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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 179

179. Kokkuri-san, start

The girls started to move with Shino-san’s voice. They drew the lots in order. And after they checked the lottery they drew, they quietly scattered to the assigned table.

It’s like the calm before the storm… 

After a while, Shino-san asked.

“Kohaku-kun, can you please give the signal to start?”


“Yeah, so that’ll be fair for everyone. I mean, we’re going to decide on Kohaku-kun’s companions, so I want you to get involved too.”

“Okay. Yeah, the start is important… right…”

But, you don’t need a start signal for ‘Kokkuri-san’? And what do you mean by saying that you want me to get involved now after all this time?

I had some questions, but the intense pressures of girls’ eyes were piercing me. More than excited gazes, it was more like gazes filled with grudges. 

Don’t look at me like that… Look, even the boys nearby are scared.

I looked around and,

“Then, are you ready?… Ready, Start!”

Right after I signaled the start,


Scary sound echoed from everywhere.


“Eh? Just now, is that the sound of the table squeaking?”

“How much power do they put…”

“B-But the coins aren’t moving at all.”

“It’s the contest of strength…”

“Perhaps, some of them is waiting?”

“Are you stupid! Do you think in this kind of situation, a lustful woman can hold herself back and be relaxed!? It’s the chance for them be under the same roof as Hatano for a few days, you know that right?”

One person who heard the words uttered the words with a painful look.

“… Isn’t it hell?”

Then more opinions came out one after another with that word as a trigger.

“I think I’m going to vomit just by thinking…”

“If that happens, I’ll get bald for sure…”

“You’ll become crazy.”

“It’s strange… I’m not jealous at all. It sounds like a punishment for me…”

The boys said whatever they like, but I could hear all of it properly. 

Why they think of me so low…

“… But at the moment, Hatano is at least within the tenth rank among men in our generation, right? I heard that girls’ status will rise considerably if they can become the companions of those men in the top ten. “

“Yeah, I’ve heard that too. It’s rumored that it’ll be easier for them to get recommendations to continue their study.”

“…Surely, if you were chosen by such a man, you would be regarded as an excellent girl.”

“T-That’s true…”

The boys said so and looked at the girls doing ‘Kokkuri-san’ once again. Their eyes were saying, “Why are these guys doing such stupid things?”. To be honest, I thought the same…

“Aha, Uhufu …”

While the boys still looking at the girls with suspicious eyes, I heard a glossy laughter in my ears. The source of the voice was, of course, the person who I thought would somehow get picked…

“This…! Minori-… Cha…an!”

“This! Muscle Gorilla …!”

“S-Saegusa! You put strength into the coin, don’t you!”

Minori Saegusa was laughing ‘gracefully’ while being criticized by the girls who were at the same table.

“Uhufu, it’s not like I’m putting in any strength, you know? The coin is coming towards me by itself. I’m living a high school life honestly and honestly, so I guess ‘Kokkuri-san’ wants to say that I’m suitable to be Kohaku-kun’s companion. I’ve been chosen. Ahaha! “

It’s a beautiful smile, but at the same time… what to say… it’s super scary. 

The other boys were trembling.

“N-No way! I-I’m sure ‘Kokkuri-san’ wants to choose me!”

“It’s me!”

“Ara Ara, Ara… but look, this is the reality. ‘Kokkuri-san’ wants to choose me.”

“It’s still not decided yet! ‘Kokkuri-san’, please choose me!”

“N-no, me!”

“Ufufufufu, it’s useless… ‘Kokkuri-san’ has already chosen me…”

… Kokkuri-san’s name has been appearing frequently since a while ago, but… Kokkuri-san should not be able to do anything. I mean, they didn’t even do the ritual properly!

The coin on the desk was approaching Minori-san.

“Oh, I can see it. the future where I’m protecting Kohaku-kun from the thugs who are aiming for him in the final round. At the same time, the love between us is growing. Yes, yeah! That’s it! What ‘Kokkuri-san’ wants to say, I can understand it! Yeah, that must be it!”

Minori-san was having such delusions while her free hand was on her cheek, even though she looked as if she didn’t put any strength to the coin, the coin was approaching Minori-san’s name. 

It’s 1 vs 4, but she doesn’t seem to be worried at all… but still, they’re damaging the reputation of ‘Kokkuri-san’.

“Dam, Damnit …”

“I’m not chosen…”

“W-Why? Kokkuri-san! Why!?”


As a result, the game on that table was decided.

“Kohaku-san, Kohaku-san! I won!”

“Ah, yeah. Congratulations. Um… Please take care of me in the final round.”

“Yes! I’ll do my best!”

With that said, Minori-san clung tightly to my arm. I could feel something soft from my arm, but I wasn’t that happy because of what I just saw. Rather, her sudden change in attitude was too much that it turned me off.

The boys looked at us as if they saw something strange. 

I don’t know about Minori-san, but please don’t look at me like that…


Suddenly, one of the boys made a loud voice. When I checked what the boy was looking at, there were girls lying the ground and Yuzuka-san who was quietly looking down at the girls.


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  1. …………Ah, they didn’t even did the ritual properly……so i guess things will be fine?…………
    Minori being in Kohaku’s team is actually a good thing for him.

  2. It might be late to say this, but shouldn’t he be the one choosing who he brings with him instead of whatever all this is?

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