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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 184

184. In the studio

『”Then, after a long time! It’s time to introduce the shining princes who have overcome the harsh challenges!”』

I was in the process of shooting.

It seems we will go out to the studio in order, and after everyone goes out, they will play a VTR for each person.

While I was waiting for my appearance, the good-looking guy who was involved earlier stared at me, and I retuned it with a smile.

He did try to make a fool of me… And our relationship went bad since then, so I wanted to improve the relationship. But, he seemed to have a bad impression of me, he returned my smile with a “Tch”. 

Really… please refrain from disregarding other’s good will.

“Haha, I thought you had a good personality, but it was just as I expected.”

I was approached by a person who claimed to be the ‘King’. Perhaps he was watching the exchange of the good-looking guys with me.

“Well, what are you talking about?”

“It’s the conversation you just made. You provoked him that much, of course he wouldn’t just forget it in instant, right?”

“What…? Provoked him…? I wanted to put an end to that quarrel now, so that we can fight fair and square in the finals, that’s why I smiled at him.”


When I replied the word of the Self-Proclaimed King, I was attacked from somewhere else. 

Well, as expected…

“Vice-President Hibiya, it’s not a lie.”

“Hmmph, don’t think I’m a fool, that’ll trust every word that comes out from your mouth.”

“… Hooo, it seems you guys know each other.”

“We don’t.”

“Only the name…”

“No, no matter how you think about it, you probably know each other…”

The Self-Proclaimed King amazed at the reply from me and Vice-President Hibiya.

“Well, whatever. By the way, Hibiya, why don’t we make a bet?”

“Don’t want to.”

“I see… an immediate reply huh… It’s good to be decisive, but it’s a minus to be short-sighted.”

“I’m not that low enough to be okay being judged by you.”

“Kukuku, you really have a high pride huh. Just like me… Good! Let’s talk more after I beat you.”

Vice-President Hibiya frowned at the words of the Self-Proclaimed King.

“You think you can beat me?”

“Don’t ask me something so obvious. What a Fool.”

“…What a misunderstanding. This is you’re just a frog in the well…”

The Vice-President Hibiya sighed. Seeing the reaction, the Self-Proclaimed King was laughing.

“But what if the Vice-President loses to other people, or OuzaーKing loses first?”

“I’m not going to lose”

“I am not going to lose”

“Oh really……”

My not so important question was answered in no time.

“But Hatano. You just called me King, you’ve got a good eye.”

“Ah, That’s just…”

“I know… After we exchanged a few words, you understand my greatness and said it without thinking, right? Well, it can’t be helped.”


“Speaking of a king, I am indeed the King.”

I’m making a fool of you in my head, though?

No, I can’t say it out loud.

『”Then next is…! It’s a hot boy! Taiyou Ouza-kun!!!”』

“Oh, is it finally my turn? Well, then.”

The Self-Proclaimed King went out to the studio with the attitude as if he was the main character.

“Seriously, your friends, what is it, the peoples that’s gathering around you always have a few screws loose, is it your nature to attract such a people?”

“Just now, it’s clear that he was curious about you.”


Oi, say something.

After that, the Vice-President Hibiya also went out to the studio. I was the only one left. Many of the people who went out to the studio were given the mic by the hos. For sure they were speaking, but I could not feel a piece of amiability from their speeches. 

Thanks to them, if I were to speak in a friendly manner, people would get a good impression of me, so please speak in a more unfriendly manner. 

The questions asked by the host were not so difficult. It was mostly based on the questionnaire given in advance like,

Enthusiasm and interest for the final round, favorite foods, favorite words, etc. 

If I could make the viewers to be in my favor with just a smile. It’s really cheap!

『”Now! It’s finally the last prince! I’m sure everyone is waiting for him! He’s the Angel that trampled down the others in the preliminary!”』

It seems that my turn has come, but what’s with that introduction!? An Angel that trampled down others!? Just ‘Angel’, is more then enough! I’ll make a complaint to Etou-san later! 

While thinking so, I went out to the studio with a smile. And the moment I went out to the studio, cheers echoed from the audience seats. 

It seems this show is getting a lot of attention for sure.

I proceed to the designated position while smiling moderately as to made it looked more natural.

“Thank you very much for coming out! Well well, you’re very popular!”

“I-I guess so. I was surprised that there are so many people who support me.”

“Well, you have more! Hatano-san, you’re called as, ‘My Angel’, you know?!”

“That’s why I can say with a loud voice, ‘My angel’!!!”

“So noisy!”

“Ahaha, what to say, it’s awesome.”

“Aw~, So cute!”

“That’s right. His answers to the questionnaires are also very cute.”

“What is it!? Let me know now!”

“Ehー, Okay! So, his favorite word… it’s “Peace”!”

“He’s so pure!”


The studio became noisy, including the people at the audience seats.

I’m sorry, but my real favorite word is ‘Passive-Income’.


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