Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 182

182. Kokkuri-san, end

Only two tables left that were still doing ‘Kokkuri-san’.

“What an even fight”

The boy who was watching the game muttered in a tense manner. 

Certainly, as the boy said, the fight at remaining two tables were even. 

The table with Shino-san was kind of devilish… It was as if you could feel the enthusiasm and the fighting spirit that shaking the air. 

At the table with the chairman, everyone was doing their best with their cheeks inflated… it was kind of charming.

“Aha! Let’s finish this soon! Toukain-chan!”

“Kudo-san… I’m sure Kudo-san is stronger than me in terms of raw strength, I admit that… But! It doesn’t mean you’ll win!”

The fighting spirit of the two filled the surroundings.

 …… I don’t know what they’re doing to be in such a hot battle. I mean they’re doing ‘Kokkuri-san’, right? Sure, they didn’t do the ritual, but that’s the pretense, right?

…… Seriously, it would have been quicker to do an arm wrestling from the beginning. 

Contrary to my thoughts, the boys who were watching the game, they got seriously invested and were in edge seeing the game.

“Do-Don’t you forget that we are there too!”

“That’s right”

“I’m sorry… but seriously, you’re not strong enough!”

Kudo-san moved the coin vigorously as she said so. Shino-san didn’t interfere with the movement, probably because she understood her intention.



“It’s a lie…”

As a result, the other three couldn’t keep up with the movement and took their fingers off the coin. As Kudo-san said, they were not strong enough

 ……Really, please someone in here, remember that this is ‘Kokkuri-san’, and say something.

“What a power.”

“Right, but the victory… hasn’t been decided yet.”

Yuzuka-san and Minori-san explained so as if they understood what had just happened.

… Please, tell me in detail, how’re they competing their power in ‘Kokkuri-san’?

…… Well, once you get here, all you have to do is just to keep an eye on it, yeah.

“Toukain-chan, it’s impossible to beat me with just your strength.”

“Yeah, I knew that I couldn’t win with only my raw strength… So, I’m sorry, but I’ll use my skills from here!”

Shino-san let out more fighting spirit than ever.

“Yeah, that’s natural, because I’ve been training my strength since I was a kid.”

While receiving Shino-san’s fighting spirit up close, Kudo-san continued to talk normally as if they were chatting.

“It was written in the book that girls with strong strength are popular…”

“That’s right!”

“But! I’ve never been popular!”

“… I-I see.”

“Also, the magazine I saw last time said that girls who has it thick and hard are not popular!”

When she said that, Kudo-san raised her right sleeve.

“Look at this! It’s thick and hard!”

Kudo-san shouted so while rolling up her sleeve. Her wonderful muscular arm seemed to be very strong and hard.

“What can I do now!”

Kudo-san shouted from the bottom of her heart, in response, Shino-san had a sad expression on her face. Not only Shino-san, but also the girls who were watching the game, they all had sad faces. In addition, the girls who joined the athletic club like Minori-san had a pale face while touching their bodies.

…Don’t worry. Minori-san’s chests are soft, but other than that, I can feel the thickness of her muscles.

“That’s right… If it looks so hard, it turns me off a little.”

“Me too…”

“You might think it’s a hand of a gorilla!”

The boys who were watching the game looked at Kudo-san’s arm and said whatever they want. Perhaps, Kudo-san could hear their voice, her spirit was visibly disappearing. Moreover, on her eyes, there seemed tears were coming out… But to such a girl like Kudo-san, there was still hope left.


“I think it’s pretty cool…”


One boy said such a thing. 

At that moment, Kudo-san’s fighting spirit came back.

“Huh!? Your taste is so bad!”

“No, I think it’s pretty cool. I want to be hugged tightly with that strong arm.”

“It’s not like I think that’s cool or anything, but … if I get pinned on the wall with that arm, perhaps I’ll have a heartbeat…”

“No, that’s a no no, right?”, “It’s cool, right?” And the boys disputed amongst themselves. 

The girls were listening to the boys seriously. 

…I understand that you’re interested in that arms, but for now, please pay attention to the game.

“Anyway, with this arm, I’ll help Hatano-kun who is in crisis, and somehow it’ll make us closer!”

Let me say this, but your plan is too vague!

It seemed that Shino-san thought the same as me.

“You think you can get Kohaku-kun with such a vague feeling!? Don’t make me laugh!”


“I’m already envisioning a newlywed life with Kohaku-kun!”

…… Isn’t it just a delusion? And you just said it when the person can hear it clearly, you know? If I were a normal man, this will turn me off for sure.

” “It’s my Win!” “

Kudo-san’s arm got morse tense than ever and the coins moved to her direction slightly. However, as soon as the coin almost reach Kudo-san’s name it moved to another direction. 

The boys who saw it let out a surprised voice.

“This is……!”

“No way!”

“I’m sure it’s that ‘no way’…”


The boys looked at each other’s faces and opened their mouth to confirm their thoughts.

“ “It’s Kokkuri-san’s will!!!” ”

What the hell are you talking about! Seriously, what’s going on in their heads? You know they didn’t do the ritual!

“Shino-san turned the direction around. She didn’t go against Kudo-san’s power, but she added power in a way that gave her a little momentum, and then guided the power to the outside…”

“I think that if she wasn’t good at it, she would have been pushed out as it was, but Toukain-san was skillful in handling power.”

Yuzuka-san and Minori-san explained so, and everyone was impressed. The result of the game was that coin avoided Kudo-san’s name for a moment, and moved to Shino-san’s name right after that. And so, Shino-san won the game. Then, both sides shook hands with a smile as if they were able to agree with the result.


As for the last table… all the girls were exhausted, and in the end, it was decided by lottery.

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