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Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 43 Part 2

43-2. In the Meantime, Please show me (Part 2)

I was able to get some relief by understanding the purpose and thoughts of Ecdoic, the last person of their team. 

The way he talks, his grudge towards Lacra, and the fact that he doesn’t talk with his teammates.

I was able to see some aspects of Girista and Parshuro other than their combat capability. 

These guys are a lot crazy compared to normal people with common sense. The more you know, the more noticeable the abnormality is.

But to be able to know something means you can understand it. Then there is no change in what I need to do. It’s just a little dangerous, but there’s nothing wrong with it.

“… Ara, you can make that kind of face too huh?”

“――If you feel uncomfortable, why don’t you be more aware of yourself? You see, when the side effect of my old works started to kicked in, I’ll naturally become similar to the other parties I’m with.”

“That’s not the case, I like those eyes you know?”

“Yeah, ‘I guess so’ “

“What a creepy kid. Shit, now I understand why Laheit wants to kill you so bad.”

The other party had started to respond to the change on me. 

Now that the mark has been left, let’s have them aim for ‘You’.

“Well, can’t you guys stop telling me such a dangerous word. You see, ‘I’ am just a weak person. Very weak, that you guys can kill without any effort, you know?”

————-ILLIAS POV————-

He’s been kidnapped, even though His Majesty assigned me as his escort. He was captured by a third enemy who suddenly appeared, no, he was about to be killed. But, that person’s hand suddenly stopped, after he saw Lacra broke the barrier.

Lacra said she had run out of money and was looking for him, but a fuss occurred and she smelled something unpleasant in where she was heading to. When she headed in a hurry, she witnessed the knights who were trying to reach the place of the noise, but couldn’t approach. From that, she noticed the existence of the barrier, so she tried to detect and destroy it.

With the appearance of Lacra, the last guy, Ecdoic, turned a tremendous amount of murderous intent toward Lacra. At that time, I thought that the situation would become even more dangerous, but many knights began to gather at the scene. Perhaps those three saw that the situation had become unfavorable for them, they fled with him.

It seems that they bought Magic Sealing Stone, so we couldn’t follow them with Detection Magic. And, the situation became like this…

Ecdoic left behind saying, “Those people got in our way, I’ll contact you later.” So, he’s probably kept alive as a hostage, but …

“Illias isn’t bad. It can’t be helped because there were a lot of people there. Ah, even if you include Shosho-sama it’s not enough, No, he’s more of a burden than a help.”

“Lacra, no badmouthing Shishoー!”

Wolfe hasn’t even once sat down since earlier. She has been wandering around, back and forth, for some time, expressing her feelings of anger and anxiety.

“Uhuu, I’m sorry. Anyway, why that man with chains saw me with such a murderous intent? I don’t think I did something bad to him… hmm…”

Certainly, the atmosphere that came from Ecdoic, he was clearly someone who is working behind the scene. I don’t think he had made any contact with Lacra, who is active on the front line.

“They’re villains, maybe you’ve captured the people involved with him or something like that?”

“I’ve never had a battle with another human other than when I was in training. Well, for sure, I got rid a lot of monsters and demons.”

“But anyway, we’re saved that Lacra appeared there. That man named Ecdoic was definitely about to kill him. His grudge towards you made changed the situation, and the knights who came not long after, forced them to retreat while still keeping him alive.”

“I’m glad I saved Shosho-sama’s life, but to be honest, I’m not that pleased …”

That murderous intent from Ecdoic was strong. Perhaps he wants to get rid of Lacra on his own. The same is true for Girista. She was obsessed with fighting me. It’s highly possible that she wants a rematch.

“But I’m worried. They didn’t look like decent people who you could talk to… Even if the possibility of Shosho-sama still alive is high, is he safe?”

I don’t know. They are a bunch of people that don’t mind in involving and using unrelated people in the city. Will they treat him as a hostage normally? They’re calmly enough to cut off your limbs so that you can’t escape. 

An unpleasant imagination came in my mind and my hands gripped stronger. 

If he wakes up early, he may be able to get around…

“Illias-sama! A letter like this is on the lookout of the gate!”

It was one of the sentinels who jumped in. 

There is always a sentinel at the gate. If they were to get in touch, there was a good chance that they’re lurking around nearby. But, seeing the situation, it can be judged that there has been no progress on their search.

I received the letter and opened it.

『”When the date changes, we will wait for three people, Lacra Salf, Illias Ratzel, and Euparo Rosaleo, at the open space on the west side. Only the white-haired demi-human is allowed to accompany. If I feel any other sign around, I’ll kill the hostage immediately.”』

Ecdoic was the one who nominated Lacra, and Girista was the one who nominated me. Is it okay to think of Pope Euparo was nominated by Pashuro or is it because of Laheit’s instructions? But, regarding the text saying only Wolfe is allowed to accompany… I’m sure it’s Parshuro. He’s basically telling her to come if she wants to settle it all.

“There is no problem with us, but Pope Euoparo …”

I’ve already told His Majesty that he was captured. His Majesty ordered us three to wait in the same place. As it was judged they might want a rematch, so it’s a measure for that. And that judgement is correct. But Pope Euparo is not here. On the contrary, he is not in this city. He has gone out to transport the harvest festival tools to each village. Even if I ride the fastest horse from now, explain the situation and rush back here, it’s unlikely that we’ll be in time.

“Get the fastest horse here, but there no other choice than letting Lady Ratzel and the one mentioned, to go by themselves.”

“Your Majesty!”

Your Majesty appeared. His expression wasn’t calm. 

It’s not that surprising as he is a valuable resource and also a friend to His Majesty. Knowing that, I …

“Put off your regrets and remorse. It must have been folded in for them to confirm his safety. They are not the only ones who can move by any means.”

With that said, His Majesty directed the actions we should take.

“Lady Ratzel, now that you have to fight, it’s your responsibility to go. Also, I’d like to ask Lacra, a member of Yugura religion, for her assistance. The opponents are humans, but they’re dirtier than demons.”

“Yes, I understand. I will do my best to help secure Shosho-sama safely.”

Lacra is already ready to fight. Immediately decided to fight for him. I can’t keep regretting it like this. I must do my best to save him.

“Wolfe, you stay behind. It’s probably Pashuro who allowed you to go, but he is strong. In terms of his skill alone, he’s beyond Girista.”

“No, Wolfe will go too!”


“If Illias is told to not go, will you not go?”

“…The opponent is strong, I’m not confident that I can protect you, Wolfe.”

“You don’t have to protect me. We’re going to protect Shishoー. That’s it!”

It’s an eye full of determination. I’ve never been able to persuade anyone who has this kind of eye in the past. It’s no exaggeration to say that he is everything for Wolfe. He gave Wolfe the present and the future. She is determined to fight not only for him, but for Wolfe herself. I can’t stop it. If she stayed behind, there is no way to make her not regret it.

“The opponent is not someone you can win in a straightforward manner. You must look for a way to win with whatever means.”


“That’s the same for Lady Ratzel. Even if you can win in a straightforward manner in the battle, you need to think of how to save him. If the knight’s pride interferes, be prepared to throw it away.”

“… I understand! This time I’ll put his rescue as the number one priority.”

I couldn’t protect him as a knight. It’s not the time to think about pride. Above all, I have to think about saving him…… But there’s something I’m more concerned about.

At that time, while he was talking to Dokora, he began to have a similar atmosphere as him. If he was in contact with those madmen and tried to understand them, how much would he be dyed by their color? I hope this would end safely while he’s still calm.

After checking the equipment, we headed to the designated place.


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  1. Man, I reaaaalllyyyy wanna know what jod did He before going to this world. He changes personality so fast and so well that…well, he really dyes himself in the colours of his enemy. Maybe He used to be a gangster? A Yakuza member? Or even someone in the police, in charge of the worst criminals and like a psicologist criminalist (the ones who analyzes the bad guys)? Well, I truly hope to know, but seeing how it goes… Even in Goblin Slayer there is no name or face or complete history for the ML, so it’s a coincidence. And yeah, it’s way more interesting like this.
    Thanks for the translation! Sorry if I wrote bad something, I’m not a English speaker by birth (just by reading LN and stuff).

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