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Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 50

50. Seal vs Layla (3)

Floating in the air, I managed to stretch my legs while making a wry face in pain.

Then I rubbed my toes against the ground to weaken the momentum.

I stopped at the edge of the stage, and got on one knee.


Bloody sputum gets entangled in my throat.

It’s hard to breath…  I need to get my breathing in order. The game is not over yet.


Layla’s face was saying, “It’s strange”.

That’s right, her attack… If it had hit me directly, I would’ve lost my consciousness.

Layla sees the spear in my hand and finds out why I’m still conscious.

“I see, you stretched your spear and flew behind to avoid a direct hit, right…!”

That’s right.

Immediately before the bottom of her palm hit me, I stretched the spear in my hand to the ground and lowered my body.

“It’s a close call you know…”


… If she come to attack me with the same attack, even if it’s not a direct hit again, I’ll lose for sure.

Before I knew it, I noticed that the venue was quiet, and I looked at the audience seats.

It’s very different from before the start.

The audience’s line of sight was completely shifting from the bottle of alcohol in their hand to the stage.

The voices of the audience at the venue came into my ears. 

“Hey, is this really a fight between kids?”

“Are you stupid…!? They’re comparable with the Knights platoon leader!”

The voice of the audience gradually rising.

It’s nice to be them. Enjoying the fight… I’m in danger you know?


Suddenly, my stance goes wrong.

My knees are shaking.

My line of sight is becoming a little hazy.

Up to this point, I got stabbed with the knives on my shoulders and flank… and it seems that “Ruten” blow was heavier than I expected.

“You’re really persistent, Seal-kun. It seems I’ve underestimated you too much. I never thought the fight would be so long.”

Layla put her right index and middle fingers together and put them forward.

“I have to give you a reward. I’ll show you my full power…”

With that said, from her fingertip, there is a light that seems to be her Rainbow Mana. She started drawing a magic circle with that light.

“Sub-Source Color, Rainbow Mana…!”

” ――Yes. This is my Sub-Source Color…!”

Intuitively, I felt something was wrong, so I stepped forward.

Layla used her finger to draw two magic circles in the space in front of her.

It’s a small fist-sized magic circle. Passing my head, one of the two magic circles goes behind me.

Layla formed a knife in her right hand and threw it at the magic circle in front of her.

I stopped and made a stance ready to fight, but the knife disappeared when it touched the magic circle.

“It… disappeared!?”

” “Warp Snipe” “

I feel a sudden sharp pain on my back.

The knife went deep and stuck in the center of my back.

“You must be kidding. The knife has moved from that magic circle to the other magic circle…? “

Hearing Shura’s reaction, I understood the characteristics of her Rainbow Mana

“It’s ―― Mana of Teleportation, right!?”

“To be exact, it’s Mana of Transference. My Rainbow Mana erases things and moves it! “

So, throwing knife and mana that can transfer it somewhere… well, yeah, this is what you call by good combination, I mean…

――The worst situation!!!

“Let me praise you! Even at the academy, no one had ever made me use this mana at full power!”

Layla throws the knife again at the magic circle in front of her.

I turn over and see the magic circle behind me.

――The knife she threw appeared from the magic circle.

“It’s a foul!”

I intercept the knife with the spear and immediately turn to Layla. However, at that time, Layla had spread out 10 new magic circles.

“Oi Oi Oi ―― Give me a break!!”

10 magic circles + 1 magic circle she made before. Total 11… Five of it moves to surround me. The magic circle behind me also joins in the formation.

I pierce the magic circle in front of me with a spear, but the spear has passed through it.

“There is no substance!?”

Layla pinches the knife between her fingers and throws it at the remaining six magic circles in front of her.

The knife comes out from the magic circle that was set up around me in the center.

“This !”

I jump straight up and avoid the knife. 

As if she was reading my actions, all the magic circles in front of Layla moved right in front of me who was in the air.

The magic circle that was set up around me sucked in the knives. 

It’ll comes out from the magic circle that has just moved.


She’s recycling the knife…

A knife is fired at me in the air from the magic circles set up side by side in front of me.

This, I can’t dodge it ――!

“Idiot! Dodge it!”


“I won…..!”

I can’t dodge it.

――If so,

I just need to knock it all down!

” <Zanpuken>, <Osiris Orb> ―― “OPEN” ! “

A roaring sound could be heard in the arena.

The air swelled and the tornado wrapped me around.

“What’s happening …!?”

The audience in the venue raised their voices.


All the knives were hit by the blade of the wind and fell to the ground.

A ring with a Red Alchemy Stone embedded, is on the index finger of my right hand,

And in my right hand is a sword with a Green Alchemy Stone embedded in it.

“It’s Uncle Pearl’s sword…!”

Yes, this is a sword that produces a wind blade borrowed from Pearl.

He let me use this only during this battle as a reward for dropping three hairs.

“And that ring is Grandpa’s――!”

“T-t-that is Old Man Bar’s <Osiris Orb>!!?? So, you have it huh!”

The sword I received from Pearl and the ring I received from the Old Man.

It’s a one-time only combination.

Black bruises spread from the ring to my right cheek. 

The time limit is 3 minutes.

Mixing the wind and the red aura, I point the sword in my hand at Layla.

“I don’t have any tricks left. From now on, I’ll just push by sheer power! “


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