Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 44 Part 1

44-1. In the meantime, No one knows who’s gonna win (Part 1)

————— MC POV —————

I can’t remember when my feelings for the world faded. But it’s not that I can’t remember because it happened in such a long time ago. I’m sure there was no such a thing happened.

The value of the world was broken, as it was scraped little by little. No, the value hasn’t changed. What has changed is the way I value the world.

There are times when I want to see the beautiful scenery again. 

There are times when I want to eat a delicious meal again. 

There are times when I want to meet nice people again. 

I know the value of the world.

No, to be exact, I understand it.

So, why does it look like the value has faded? 

Is it because I knew the ugliness of the world? 

Is it because I have tasted the horror of the world? 

Is it because I have entrusted myself to the darkness of the world? 


If that’s the case, I wouldn’t be able to recognize good things anymore.

I’m sure it’s much simpler than that. 

It’s just that changing side between the Light and darkness, Justice and Evil, I’ve enough of it.

Some are blessed more than you… some are unhappy, some are better… some are inferior, and so on. Combine it with various circumstances… the changes that may happen by time or situation… gasp it, understand it and utilize it. Do it again and again, then, you will get tired.

Raising your spirit, keeping that tension, and becoming stubborn about it…

Suddenly I lost the energy to do it all. 

That’s why I want to live like this, an easy-going life, if it’s easy, I can understand it pleasantly. 

That’s why, please don’t to trample on a such trivial wish of mine. 

…I just want to live safely.

I just want to choose a moderate life… act moderately, be impressed moderately, and be satisfied moderately. 

If you say that you want to get in the way, even on such a simple wish――

————— Illias POV —————

There are several squares in Tiez. The largest square is the central square, but other squares have a history as a relaxing place loved by the people. This square is a place that should have been crowded with harvest festival offerings. But now it’s quiet.

Immediately after this location was designated, an announcement of no activities was made and carried out. False reasons were given as the explanations to the people, and the people in the surrounding houses were also evacuated. No one was around the square.

Knights were waiting at some distance. 

Perhaps, they’re stationed there, just in case the worst happens. But they’ll move only if we died.

There are three people here: Wolfe, Lacra, and me. Pope Euparo could not rush to this place. First of all, we must rescue him.

“It’s the promised time! If you’re here, why don’t you show up now!”

“Aーra, ara ara. Aren’t the people on your side not as what we instructed?”

Girista and Parshuro appeared. 

I can’t see him and Ecdoic.

“What, so you ignored my instruction huh, you damn trash. Is it okay to say that you changed it?”

“Pope Euparo has been touring the villages outside since the morning. It’s not a situation where he could physically come. If you give such instructions, you need to know that much.”

“Ara, is that so, Pershuroー, it seems our unpreparedness has been noticed.”

“Maybe it’s because you made the plan without thinking in the first place! Idiot! So, to put it the other way around, Pope Euparo is now outside without any security.”

“Well, maybe I can go to kill the Pope when this is over?”

“Don’t steal the other’s prey, stupid! But well, my other prey seems to have come, so let’s enjoy it.”

“Where is Shishoー!”

Wolfe answered Parshuro in the form of anger, but he wasn’t frightened by it.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t hold myself since he kept staring at me with such a good eye. See, can’t you smell his blood?”

Girista pointed her big sword. 

I can’t be swallowed by anger. Certainly, there are traces of fresh blood, but only a few. I don’t think it’s a fatal injury, and it may not be his blood in the first place.

But Wolfe probably knew from the smell that the blood belonged to him. Thankfully, Lacra suppressed her who was trying to jump in.

“Aaa, stop it, Wolfe-chan! Don’t fall for such a cheap provocation!”

“That’s right, Wolfe, calm down.”

“――!? Shishoー!!”

He appeared. 

So, he’s safe? I’m glad. There is a bandage on his shoulder, but other than that, there seems to be no particular abnormality. He doesn’t seem to be restraint either.

I breathed in relief. 

However, we cannot turn our eyes away from the fact that, Ecdoic, who is giving off a strong murderous intent is behind him.

“Ecdoic! Why did you release the restraint!? Are you stupid!? There is no merit in freeing him, you know?”

“Hear this. What you want here is a battle with them. You don’t want to be excused that they didn’t get serious because of the hostages, right? Anyway, if he tries to escape from this place, we can just kill him at that time.”

“That’s right, I really want to enjoy the battle to death with Illias, so I don’t want such an excuse coming from her.”

“If you run away, Parshuro, you can burn him with your flames. I’m sure you can kill him in one shot, and even if someone block it for him, that person will die.”

“I don’t care if your prey gets burned you know? Stupid! That’s why I’d like you to look quietly.”

“Yeah, I’m going to do that from the beginning.”

He is still in a dangerous position. If he tries to escape, or even move from that position, he’ll become the target and the risk of him dying will increase. But, seeing the situation, it seems that he was able to get around.

“I’ve set up a barrier around here so no one can enter from the outside. With this, no one will get in the way.”

Ecdoic lifted his arms up and swung them down. Then, a large number of chains slipped off the arm and spread to the ground.

“Then, Lacra Salf, who killed my father! Let me have you die in honor of my father!”

“… Wait, Ecdoic-san, I’ve never murdered human, you know?”

It seems Lacra can’t read the atmosphere of the situation at all, no, perhaps, she doesn’t want to accept what he’s saying without knowing the truth.

“Lacra, it seems that he was raised by one of the demons you had killed.”

“Oh my! Really?! Ah, that’s why I feel this unpleasant feeling peculiar to a non-human being coming from Ecdoic-san.”

Raised by the demon… Is that possible? But if so, it explained his grudge against Lacra, as she is active in hunting demons. So, he got the information about the enemies to that extent, huh? 

“That’s right, the Great Demon, Begragyudo, you defeated on that day is my father! My father who was defeated by someone like you, a priest that completely incompetent other than in a battle, such a humiliating defeat, a disgrace to his honor. I will regain his honor by defeating you!”

“Aren’t you so mean!?”

Certainly, if I think that my father’s enemy was Lacra… I think I can understand his feelings. I can’t help but to feel a little sympathetic when I think his situation is similar to me.

“Ehmmー, I’d like to ask you another question, is that okay?”


“What kind of demon was that Great Demon, Begragyudo? I’m embarrassed to say this but, all of the Demons that I’ve killed, ‘they’re all the same’ “ 

“… I decided, I’ll kill you as miserably as I can!”


What a good provocation. If she did that on purpose, she’s good at it. But it seems she’s just natural at it. 

Ecdoic’s expression was getting grimmer.

“Ecdoic, burn and roast that nonchalant idiot!”


He seems to be in the usual condition. Even though we’re in a situation like this… I’m a little nervous, but I’ve to regain my spirit.

At that moment, Ecdoic attacked Lacra. The chains dropped on the ground jumped to Lacra as if it got its own will. However, the barrier stretched by Lacra prevented the chain from attacking her.

At the same time, Girista and Parshuro also started to move. 

She’s the type that’s good at a wide range attack, I need to avoid fighting in the place nearby to others. Which means, I need to jump in first before Girista moves!

“Aren’t you so violent, today? I’m so happy!”

“I’m sorry to say this when you’re happy, but there’s I’m not playing around!”

The fire of the battle was finally lit.

————— MC POV —————

Illias and Girista, Wolfe and Parshuro, and Lacra and Ecdoic. I knew that Pope Euparo couldn’t come, so this development was within my expectations.

I can only believe in Illias. I don’t know until to what extent Lacra’s ability is. I’ve never seen Ecdoic’s fighting style either, so I can only pray.

The problem is, Wolfe. The strength of Parshuro is real, and he’s superior than the assassins from Mejis that came to Tiez before. She definitely can’t win in a straightforward manner. She needs to wait for Illias to join or uses some tricks.

Even though Wolfe is attacking, and Parshuro is easily handling the attacks while occasionally checking on her. Wolfe is trained against opponents that’s better than her, due to that influence, she tends not to aim for big moves. She’ll gradually increase the speed of her small attack and only aim for a one-shot reversal when she’s cornered and really in need to do that.

Parshuro, on the other hand, at first, he’ll wait. Then he’ll turns to attack after a certain point. It is a style where you match the opponent, the difference in power is obvious.

This battle will end on how far Wolfe can show her potential. She ‘has been training’ for this. I’ll just wait and only give her some advice when an unforeseen situation comes.

————— Illias POV —————

“Then! I’ll let my sword cut and eat you!”

Girista released the power of the magic sword immediately after having a few clashes with my sword. 

A large sword that opens and closes like the mouth of a beast. Even if you avoid the attack, it’s still eating the Mana of the surroundings.

The amount of Mana that can be scrapped at one time is less than 10%, but still, it’s a bad idea to fight for long. That’s what I normally will think, but I can’t just rush the fight.

During the clashes we had, Girista occasionally showed a gap. But I didn’t attack that gap, after all it was a trap. She has the strength to wield a big sword, but behind her crazy behavior, and I can feel meticulousness. Sure, this creates a gap, but if I attack there, she’ll return it surely.

She’s not a hasty type but an endurance type that consumes the opponent if you don’t attack. Of course, if you don’t attack, you can’t win, and there are also Wolfe.

Then, what should I do is to make a new gap without piercing the prepared gap, and attack there. Let’s move around Girista and keep her in check for a while.

“That big sword is quite large, but more than that, what separate it from normal sword is the weight. It must be much heavier than iron.”

“Yeah, it’s veryー heavy.”

“Of course, right. You won’t even be able to lift it unless you raise your arms strength with Mana. And also, to balance yourself, you need to make a step every time you want to swing it.”

“What’s wrong with thー?!”

Girista’s body was shrinking.

The ground around her was sand instead of soil.

“It’s a kind of Earth Magic. Can you make a step on the sand with that weight?”

“You’re a cunning, huh?”

“It’s called as making a gap with a trick, that’s all!”

Girista tried to swing her sword. She wielded her sword and made a step, but as she was in the sand, she got caught in it and lost her balance. Then, she forcibly thrusted the big sword into the ground to rebuild her balance. 

With this, the sword is sealed. I’ll not give the time to pull it out. 

I jumped in and swung down the sword in my hand.

“Got you!”

“That’s my line!”

Suddenly the big sword wriggled violently. And the big sword twisted at a right angle and opened. The magic sword changed its appearance from the state where it was thrusted against the ground to the shape where both jaws were spread as if it was waiting for Illias. 

While giving a strong impression like scissors, in fact it also has the flexibility to twist freely and can freely attack the opponent. That is the true identity of the magic sword.

I couldn’t stop my momentum.

The magic sword had regained its sturdiness and was moving to close its jaw.

“I’m sorry but…”

“Too bad”

” ――!?”

The movement of the magic sword had stopped. 

I was safe. It was unexpected that the sword suddenly became soft. I was prepared to receive some damages. But, it was her failure to re-harden it.

I took of my sword from the scabbard and used the scabbard like a stick to stop the movement of Girista’s sword. 

The steel scabbard gradually distorted. 

Well… It seems, I’ll get scold by Toruido again.

I looked at Gilrsta. 

It’s the first time she’s making an impatient expression. 

I already know the movements that the magic sword will make when it changes its form to be soft and the time it needs to fully regain its sturdiness.

“This ――”

“Too late!”


In a flash, Girista’s arms flew in the air.

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