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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 178

178. A strange morning

The girls were enthusiastically trying to do ‘Kokkuri-san’, and the boys were terrifyingly watching it, and I… was seeing such a strange morning with in my eyes. But of course, since all of us inside a classroom in a school, there would be classes. The chime rang as if to remind us of that.

“Oh? What’s wrong with you guys? The chime has rung. Please sit down.”

After receiving the words of Sumita-sensei who entered the classroom, everyone returned to their seats.

“Alright, now that everyone has taken their seats. Hmm, it seems, everyone is present. So, I have one announcement to make. The day after tomorrow, there will be interview from the TV station for this class as Hatano-kun passed the preliminary of the King of Boys. I think that everyone will be asked for one or two questions, so please do not give any answer that would embarrass the school. Then, Hatano-kun, please give a word to everyone.”

The class got noisy in an instant.

“Well, I’m sorry to trouble everyone. As the teacher said, I think you’ll be asked one or two questions, but you just have to answer honestly without saying anything extra. Don’t say anything unnecessary. Thank you.”

I said so politely and bowed my head. 

Favorable words came back from the girls, but for some reason the boys just shook their heads and looked pale.

“Then, I will ask for all of your cooperation on the day too. With this, the morning homeroom is ovー”


One of the girls screamed when Sumita-sensei tried to close the homeroom.

“What is it? Do you have something to say?”

“Yes, I would like to get permission to use the gymnasium after school today.”

“Gymnasium? What are you using it for?”

“It’s for doing ‘Kokkuri-san’!”


Sumita-sensei made a confused face.

Well, of course right…

” Kok… kuri-san? You mean that occult thing …?”


Another girl answered with a big smile to the teacher who still confused…….

You know what? I’ve never seen someone wanted to do ‘Kokkuri-san’ so cheerfully!

“I, I see … But why do you need to do it in the gym? No, in the first place, I can’t allow you to do such a suspicious ritual…”

All the girls made an expression that they couldn’t believe what they just heard.

“Sensei! Please be more flexible!”


“That’s rightー. It’s very importantー.”


“That’s true. This is a big decisive battle for the girls of this class.”

“… you’re going to do ‘Kokkuri-san’, right?”

All the girls nodded to the teacher’s question again. 

Let me tell you, ‘Kokkuri-san’ is not a decisive battle…

“What on earth do you need to do such a suspicious occult thing? If you don’t have a compelling reason, I won’t allow you to do it, let alone use the gymnasium.”

“To select the best members for Kohaku-kun so that he can win the King of Boys!”

Shino-san appealed with a heartfelt voice. 

….. Please don’t mention my name. I have nothing to do with that selection method.

The teacher who heard the words turned his eyes to me for some reason and sighed. He looked reluctant.

“I understand. No, I don’t understand why Kokkuri-san needs a large space like a gymnasium, but if you’re doing it for Hatano-kun, so that he could win, I’ll give the permission to use it.”

The girls cheered at the teacher’s words.

“I have full my stomach on the lunch time”

“Don’t forget to warm up”

“I’m ready for it”

Each of the girls expressed their thoughts.

“… Well, please keep it in moderation.”

With such words, the teacher left the classroom.


After school, I went to the gym. Not only me, but all the other boys were also coming to visit. 

The gymnasium was brightly lit and had six tables.

And the girls who gathered earlier were all prepared. They changed into the gym clothes for flexibility. They were sitting in ‘Seiza’ to increase their concentration. 

All of this… for doing ‘Kokkuri-san’.

“It’s time.”

Shino-san picked up a piece of paper and called out to everyone.

“I’ve explained the rules in advance, so I think everyone knows, but I’ll make the final confirmation.”

Shino-san raised the paper in her hand over her head so that everyone could see it. The paper was very simple with a circle in the center.

To that, I heard someone muttering, “It’s not the ‘Kokkuri-san’ that I know…”. Of course, it wasn’t the one I knew either.

“The rule is simple, just put a coin in the center circle and everyone touches the coin with your index finger. After the start signal, ‘Kokkuri-san’ will select the person who is suitable to be Kohku-kun’s companions. First, to split the girls into some groups, we’ll do it with a lottery, once you take the lottery, go to the table written on it and write your name on the paper there.”

After explaining, Shino-san looked at everyone and smiled when she confirmed that no one had any more questions.

“Well then, Let’s start the game.”

Shino-san said so and smiled.

Her smile… it was like a smile of a ferocious carnivore.

TN : I think it was rigged from the start…


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