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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 181

181. How does Taiyou decide

“Is the selection going well?”

Lying on a beautifully decorated sofa, the boy with the name, Taiyou Ouza, asked a standing boy near him.

“Yes, sir! The sorting is proceeding smoothly. Following the plan, Taiyou-sama need to see them tomorrow.”


The boy once fought for supremacy in the area with Taiyou. However, the battle ended in his overwhelming defeat. After that, the boy swore allegiance to Taiyou. And since then, the boy had been doing various miscellaneous things as his right arm.

“It’s a bit late to ask this, but all of them are top-notch women, right?”

“Of course, only the girls who excel in all aspects of studying, exercise, appearance, and manners, were chosen.”

“Then, it’s all good.”

Taiyou slowly rose from the sofa.

“Only the first-class woman who deserves to be with the first-class man.”

“Yes, exactly.”

“Then, the most suitable one for me is…”

“Only the best woman”

“That’s right. It seems that there are some cheeky people who want to fight with me, but I need to make them taste overwhelming defeat.”

The boy remembered himself who once challenged Taiyou. In studying, exercising, strength, and even popularity with girls, he couldn’t win and was in despair. He prostrated in front of Taiyou. That experience of defeat and shame convinced him that the upcoming tournament will end with Taiyou’s victory.

“If it’s Taiyou-sama, I’m sure you’ll be in victory.”

“Of course, I’ll win, it’s the law of nature. but there shouldn’t be a single flaw in that victory… That’s why the quality of the woman that I’ll bring is important.”


“Based on the preliminary, there’re some people who seems to be excellent.”

The boy moved his eyebrows to the words. When Taiyou saw it, he grinned and laughed nastily… and then, continued his words.

“To the point, it’s okay to add him as my subordinates …”

And, Taiyou ended the words arrogantly, “Just like you”. 

The boy asked Taiyou who seemed to be in a good mood.

“Is he, the one called Daikuji?”

The boy said that because when he was watching the tournament on TV, he felt that Daikuji was in a sense a remarkable man like Taiyou.

“Pfft! Hahahahaha! I see, you think so, huh? For sure, he is excellent, but rather than him, I’m paying more attention to Hibiya.”

“Hibiya, the one from Seimei…”

“Yeah, an elite who is recognized by everyone who is also a Vice-President of the Student Council at a school where it’s said as ‘the place where the best boys grow up’, Seimei High. How that proud face going to change after being humiliated, I want to see it!”

Seeing Taiyou laughing out loud, the boy thought of the future where Hibiya would suffer after being defeated.

“…Then, what about that person called Hatano?”

The boy asked about another participant that the boy was paying attention to. Then, Taiyou, who had been laughing loudly until now, replied that he thought that the laughter would be stopped.

“That guy huh… I think he’s also excellent, but he seems to have a slightly rotten character. He doesn’t have good enough character to be under my control.”

“Rotten character…?”

“That’s right. Even though it’s a battle to decide the King, the way he fight is straightforwardly. He matches the pace of others, deprives them of their physical strength, and makes the battles advantageous to him in the end… that kind of way, it’s not the way the king fights… He’s too humble!”

Taiyou confidently said so, but the boy became scared when he remembered the tragedy created by Kohaku Hatano.

“Is, is that so? What about that masked man? Does Taiyou-sama want him to be under your control?”

“Hahaha, stop saying something so funny. He’s just a clown. In the first place, he’s hiding his face, it’s like saying that he’s not confident in himself… no matter what he said. It’s a waste of time to be involved in such a small fry… but yeah, since he said such words, I want to ‘educate’ him a little.”

Taiyou said in a monotone, but the pressure generated by the body couldn’t be said as the same as his tone.

It was a proof that Taiyou was also uncomfortable with the words the masked man said.

“For that reason, I need excellent girls. I’m sure other contestants also strict in their selection. So, do it properly.”


“Fufufu, I wonder if there is someone who decide their companions by lottery, or something like that.”

The boy relaxed his cheeks and replied to the joke.

“I’m sure there’s no such a fool.”

“Hahaha, that’s right, the guy who makes choice like that is an idiot who will for sure leave his name in history.”

Then, Taiyou went to think about the upcoming battle.


“I did it! It’s my win!”

“I also wooonー! Hatano-san please give me a victory’s hugー”

As what Yuzuka-san and Minori-san had expected, Maizumi-san and Yachigusa-san won. The winners were coming out smoothly, one by one…

Is this really a good decision….?

No, it’s okay. I’m sure other participants decided their teammates by asking an Angel, or Hanako-san, or something like that. It must be so. [TN: Hanako-san is a ghost]

……Hmm, yep, no matter how you think about it, they’re not that crazy!


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