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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 180

180. Prediction for the chosen one

Yuzuka-san was looking down at the girls who were lying down on the ground… As you could expect, it was be a scene that surprised me.

“What happened?”

I asked one of the boys nearby.

“Eh… Ah, I’m sorry. I don’t know since I was focused at Saegusa’s crazy state.”

……A lot of words came back, but unfortunately, I can’t deny it. 

Minori-san, who was hugging my arm, muttered, “So rude …”

Please say that after looking at yourself a little more objectively.

“I-I saw it!”

“Me too……”

Perhaps the other boys could hear our voice, they joined our conversation.

“Really? So, what did Yuzuka-san do?”

The two, who said they were watching the scene, quietly spoke after they took a deep breath.

” “I was watching, but I didn’t know exactly what she did.” “

“……. Hmmmm”

Even though their face saying they did saw it, but what’s with that explanation?

“Wait a minute! I’ll tell you what happened!”

“T-That’s right! I’ll talk properly! So don’t look at us as if you’re looking at pests!”

…… I didn’t mean to see you with that kind of eyes…

“W-Well, Hatano, please forgive us. Please stop seeing at your classmates as if you want to trample insects in front of you. So why did she get into that state again?”

“Oh, right. It was really normal at first. Everyone at the table was trying their best to get the coin.”

The other boys also gathered and listened to what we were talking about.

“… But from what I saw, I think that only Seikagu was relaxed the whole time. Maybe she was seeing the power of the other girls.”

“I think so too. And when Saegusa was laughing maniacally, Seikagu moved!…. that was what I felt at that time.”

“Yeah, she looked like she just moved the coin a little by little…. then, one of the girls got out of balance, and the other two followed a similar end.”

“Maybe ‘Kokkuri-san’ really helped her…”

Someone muttered such a thing. 

With that one word, they got quiet in an instant. Perhaps, in their hearts, they were thinking, “Maybe there’s a ghost came for real?”. And it seemed they were scared of ghost, the boys looked around and started to move closer to each other.

Don’t worry guys, ‘Kokkuri-san’ won’t come, they didn’t do the ritual properly after all.

“Kohaku-kun, I won.”

With a soft smile, Yuzuka-san came to report her victory. The cold eyes that she had when she was looking down at the losers couldn’t be found. It was a gentle smile like the usual, an angel-like smile. 

Her attitude was so much different than before, but well, seeing her smile made me couldn’t worry about it anymore.

“Umm, congratulations”

“Thank you very much. Yay!”

After Yuzuka-san said thank you, she hugged my other arm, the opposite arm to Minori-san.


It was a very nice smile. 

Then, one of the boys asked Yuzuka-san.

“Seikagu… What happened at that time? It wasn’t like you possessed… by the ghost, right?”

“… Possessed? I don’t think a ghost will come out… I just applied ‘Aiki’. You see, I’m also learning martial arts. I’m glad it was useful.” [TN: Aiki, it’s a martial arts principle]

“I-Is that so… I see, so it wasn’t’ because of a ghost? Thank god…”

The boys looked relieved after they heard Yuzuka-san’s answer.

But, I think Yuzuka-san is scarier than ghost…. really, what are these girls?

“Minori-san, Yuzuka-san, who do you will be chosen next?”

“A prediction? Hmmm …”

“I think Toukain-san and Maizumi-san will win.”

“Yeah, I think they will win. After that, even though she’s inferior in physique, but I think Yachigusa-san will also win.”

“That’s right. She is in the 1st Drama Club, which is famous with their military trainings.”

“Shino is in a stalemate right now. I guess there’s a girl who has a good power.”

“…is it that Kudo-san from the Arm-Wrestling Club? Ah, it seems the others are trying to interfere, but… it seems they can’t do anything.”

“Kudo-san… if I’m not mistaken, she saw in a book that strength attracts men, and so she’s been training since she was little. She’s a strong girl.”

The two started to predict who would be in victory. And the boys were listening quietly to the expectation.

Lately, I feel that the attitudes of the boys in my class have improved…

“Personally, I want ‘the chairman’ to do her best.”

Minori-san wanted her friends who went on to school together from junior high school to win.

“Ah, Mishima-san, is it? There is a possibility for her since the girls at the same table are not so good at exercising.”

With that word, everyone here, including me, looked at Mishima-san’s table.




“No! I still can do it!”

The girls at Mishima’s table were trying hard, but unlike Yuzuka-san and Minori-san, they were all normal. 

Seeing that, I felt relaxed for some reason.


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