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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 9

9. A pinch called an exam retake

『”Exam retake?”』

『”Yes… I did badly in the previous test… So, I need to do a retake…”』

The two were talking about such a topic with telepathy during the fifth class.

Mid-term tests were conducted a week ago. The results were announced one after another this week. 

Those with poor results will need to take a retake. Of course, you must to, since you got a bad score.

It could be said as something common in every school.

So, Atsushi had only one word for Yuri.

『”Hoo. I see. Good luck.”』

『”Cold! Even though your classmate is so sad right now, why are you so cold!?”』

『”It’s your own fault that you got a bad score. Besides, there is still time until the retake. Until then, if you study hard, you’ll be able to do something about it.”』

『”Uuh~… The other day, you said that you’ll help me if I’m really in trouble, right!!? Liar, Atsushi-san is a liar!!! I won’t give the pudding at the club room to such a person anymore!!!”』

No, what kind of threatening is that…

Atsushi was astonished at Yuri’s tantrum. As usual, Yuri was disappointing in many ways.

In the first place. Atsushi wasn’t that good at academic study. Some subjects were below the average, although it wasn’t to the point where he would need to take a retake. 

For sure, he wasn’t in a position to teach others.

But… Still, if you couldn’t take responsibility for what you had said, it wasn’t a good manner either.

『”Huft… By the way, what subject you did do badly?”』

『”That’s… math…”』

『”Math, is it? Well… if it’s math, I think I can teach it to some extent…”』

『”Really! ?? Yay!!! It’s my win!!!”』

『”Win? What do you mean, huh?”』

Yuri felt like she had gone through the retake, even though Atsushi only said that he would teach her math.

This was why she was a disappointing beautiful girl.

『”That’s why, let’s go home together today.”』


Atsushi unintentionally spilled such a word to Yuri’s unexpected proposal.

Fortunately, no one noticed it, probably because it was not that loud. But, of course, Yuri didn’t miss Atsushi’s words.

『”Mmmmー. What is that reaction? Speaking of studying, isn’t it normal to do it together after school?”』

『”No, it’s not about that… I mean, is it really okay? if you go home with me, you will stand out, you know?”』

Everyone knew how Atsushi was treated at school now. And if you left the school with such a man, you would stand out.

『”Hmmー About that. I’ve already thought about it. If I’m with Atsushi-san, other people won’t come near me, so I think it’s good for me! Banzai!! Yay!”』 [TN: Banzai = Hooray]

『”Don’t treat people like a mosquito coil.”』

That said, Yuri’s theory wasn’t wrong.

Atsushi, was the most hated person in school, no, rather, he was feared by his classmates. If Yuri were next to him, there would certainly be no one trying to invite Yuri.

However, there would be some fatal drawbacks.

『”Still… that, you know. Weird rumors will spread.”』

『”Well, even now, there are still weird rumors about us. It doesn’t matter if it’s increased by one.”』

『”Then, isn’t okay to expose your otaku side?”』

『”It’s a different story. Atsushi-san, you really don’t understand. The discriminatory gaze from extroverts to the introverts moreover an otaku introvert…”』

『”So, you hate that more than the bad rumor you will get with me, huh…”』

Indeed, in retrospect, Yuri didn’t say about hating to stand out.

Just that, she wanted to spend her school life peacefully and calmly.

So, by being next to Atsushi, there would be fewer people who would try to invite Yuri, which meant fewer annoying people.

I’m not sure if that means you can get a peaceful and quiet school life.

But then…

『”Oh, by the way, I don’t like studying in places with a lot of people, so let’s do it at Atsushi-san’s house.”』


Once again, Atsushi spilled such a word with his mouth.

This time it had been noticed, some of his classmates gazed at Atsushi. Atsushi, on the other hand, felt embarrassed, but it couldn’t be helped. He just heard a very crazy proposal.

『”……Oi. A high school girl trying to go to a man’s house, don’t you feel anything about it?”』

『”No, it’s okay because it’s Atsushi-san’s house, not some stranger man’s house.”』

『”That’s true, but… what is it… I don’t feel that happy.”』

Like, should I be happy to be trusted? or should I take it as being looked down on?… I don’t know…

That said. For the time being…

『”…… I get it. Then, after school, it’s a study session at my place.”』

『”Yaaaay!! Ah, I’m going to buy sweets and juice, so can we stop by the supermarket on the way to your house?”』

『”Oi, You, don’t you understand the danger of your position? Really, what a bad fairy.”』

Atsushi pointed out to Yuri who sounded so happy as if she were going to play, despite him saying that it would be a study session.

In any case, the two decided to study together after school.

And when the school ended…

While many classmates went to do club activities or left school, Atsushi tried to go home with Yuri as promised.


“Oi, Yamagami. You, what’s the meaning of this, huh?”

A word that sounded like an angry word was suddenly thrown at Atsushi.

On the other hand, Atsushi understood it in an instant.

That, it would be a hassle.


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