Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 51

51. Seal vs Layla (4)

Magic Circle that could transfer things.

Knives formed in Layla’s hands were throwed and approached me through the Magic Circles.

――I intercepted all of them with <Zanpuken>.

My body that was strengthened by <Osiris Orb>, made me able to wield the sword at a high speed and created a wind curtain.

Magic Circles were surrounding me. I made one full turn while swinging the sword, destroying all the knives the moment it came out of the Magic Circle.

“No way!”

Layla’s expression becomes cloudy.

I’m glad I used my Mana as minimum as possible so far. I still have a lot of Green and Red Mana.

That means, I can fully use these two trump cards that cost a lot of Mana for quite a long time.

But what about you? Layla.

“Ruten”, “Rutenshou”. Repeatedly making knife with Green Mana. Also constantly using Rainbow Mana since a while ago.

Do you still have a lot of Mana left?

“It’s a competition of endurance…!”

The corner of Layla’s mouth goes up.

“…Very well!”

The knife formation speed increases and it is thrown out randomly.

I drop the knife and steadily pile up step by step.

It’s been a minute since I activated the <Osiris Ord>.

I don’t have much time left.

But I can’t be impatient. It’s too early to use ‘it’.

“Layla, do you know what your grandfather was doing away from home?”

“I don’t know! Anyway, I’m sure it’s not something good!”

“You’re wrong! The Old Man, he was going around to seal the threat of the world. I know one of many great evils that the old man sealed. A demon that devours people, called as the Corpse Emperor!… It’s a monster that can destroys a country! If you leave it alone, you don’t know ‘what kind of damages’ that dangerous existence will makes!”


“He went around far away from home to keep away the threat of humanity. I’m sure it was to protect someone special!”

“If you spread the Sealing Technique, the threat could be easily sealed!”

“…A sealer can unseal the seal as well as a seal. The reason he didn’t teach others how to seal so badly is to prevent mischief from unsealing the great evils he had sealed! There is nothing wrong with his actions! “

“That’s all your delusion!”

Layla was defenselessly standing behind the magic circle that’s connected to the magic circle in front of me.

” ―― There!”

“Shi―― !?”

I thrust the sword a few times at maximum output, and the generated wind blades passed through the Magic Circle.

It transferred to the Magic Circle in front of Layla, and it hit Layla’s right shoulder.


Layla drops the knife from her hand with an expression of agony.


I saw a gap that I was waiting for, so I threw my sword on the spot.

――It’s end here.

” “Coloring”…!”

On top of my body that is still strengthened with <Osiris Orb>, I released the limiter of my physical capabilities with, “Coloring”.

My figure was covered in orange color and appeared in front of Layla as if I used a Teleportation Magic.

“What the! So fast!”

“I certainly don’t know much about Ain Freiheit, but…”

I tightened my right fist and pulled my right arm.

“Isn’t you too ignorant of Barha Zetta?”

” ――!?”

Layla was frightened and lifted her right heel from the ground. But immediately, she regained her position.

Pulling her right hand, Layla prepares the bottom of her palm.

” ”Rutenshou”! “

A swirling Blue Mana was wrapped around Layla’s right hand.

She’s trying to prevent the mark that I may make with of my right fist.

If she matches her palm with my fist, the Yellow Mana covering my fist will get disturbed.

―― I’m sure things will go according to her expectations.

If I really let go of my fist.

” ―― “CLOSE” “

I caught Layla’s palm with my left hand.

There is something on my left hand. I wore it just before accelerating with color. 

It’s something without Mana, a white color ――


A pentagonal character stamp is drawn in the center of the glove.

“Ruten” that disturbs Mana. My glove that seals Mana.

Two anti-mana techniques, “Ruten” and “Mana Sealing”, collide.

“Take this…!”

“This is, Mana Sealing!!?”

At that moment, the palms of my left hand and Layla right hand scattered sparks and the waves of Mana went to burst.

As a result, my gloves broke and Layla’s “Ruten” was cancelled.

“This is the measure for “Ruten” that I prepared.”

I put out my right fist.

“You, how far are you going to…”

” ―― “MARK” “

I hit Layla’s face with the Red and Yellow Mana in my right fist.

A character stamp appears on Layla’s cheek.

I put a talisman with her name on my right finger.

The talisman was shining blue.

” ”CLOSE” “

Layla’s clothes were left behind, and her body was sucked into the talisman.

The magic circle drawn on the talisman is dyed red.

――Huft, Seriously… it’s been a long process.

“Sealing, complete”


The venue couldn’t keep up with the development, and it was so quiet. As I lifted my fist, it heated up in a blink of an eye.

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