Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 183

183. In front of the waiting room

Fukushima said something unnecessary for the interview at school, but other than that it was over without much problem.

Today would be the day of the recording when the participants of the main battle finally met.

I was inside the TV station. 

Oh right, today’s schedule will be mainly about introducing the contestants and explaining the contents of the final round in detail. It seems that the day when the main race will be held will be before the summer holiday. 

Anyway, I’ll meet other contestants for the first time… Up until now, other men often get a bad impression of me, so I’ll keep quiet today. 

Guided by a staff member, I walked through the TV station and saw two guards standing.

“Hatano-san, there is a waiting room for those who will participate in final round of the King of Boys, around this corner. We put the name of the participants in front of each room, so please use the room with your name. Please be assured that we have checked the room in advance. there’s no tools for eavesdropping or a secret camera or something like that. “


“Then I’ll come to call you when the time comes… You’re free to eat the lunch box we prepared in the room.”

“Got it.”

I went through the guards and turned the corner. Waiting rooms were lined up as what the staff said. There, I saw a boy leaning against the wall. That person was a good-looking guy, I saw him on the TV. Basically, he would be one of my rivals in the final round

The boy looked at me then, he grinned. But it seemed that he didn’t plan to talk to me. 

Well, I don’t plan to talk to him either…

When I tried to pass him silently, his leg came out.

Apparently, his plan was to harass me or to instill a fear towards him before the finals. 

Alright, let’s go along with his plan…

“Ah! Ah! Ah!”

As what the guy wanted, I got tripped by his leg. The only difference was that I fall down as flashy as possible. To be more specific, I rolled about three turns and made a loud sound each time I turned, but…

But, the guards rushed as they heard my loud noise, and the contestants who were already in the room came out of the room. The guards who saw me lying down on the ground, approached me in a hurry.

“Are you okay!? What happened!?”

“Could you stand up? Should I call an ambulance?”

I told the worried guards, “I’m okay”. 

I mean, I did all of it myself. 

On the other hand, the good-looking guy looked at me with a stunned expression as if he didn’t really know what happened.

“Are you okay? You seem to be in pain…”

“Y-Yes, I just got tripped by him…”

“Eh!??”, “Did you hear that?“… I heard various voices, probably everyone who heard what I just said.

Even the good-looking guy who tripped me also raised his voice.

“Is he saying the truth?”

One of the guards asked the good-looking guy.

“Eh, ermm… no … that …”

The guy panicked and couldn’t give a clear answer.

 …… It’s a scene where that’s not ‘good-looking’ like him. Well, if you take the ‘good-looking’, he’ll be a normal guy……. what am I thinking…

“I got tripped by him too!”

“Me too… well, unlike that guy, I avoided it without problem…”

“He didn’t try to trip me, though?”

“Me too. He did nothing to me. Well, ff he tried to, he would be the one crawling on the ground.”

I heard some supportive voices. 

Hoo… I see, the reason why he didn’t try to do it to some people, because he was afraid of that person. Is he smart? Or is he just a small fry?

“I’m sorry, but could you come with me to a different room? I want to have a talk with you.”

“No! It’s not true! That guy fell on his own!”

“Is that so? For more information, say it in another room …”

Maybe he’ll quit here? … What will the people around him say if he does that for real? I mean, you passed the preliminary but decided to not go to the final round? Also, I’m sure he’s getting a lot of cheers from the people around him… What a pitiful end for him.

…… No, wait a minute, this will damage the reputation of the program. I mean, the program would the momentum if one boy decided to not go to the finals. Etou-san will be in tears. She’ll come to my house and get drunk… That’s no good. I can’t let that happens 

I stopped the guard who was trying to take the good-looking guy.

“Excuse me… fortunately I haven’t been seriously injured, so I’m not going to blame him…. We’ll have a match in the final round. Sure, he did something very cowardly. I think he’s not suitable to be the King of Boys. But I want to settle this in the match in a straightforward manner! “

“B-But, it’s our work.”


I looked at the guard with puppy eyes

“Urgh…I-I understand. But, are you really okay?”

“Yes. I’m okay.”

The guards looked at each other and,

“Okay. We’ll stop here.”

“Thank you.”

“Y-you should’ve done it earlier! You rolled by yourself after all! You did it intentionally, right!?”

The good-looking guy said so and quickly returned to his waiting room. It seemed he was relieved that he didn’t need to go with the guards.

…..Bastard, he speaks only at the end.

The guards sighed when they saw the guy returned to his room. They said, “We’re going back to work”, and left. 

The boys who had been watching the situation earlier also returned to their own room, probably because they were no longer interested. 

Alright, I should enter my room too.

As I walk to the waiting room with my name, I heard voice from behind.

“Don’t block the road”

It was a familiar voice.

“Oh, it’s been a long time.”

“It looks like something happened.”

Vice-President Hibiya said so, but he kept walking to his waiting room as if he had no interest.

“Ermm, want me to tell you what happened?”

“No need. I’m sure someone rotten like you were the cause.”

Vice-President Hibiya said so and entered the waiting room without glancing at me. 

…… Isn’t your impression of me so bad?

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  1. ………Kohaku…i’m sure Hibiya’s impression of you isn’t that mistaken…………
    Well, we start with the wrong foot, or well the wrong leg.
    Seems that Kohaku will be able to take Hibiya once and for all in the final, alongside his harem(truly strong women)….or the other way around??……anyway, the final will be an absolute disaster….even if Kohaku wins.

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