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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 8

8. The probability of two beautiful girls in one class is?

『”A-Atsushi-san! Good morning”』


Atsushi responded to the telepathy sent the moment he entered the classroom.

Telepathy ability could be said as a really useful ability. After all, when you wanted to talk, you didn’t have to go near the other person. 

And so, Yuri wasn’t looking at Atsushi, as she could have a conversation without having to look at the other person.

That said. From Atsushi’s point of view, if someone wanted to have a conversation, it was better to speak normally. So, outside the classroom, he would reply normally by mouth, but…

『”Thank you for yesterday”』

『”No worries, it’s not a big deal.”』

Atsushi responded to the words of gratitude while sitting at his seat. From that attitude, no one in the class ever thought that Atsushi and Yuri were talking.

『”Ah, but that, please spare me from something like yesterday, every single day.”』

『”It’s okay! You don’t need to worry about that!! From today, I’ll be on guard, and right when school ends, I’ll fully go into stealth mode!!! I’ll show you that I can leave the room and go back home without anyone knowing!!!”』

『”As I said, that’s not something you should say so proudly.” 』

Atsushi sighed in his heart as Yuri responded so proudly. But well, he himself could understand where she came from, so he didn’t point it out any further.

『”Ah, but if something happens again, please help me.”』

『”Come on. After you said all that, you’re going to ask for help again right away?”』

『”Eh~, isn’t it okay? It’s the relationship between me and Atsushi-san, rig~ht?”』

『”I’ve only talked to you since one or two weeks ago, though?”』

『”Meanie! It’s true, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to tell it to the person!!!”』

To Yuri who was protesting, Atsushi said, 『”Yeah, yeah”』

That said. One thing and another, it was true that Atsushi and Yuri had a connection, and that they could be said as “friends”.


『”…Well, I’ll help you if you’re really in trouble. If I feel like it”』

Atsushi spilled such words.

On the other hand, Yuri…..

『”Beep Beep. From that last word, the ‘Tsundere’ sensor in me responded.”』

『”Alright, I got it. No matter what, I won’t help you.”』

The conversation of the two ended with words that no one knew whether he was joking or serious.

…… No, to be precise, their conversation was forced to end.

“Good morning, Yamagami-kun”

“You… ah, is it Kirishima?”

Hearing his name being called, Atsushi turned to the source of the voice.

The first thing that caught his eye was the silky short black hair. And the pink hairpin that holds the bangs. 

The petite height matched with her beautiful… no, cute face, and above all, her smiling face was attractive.

Sumi Kirishima…

Like Yuri, she was a beautiful girl who could be said as number one or two at this school.

Such a person was standing in front of Atsushi.

“What? Perhaps, did you forget, your classmate’s face?”

“No way. Especially, a popular girl like you, I’ll always remember it, even if I don’t want to.”

“Fufu, You’re honest huh.”

What Atsushi said was a fact.

It was really couldn’t be helped.

Anyone who saw a beautiful girl as beautiful as Sumi, her face would burn it into their brain. It was also the reason she was said to have a lot of fans. And every day, love letters were sent to her and she was confessed by others.

She was a pretty girl who seemed to appear only in light novels and manga.

“Any~way, I heard it too you know. That you went on a date with Shirasawa-san yesterday.”

“What a terrible misunderstanding. It wasn’t a date. It was just ‘simple shopping’. You don’t call it a date when two people who aren’t even a couple go shopping, don’t you?”

“Well, a boy and a girl about the age, go shopping alone. That’s what the general public called as, a date.”

“Is that so? I didn’t know that.”

Atsushi raised his hands with a bitter smile at Sumi’s words. 

Perhaps she wasn’t really saying it seriously.

Even Atsushi could tell that much by looking at her face.

“Anyway, it’s surprising. The fact that you even had some interactions with Shirasawa-san.”

“It wasn’t even an interaction. I mean, she just lent me her umbrella. That’s it.”

“Hmmmm… That’s all to it, huh. Even so, that kind of contact is rare. She’s a very famous person, but I’ve never seen her with someone else. Moreover leaving school with another person. It’s like, “She was there, but in just a moment, she had gone”. In that sense, she’s called, ‘Fairy’.”

Atsushi learned the meaning of ‘Fairy’ for the first time.

If that nickname came from her beauty, it could be ‘Angel’ or ‘Goddess’ instead, since it should be more suitable. Nevertheless, the reason she was being called ‘Fairy’, was that.

“So, if you have any tips to be liked or at least make her interested to you, please let me know.”

“Even if you say that. Wait, why do you want her to be interested in you?”

“Look, I’m the Vice-Chairman of this class. I want to be friends with her. Is that reason, not good enough?”

Hearing that word, Atsushi started to think for a while.

In a sense, it was true that Yuri was a little unfamiliar with the others in this class. And there was a good reason behind her words. She was worried about Yuri because she was the Vice-Chairman.

Originally, Atsushi’s role as a friend was to be able to make her be able to blend well in with the class.

However, Atsushi didn’t dare to make a choice.

Sure, that would be good if Yuri could get used to the class. But that was the problem of the person herself, not what others should care about. Just because Atsushi was her friend and wanted to do it for her sake, it might not what she wanted. So, Atsushi decided to help Yuri to get used to the class when he really had to, but only if that what was Yuri wanted.

Therefore, Atsushi shook his head from side to side and made a bitter smile again.

“… I’m sorry. To be honest, I don’t even know. On the contrary, I would like to know if there are any tips to make her interested in you.”

“I seeー, That’s too bad. Then, if you have something to do with Shirasawa-san again, please tell me, okay?”

Having said that, Sumi returned to her seat and started chatting with her friends.

‘If you have something to do with Shirawasa-san’, was what Sumi said.

To be honest, Atsushi would like to be free from something like yesterday in the future.

He wished he could spend a peaceful day without anything happening.

Yes, that was what he hoped for, but…

『”Azuji-zan!!! Hoiilup Muii~~~~~!!!”』

After a week.

For some reason, Yuri was tearfully (in her heart) asking Atsushi for help.


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