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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 10

10. A delinquent has a tendency to take an exam retake

“… What do you mean?”

Atsushi, who was about to leave the classroom, answered the question that was asked.

He was stopped so loudly, so there were quite a lot of students looking at him. To be honest, Atsushi didn’t like those piercing lines of sight.

However ――― that wasn’t the case for Sayama.

“You know what I mean!! Why are you with Shirasawa-san!!?”

“Hmm, even if you ask why, it’s…”

Sayama acted without care of his surroundings. He was angry at Atsushi to that extent, but…  what he was angry about, it was very strange.

And Atsushi wasn’t the only one who thought so.

『”Errr. What’s wrong with this person. Why is he so angry that I and Atsushi are together? Seriously, he’s so strange.”』

Totally agreed.

But, Atsushi couldn’t just ignore him now. Also, if he didn’t think carefully about what he was going to say, it might just be like throwing oil on the fire. 

『”What should we do, Atsushi-san?”』

『”… Shirasawa, it’s NG to talk about your bad score, right?”』

『”Of course, yeah, please don’t say anything about it. Please…”』

『”Okay okay, you don’t need to be so desperate… but, is it okay if I say, “You have some questions about the last test, so we’ll go studying together”, or something like that?”』

『”If it’s just to that extent, then…”』

Atsushi, who obtained Yuri’s consent, then told Sayama as calmly as possible.

“We’re just going to study together. You see, there’s something she doesn’t understand in the last math test. I was asked to teach her.”

“If that’s the case, she can just ask the teacher. There is no need for you to teach her. You don’t have to.”

That was right.

For sure, if you didn’t know something about the subject, it should be common sense to ask the teacher. Some might argue that teaching each other could deepen mutual understanding, but still, it wouldn’t be better than asking it directly to the teacher of that subject.

Then, wasn’t it better for Yuri to ask the teacher, like what he said?

But things weren’t that easy…

『”Wa-Wait a minute!!! Eh? What? What is it? What are you trying to convince!!? Please deny it now!!! Or rather, it’s absolutely impossible for me to ask the teacher to teach me. I can’t even make a conversation with the teacher. It’ll be an infinite hell of silence!!! So please don’t abandon me!!!”』

Atsushi hadn’t even told Yuri anything yet, but she talked as if she knew what he wanted to say. And as she said, Atsushi couldn’t imagine Yuri being taught one-on-one by the teacher.

In the first place. Atsushi said he would teach her already. He thought that it wouldn’t make sense to not keep what he said.

That was why he was thinking about how to overcome the situation.

“In the first place, are you qualified to teach someone like her?”

Atsushi frowned at the sudden words.

“I’ve never scored so badly that I need to take a retake, though…?”

“Don’t lie. Everyone knows that you’re a ‘Retake Addict’.”

As Sayama declared,

Atsushi instinctively said, 『”What?”』 in his heart. He was rather surprised by what he just heard.

Yuri sent a word of concern to him who has lost his words.

『”A-Atsushi-san? Are you okay?”』

『”Shirasawa… Do you think the other students think that I’m such a stupid guy?”』

『”Well, I don’t really know. I rarely talk to anyone other than Atsushi-san.”』

Ah, right…

It was an unexpected development for Atsushi. Certainly, Atsushi hadn’t scored that high enough to be proud of. Sure, it wasn’t that low to the point he had to take a retake, but overall, he mostly got scores below the average.

But, however.

Still, to be called ‘Retake Addict’ was completely new to him. For him, it sounded like a baseless accusation.

“No, seriously, I’ve never scored that bad.”

“Then, what was your last math test? Tell me.”



Just for a moment, it was as if time had stopped. The students who were in the classroom, stopped moving.

Sayama wasn’t the only one who was surprised. Everyone around him, and by extension, those who heard Atsushi’s score, didn’t say anything.

For them, Atsushi’s words were unbelievable.

“L-lie! It’s a lie! Why can you get such a score….!!”

“Well, it’s the truth. See it yourself.”

While saying so, Atsushi took out the math answer sheet from his bag.

The score that Atsushi said was written there, and of course, the name on the sheet was also Atsushi’s name.

“It’s true. Wow…”

“The last test was pretty difficult, wasn’t it? The teacher said that the average score was quite low.”

“And, for him to get that high score in that test…”

The students started to make noise. They were surprised that Atsushi had a high score.

And of course,

『”Wow, amazing. So, Atsushi-san is smart.”』

『”Not really. It’s only for math. Other than that… Especially when it comes to English, it’s just like a disaster. It’s almost to the point where I need to take a retake.”』

Atsushi had been really good only at mathematics. No, you could say that there were many subjects that he wasn’t good at. Especially in English. He couldn’t understand it at all except for basic conversations and vocabulary.

But let’s leave it for now.

Atsushi didn’t want to show his score so much. But he still thought that his score was indeed high, and so it should be good enough to use as proof or to be material to convince Sayama.

Therefore, Sayama should be convinced.


“You… say the truth, did you cheat? Isn’t it embarrassing for you to have such a smug face when, in truth, you got it by looking at other people’s answers?”



………… Eeemmm

Involuntarily, Atsushi let out such a word in a monotone manner inside his heart.


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  1. What the hell is wrong with that sayama guy, telling other people what to do and what they can’t do, what does he think he is LOL, the Mc should just punch him in the face and be on his way……………..

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