injured. Okay, leave it to me! “

I look at the talisman with Layla sealed inside and sit up.

Put all the weapons inside the talisman and get treated with the Healing Magic of the White Magician brought by Pearl.

Then, I shake off all the invitations from the persistent people and head for Layla’s house with Shura.


Layla’s house wasn’t locked so I went in easily. 

I recently learned that there are many unlocked homes because <Mother Punk> is basically full of only good people.

In the living room where I had dinner with her before, I take out the talisman with Layla sealed inside.

Shura looks at the talisman with curious eyes.

“This, isn’t this the seal that can be broken by tearing it?”

“Yeah. If the vessel is broken, the seal will be ――”

Shura stole the talisman from my hand and torn it, “Yay!”.

“What are you doing…”

“I want to see what happens”

As the vessel is torn, a naked white-haired girl came out from the seal as if she got kicked from inside.


The girl was thrown into the air.

――This is bad.

The skin is getting near…!??


Layla, a white-haired girl, was falling down. 

I thought that I would hit the table behind me with Layla. But, somehow I managed to support Layla by holding her back with my arms.

I felt something soft on my right hand.

“This is!?”

Something I grabbed in a hurry had a very soft feel.

I move my hand three times and finally find out what it is.

“Hey, Stop …!”

Yeah, this is that. ‘Girl’s Mountain’.

Let’s make a prophecy. In a few seconds later, I would be blown away by a slap. I’m sure of it.



Her mountain is ‘not that elastic’.

It easily deflates with a weak force, and swells slowly when you release it. It’s doesn’t really have elasticity, but when you let go of it, it immediately tries to move up. 

Yep, this is a type where you can’t really feel its weight, a bowl type. [TN: Bowl type = Round type]

“Seal-kun… until when you want to keep holding it?”

Layla was staring at me with face dyed in red.

Her cheeks were red like a normal girl when they got embarrassed, but her eyes were pitch black.

Shit, I was moved by the rare touch. That I forgot…


Layla’s elbow hit my cheek.

It was a clean hit.

I got blown off, my body spined and plunged into the sofa.

“Well, of course right… It hurts”


After Layla finished her treatment and changed clothes, I was finally allowed to look other things than the wall.

Layla wore the same white dress she had when we first met.

Layla looks away from me and mutters in a low voice.

“I, lost huh…”

I take out the envelope with the letter from the drawstring bag.

“Time to fulfil your promise”


“Look and read it properly”

Layla received the letter and stopped with her right foot on the stairs.

“Hey, Seal-kun. What kind of person was Grandpa from your perspective? “

What kind of feeling she has to come up with that question?

I tried to think deeply, but I stopped. I decided to give an honest and frank answer.

“He liked books so much as if it was his lover, He wasn’t good at teaching… clumsy… knew strange tricks and a lot of boring stories, and ――”

I bend my eyebrows and loosen my mouth.

“Only when he talked about his granddaughter, he looked happy… he was an old man who kept thinking about his grandchild.”

When Layla looks at my face, she looks like somewhat relieved.

“I see”

Layla went upstairs to her room.

“Is that girl will read the letter properly?”

” ――She’ll read it for sure. I’m sure, she has cooled her head off… Well, Let’s go home. Akane-san seems to be preparing a feast.”

“A feast huh… it doesn’t matter to me.”

“Don’t say that. I’ll tell you how does it taste in detail.”

“That! Don’t do that! It’s just a bother to me!”

I open the door and go out of Layla’s house with Shura.


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