Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 177

177. Who will go with Kohaku?

“Congratulations, Hatano-kun!”

“Congratulations! Do your best in the finals!”

“If it’s Hatano=kun, I’m sure he’ll be the King of Boys! I know it!”

“I’ll support you as much as I can!”

Today, after I left home to go to school, I got encouragement one after another.  

Really, I’m impressed with the amazing effect of TV…

Since my neighbors and strangers came to talk to me like this. I gave them a smile.


When I arrived at school, my teacher, Sumita-sensei, called me.

“Good morning”

“Yeah, good morning. And congratulations on your participation in the finals. Maki-san was happy too.”

…… Maki-san? Oh, that pink-haired woman. Well, this could be good for promoting the school.

“So, I know that you were informed about this too, but the school got an application for coverage from the TV station, they said that they’re going to take an introduction VTR of you. And the permission for that has been given.”

Oh right, it seems that the participants will be introduced in the next broadcast, so it will be an interview for that.

“As a matter of course, they’ll ask few questions to your classmates and your homeroom teacher, which is me, and after that  school guide.”

“When are they coming?”

“It’s a little sudden, but it’s the day after tomorrow.”

“It’s too sudden!”

“Well, it’s such a popular program, I think the TV station is also putting effort into it. When they called the school, they seemed very enthusiastic about it… I also heard that the audience rating was amazing.”

That’s right, right? It’s all thanks to me.

“I will inform everyone in the class about it in the morning homeroom later, also please give some words after that.”

“Yes, I understand.”

“See you later.”

And so, Sumita-sensei left. 

But they’ll interview me huh… maybe they’ll ask about my school life… Yeah, I’m always spend my time in school like a good student, but yeah, I need to be careful not to say anything unnecessary.

Then, I opened the classroom door.

“Good morー”

“Good morning, Kohaku-kun! I wonder if the girls that you’ll bring to the final round of the King of Boys have been decided!!?”

As soon as I opened the door, Shino-san told me so. A group of girls were looking at me. 

…… It’s super scary.

“Well, I’d like to ask Shino-san or maybe some girls from this class…”

“Eh? Me? M一e? Okay, I’m out…”

Shino-san shyly said so while looking at the girls around her.

“What are you talking about?”

“You think we’ll allow that?”

“This b*tch!”

“Don’t get carried away.”

“It’s still just a “what if”! Don’t get it wrong!”

“It’s Toukain we’re talking about, sometime she’s like “that”.”

Curses flew to Shino-san all at once.

“… Everyone is too harsh”

Shino-san was in tears because of the criticism from the girls around her. 

But, really, why are they gathering like this…?

“Hmm, so what’re you going to do?”

“Everyone wants to help because it was decided that Kohaku-kun will be in the finals of the King of Boys.”

This time, Yuzuka-san came to explain.

“In other words, all of you want to cooperate?”

All the girls nodded with a smile to my question.

“I feel like Hatano will trample the others down even if he decided to participate alone.”

“I can’t imagine the future where he lost and in despair…”

“……I want to see it.”

“If such a scene appears, I will save it permanently and laugh every time I see it.”

Somehow, the boys were just like usual, they said whatever they want.

“Thank you everyone, but I can’t not bring everyone.”

“Yeah, I know. But I think it’s definitely useful to bring anyone here.”

I think so too. It sounds stupid but they’re all elite.

“And, so everyone had a discussion about what Hatano-kun to claim the victory and be the winner in the final round.”

“I see, I see”

“As a result, it was a luck or something like a sixth sense.”


I didn’t understand what Yuzuka-san said.

Perhaps the girls who have good grades are somewhat crazy? No, wait, let’s listen to the end…

“Specifically, what do you mean by that…?”

“This is it.”

Yuzuka-san said that and took out a coin and showed it to me.


“If Kohaku-kun was to asked us to participate, we decided to decide who’ll go, with this.”

Maybe a coin toss? Then it really becomes a game of luck.

“Seeing your face, it seems you got what I mean?”

“Yeah, coin toー”

“That’s right, it’s ‘Kokkuri-san’.” [TN: For the one who want to know more, I put the detail explanation bellow]

“oss… ‘Kokkuri-san’?”


Yuzuka-san gave a smile that you couldn’t feel any evil intention behind it.

“If it’s something that can’t be measured normally, we just need to rely on a paranormal existence!”

Shino-san said so with a shining smile, but the content of her remarks was quite dangerous. 

The boys who heard the words were talking to each other.

“Are the girls in this class always so weird?”

“I’m sure they were influenced by Hatano.”

“Isn’t there a ‘Normal’ girl who is suitable for me in this class?”

I wanted to protest that it wasn’t my influence, but unfortunately, I had to agree, since it was not all false.

And so, the girls were getting serious.


Kokkuri-san is a kind of game popular in Meiji Era (!868-1912), also a form of divination. It’s based on Table-Turning and very similar to Ouija Board. Kokkuri is said to be a summoned being, some sort an animal spirit that is a mix between a fox, dog and racoon.

For the one who want to know the rule, you could check bellow here, you can try at your own risks.

The layout for ‘Kokkuri-san’ is like this.

In Japanese
If It were to be translated in english
How to play
  1. Put a coin in the middle of the red gate
  2. The one who participate in the game, put the index finger on the coin lightly.
  3. Everyone say, “Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san, Please come. If you’re here please go to “YES” ”. The coin will start moving even by its own if Kokkuri-san is there. If it’s not moving, repeat until it’s move by itself.
  4. Ask a question, one person one, and do it in order. Kokkuri-san will answer it.
  5. When all of the person asked the questions, then say “Please go back to the gate”
  6. When you want to finish it say, “Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san, Please go back to where you came from”. Then the coin will move to “YES”. After that, please say, “Kokkuri-san, Kokkuri-san, Thank you very much.”
  1. Please don’t do this jokingly.
  2. Whatever happened, please don’t remove your index finger from the coin.
  3. If it doesn’t move back to the gate, please don’t panic, and keep asking calmly for it to move back. This apply when you want to finish it but it doesn’t go to the “YES”
  4. Please don’t stop in the middle of the game.
  5. Even if some accident happens, please keep calm and continue it to the end.
  6. Please don’t do it alone.
  7. When (3) happens even after you asks for so many times. It still doesn’t respond, please continue it on the other day.
  8. Please don’t ask personal information of Kokkuri-san, like “who are you?”
  9. After you finished the game, please tear the paper into small part before you throw it. and you’re the coin you used to play the game. Do all of this in 3 days.

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