Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 7

7. Truth behind the lie

“So? What kind of situation is this?”

While walking in the department store, Atsushi asked such a question.

They were walking in a department store located in front of the station near the school. It was one of quite a large place in the city, and you could get most of what you want in this place.

『”Can’t you see? It’s shopping, Shooopping.”』

“So, why are you and I supposed to go shopping?”

『”Well, from the flow of the story, They’ll be suspicious if we don’t go shopping. Then, if we really go shopping, no one can complain, right?”』

Well, that’s certainly true.

Even if at first it was all a lie and just an acting, if you were actually doing it, it would become the truth itself. Moreover, even if someone followed up to this point, no one would think that what Atsushi said was a lie when they saw them coming to the department store.

“You don’t have to be so thorough …”

『”Mmmmm. What is it, Atsushi-san? Do you hate shopping with me?”』

“No, in the first place you said that you didn’t want to go out to this kind of place, that’s why I decided to help you … Isn’t this what they mean by, ‘The wheel comes full circle”?”

『”No, no, no. Going somewhere with those guys and with Atsushi-san, there is a difference between heaven and earth, no, space and water flea.”』

“Oi, the scale has grown messed up…”

Should I be obediently pleased with it, or should I think she has too much prejudice against them?

“…..Huft. So? Where are we going next?”

『”Eh… will you really going to accompany me?”』

“Hey, you’re the one who said that. And, also… even though you were the one who asked for my help, I was the one who lied about going out shopping. That’s why, I’ll take responsibility for it.”

I was asked for help and responded. Then, it’s a good idea to take care of it until the end. So, yeah, this is something natural, nothing strange.

However, Yuri’s face, which always expressionless, seemed to have changed a little.

Specifically, it was as if her eyes were slightly wide open.

However, that happened only just for a moment.

As Yuri immediately changed to the usual expressionless expression. And sent words as usual again.

『”Then, for the time being, shall we go to buy an umbrella?”』


Apparently, Yuri happened want to buy an umbrella.

Therefore, when she said that she wanted to go to buy it first together, Atsushi could understand that.

But that was the problem.

“… Well, we certainly came to buy an umbrella, and it’s ‘your’ umbrella. I didn’t mean to say anything else no matter what kind of umbrella you want… But, is ‘this’ really okay with you? “

Atsushi asked a question while handing over the umbrella he bought.

Seeing his reaction, Yuri shook her head as if saying that it was fine.

『”Hmm, I guess, Astushi-san is same as the other guys? Is it that strange for me to buy something like this?”』

“Well, what kind of umbrella you like, it’s your freedom… but, you see, as expected, an umbrella with that Sunday Morning Hero show, “Evil-Masked Blade”, as the pattern is just….”

Yuri was looking for an umbrella that came from the Sunday Morning Hero Show, “Evil-Masked Blade”.

Of course, that kind of umbrella was made for kids, not for adults. In fact, it was so small that it shouldn’t be usable by high school student like Yuri.

『”I don’t plan use it, though. I’ve considered about it. This, is just a collection.”』

“Is that so? I see. Then, take it with you when you check out next time. Don’t just give the money to other people and ask him to buy it instead, just because you’re embarrassed.”

『”Uh… I-if you say things like that, I have no words to return…”』

Yuri said such words while shifting her gaze. 

Well, no matter how much you like it, there are things that are hard to buy because of shame. Especially when it comes to something that have to do with “otaku” hobbies.

The two who had already bought they wanted to buy were walking in the department store to get home. At that time, Yuri’s complaints once again.

『”Even so, they are really a bunch of annoying people. As soon as the test is over, they will invite me to go out to play. I was off guard today. From tomorrow, I’ll leave in haste so that they don’t have time to talk to me.”』

“In the sense of annoyance, you’re the same for me.”

『”That is… well, I guess, that’s right. I’m sorry.”』

Atsushi was thinking of saying one or two more bad aspects of Yuri, but as she was so obediently apologized, Atsushi couldn’t say anything back.

Still, Yuri’s words continued.

『”But… I’m not very good with the one from race, “Extrovert”. Especially, like those people who came to talk to me today.”』

“Those people? You mean the one who invited you to go out?”

『”Let’s say that inviting someone to go out is not wrong.. But it’s not something that you say on the day, right? What’s more, he asked me so many times, he pushed it to me. Doesn’t that mean, he didn’t really care about my circumstance?”

“Well, perhaps he thought that he couldn’t invite you if he didn’t do that much?”

『”Even so. I also have my own circumstance, so shouldn’t he consider that? But no, they thought as if me going out somewhere with them is something natural, as if it’s a matter of course… And, they even spoke that way to Atsushi-san. Seriously, why are they the top caste of the class. It’s certainly, a mystery of the world.”』

Atsushi agreed a lot about that.

But he didn’t say anything because he knew long ago after he thought about it carefully. Looks, abilities, socializing, and so on, were probably the “factors”, but when it came to which one was the most important, it would be hard to say.

『”…..No, even if I said that… I was the same. Atsushi-san was involved with me because of my own circumstances.”』

“That’s right. Be more aware and reflect on it.”

『”… You supposed to say, “Don’t worry, I don’t care about that.”, there. don’t you think so?”』

“You think I’m a thoughtful man? If so, you really have a bad eye.”

Hearing Atsushi’s words, Yuri stare at him with scornful eyes, but after a long sigh, she conveyed words again.

『”Anyway, Atsushi-san. Thank you for your time today. Someday, let me pay you back for what you did today. Ah, but that… If possible, please don’t ask for my picture in a naked apron, it’s NG, okay?”』

“You’re the one who think that way. Anyway, I’ve no intention of asking for that.”

Well, for sure she has an outstanding look and style. It’s not that I’m completely uninterested.

However, that is a different story, and even if I ask that in the first place, I would only be in trouble.


“Well, if you want to pay me back in some way, please treat me to something after this. Then let’s say that we’re even after that.”

『”Eh? Are you okay with just that?”』

“That’s right. The market price of your friend’s request is just that much.”


“Oi, say something. Was it so shocking that I called you as my friend?”

『”No, that’s not the case, and why did you come up with that idea? As expected, Atsushi-san also has a “Loner” trait.”』

“Shut up. I don’t want to be told that especially by you.”

After laughing at Atsushi’s words, 『”Kuhuhu”』, Yuri smiled, just slightly.

『”Then, how about delicious cutlet sandwiches?”』

“Oh, not bad. Well then, it’s decided.”

『”I understand. Then, I’ll guide you to the store.”』

And so, Yuri guided Atsushi to the store.


“… Wow. A conversation is established even though the other person hasn’t spoken at all.”

“Is it that? “You can understand the other person’s thoughts because your hearts are connected to each other”, is it that?”

“Anyway, they’re a strange ‘couple’. But, like them… Can I be able to convey my heart so much?”


Atsushi and Yuri were unaware that they had made a strange misunderstanding.

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