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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 11

11. Please listen to what other people say

It was the same as the other day, Sayama’s words were so strange.

Moreover. he said it so seriously. Even what he just said, it sounded as if he wanted to say, “You’re a really bad guy”.

『“……. Atsushi-san. For the time being, let’s punch that person once.”』

『”Well, I can understand your feeling, but stop it. It’ll make the situation worse.”』

While rejecting Yuri’s proposal, Atsushi was somehow managed to arrange some words.

“I didn’t cheat. Stop having such a selfish delusion.”

“Delusion? What are you saying? I just said the truth. How come you got a score that high if not by cheating.”

It was really unreasonable.

In this case, you couldn’t just talk it through normally. No matter what Atsushi might say, the impression that “Atsushi Yamagami is a fool” was too strong in him, no one could do anything about it.

『”OK. Atsushi-san. Let’s throw this ‘trash’ out of the window.”』

『”Like what I always say, please stop making such an extreme proposal.”』

『”It’s okay, don’t worry. This is just the second floor, so he won’t die. It may be just a little painful.”』

『”It’s not okay at all, isn’t it?”』

Yuri’s irritation was gradually increasing, and her words and actions, or rather, her voice in her heart, became even more extreme.

However, in terms of irritation, Atsushi was the same.

“… I don’t care what kind of person do you think I am. Still, saying something completely unfounded like that is just too much, don’t you think so?”

Unintentionally, Atsushi said such a word.

Sure, he felt unpleasant, however, what he did was a bad move for persuading another person.

“Unfounded? Who cares, Anyway, it’s wrong for someone like you together with Shirasawa-san!”

Sayama was controlled by his anger.

His words were like the tantrums of elementary school students.

Did he really hate seeing Atsushi, the most hated person in school, with Yuri, rather than himself, one of the guys in the top caste in the class? Or did he seriously worry for Yuri, as he thought that being near Atsushi would never be good for her? No one knew the truth, but, at the moment, not only Atsushi but also Yuri, they felt so uncomfortable and thought that Sayawa was annoying.

…..But, Swearing or yelling here wouldn’t be a help.

Well, what should I do?

“Oiii. What are you guys making noise about?”

Suddenly, there was a familiar female voice.

Looking back, there was a woman in a jersey with her unkempt maroon hair tied up at the back.

Momoko Saito… A teacher at this school, the one in charge of Atsushi’s class.

“I was thinking about what you’re doing in the classroom… Oi, Sayama. Didn’t you say something interesting just now? Yamagami cheated at the test or something like that.”

“Y-Yes. I mean, it’s so strange that Yamagami gets more than 90 points. There’s no way he got that other than by cheating…”

“No no, that’s not the case. I was in charge of this class when it was the math exam. What? Do you want to say I overlooked someone cheating?”

“T-That’s not…”

Sayama was told that and he got panicked.

Saito had a big sigh and continued her words.

“Rather, Sayama. You were in the same class as Yamagami during the first year, right?”

“Yes, what is it?”

“Well… What are you talking about now? Yamagami has been doing well in mathematics since the first year, you know that too, right?”

“Eh… No way…”

“Really, that’s true. If you were in the same class, you should know that much.”

Sayama began to fluster with those words.

On the other hand, Saito spoke to him as if to chase after him.

“Rather, Sayama. Are you really in a position to say about another person’s score? I heard that your score for this test was pretty close.”


“Well, it’s not only about test scores. But, before you say something about other people, please look at yourself first, okay?”

That was the last blow to shut Sayama.

He couldn’t hold up to what he said. Once his score was known to others, the fact that he wasn’t doing good at the test, his act of treating others as a cheater just seemed as if he wanted to interfere with Atsushi and Yuri’s studies.

Realizing that, Sayama couldn’t say anything.

And Saito, she didn’t say anything to Sayama anymore.

“It’s end here. The ones who have club activities should go quickly. The ones who want to go back home should go home quickly.”

While saying so, Saito left the classroom.

Before leaving completely, she looked at Atsushi for a moment and smiled with a bitter smile.

Atsushi, on the other hand, returned it with a small nod so that no one would notice.

In this way, the turmoil caused by Sayama was subsided.

As for Sayama, the people around him were following him, so nothing happened after that.

But somehow,

Atsushi couldn’t think that it was all settled, and he became a little worried that something might happen soon.


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  1. I just don’t understand how almost every japanese web novel author thinks that being passive = good….. i really cannot relate to their mc’s mind at all…. if someone is accusing you baselessly like that in front of everyone, isn’t it humane to feel angry to the point of wanting to punch the accuser??? And here he is taking it all just like that, more often is the FMC who gets angry instead…. is dodging away from any problem how japanese guys are raised???

    1. Eyo, I get that human can get angry, but with rumours about him already being bad enough, if he does something out of line like curb stomping a wee high schooler because he’s angry, no teacher would be able to help him stay in the school. And that’s no good towards our lovely ship, and his future.

    2. Keeping his cool and letting the teacher deal with that idiot was definitely the best possible move in that situation. Sayama was making a fool out of himself and everyone around him knew it, you just need to give people like that some rope and they’ll gladly hang themselves with it.

  2. Well ,i also got furious too but there is a good reaon for the mc being like that -the rumour.Other than that being smart by not beat them to sh’t everytime u get bombarded with question will make a big development in the relationship between mc and fmc

  3. I don’t understand why the MC on these Romcom can’t just ignore that kind of person. I mean, they really don’t deserve attention, if you ignore them that’s all it takes

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