Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 6

6. Having a conversation with other is difficult

And that, was the encounter and relationship between Atsushi Yamagami and Yuri Shirasawa.

—————- Back to the present —————-

Yuri Shirasawa who was in a pinch (for her), was asking for help, and Atsushi, who couldn’t even pretend that he didn’t saw it, was now the focus of the eyes of the extroverts.

Of course, most of them were surprised. Some of them felt unpleasant.

Well, of course right? I means, they’re trying to invite their classmates to go out, but if I get in the way, it’s a natural reaction….. Right? I guess so…

I mean…

『”Nicee! As expected of Atsushi-san!!! The one who has a scary face that everyone fears!!! Thanks to that, seeeee. They’re losing their words with their eyes rounded. Hah, Serve~ you~ right~” 』

『”Wait, why are you the one who’s proud…”

Even though there is no change in the face, the tone is saying that she is having a victory party in her heart. She’s like a small fry who got their victory by borrowing someone’s power.

“Wha… what is it huh, Yamagami. You have a prior agreement with Shirasawa-san, you say?”

“Yeah, didn’t you hear me say that?”

Atsushi responded immediately to the one who asked the question. 

In this kind of situation, if you get lost, you’ll be dragged to the pace of the other party. Therefore, even if it is a lie, if you take a bullish attitude, sometime they’ll back off.

“Then, tell me what is your plan with her.”

……correction. Apparently, the other party is not someone easy.

Atsushi thought that the flow of the talk should be like, “Oh, you have a plan with her already? It can’t be helped then.”, but as expected, reality was not so easy.

And Atsushi wasn’t the only one who thought the words were unexpected.

『”Huuh? What is this guy talking about? Why do you have to say the detail? I mean, to ask people about that, aren’t he a bit too much? Atsushi-san, what do you think about that?”』

『”Don’t complain to me”』

Atsushi answered the previous question while in his heart he said so to Yuri.

“The other day, when it rained, I asked her to lend me an umbrella. I inadvertently broke it. As for a compensation, I said that I’ll buy her a new one, but in the end, it’s decided that we’ll go to buy it together. That’s it. “

Atsushi proudly said so.

Of course, all of that was a lie. In the first place Yuri never lent me an umbrella, Of course Atsushi never broke her umbrella. It was all just something that came up in his brain in that moment.

『”Wowww. Atsushi-san is someone who can lie at such a fast pace. What’s more, an umbrella? Aren’t you sense is good at it?”』

『”I wonder who’s the fault? Also, what do you mean by sense?”』

There is no ‘sense’ in lying. Or rather, it’s something that you practice to be good.

It seemed they believed on Atsushi’s lies, probably because he wasn’t afraid or nervous and said all of that naturally.

“Hmm. To have someone lend you something and destroy it, somehow, it’s so you. And, more than that, for it to be Shirasawa-san’s umbrella. You’re so insensitive.”

“Oi, oi, Sayama”

The brown-haired boy who poked Atsushi earlier — Sayama, Yuri was the first to react to his words.

『”Huuuh, it’s not the words that should come from a guy who is forcing other people to go out, isn’t it? The word “insensitive”, it should be a boomerang, doesn’t he realize it?”』

Probably, not.

In fact, they probably don’t think it’s a bad thing to invite Shirasawa to go somewhere. In fact, from other’s perspective., aside for asking her so many times, going to karaoke after school itself is not something strange for a high school student.

Since what Sayama said was reasonable, Atsushi answered with that in consideration.

“It’s true that I broke her umbrella, and for sure I was insensitive. I don’t deny that. That’s why I’m trying to compensate… Is there something wrong?”

While affirming the other party’s opinion, add the words ‘that is why’, and then return it with another question.

If you get sick or butthurt here, that’s just go right into the other person’s trap. Therefore, you need to keep calm and take an appropriate attitude.


“We…well. But, it doesn’t have to be today. We’re going to go out together with Shirasawa-san. So, change your plan to a later date.”

As expected, his answer was unexpected.

“Huuuh~~~? Seriously, what is this person taーlking about? Atsushi-san had already said, right? That we have a plan for today. But he, he kept trying to bounce it off as a matter of course, and more so, without the consent of the person. Ugh, This is why ‘Extroverts’ . Should, just go to hell. Seriously…”

Yuri’s words were a little radical, but to be honest, Atsushi had a similar feeling.

But rather to Extrovert in general, Sayama, who was in front of him has been poking Atsushi. In this case, maybe he just really wanted to go out together with Yuri.

Really, how do you deal with this…

“What are you guys doing?”

Suddenly, as soon as Atsushi heard a voice, her turned to the voice.

There, stood a tall boy with glasses. But rather than his bad eyesight, the impression you would get form him, would be neat, as he had a short black hair and also uniforms with no stains or stains that showed his character.

“Hiiragi …”

Yukito Hiiragi… The chairman of the class and also a member of the school’s disciplinary committee. In addition, he was a talented person who had achieved top-level results in all subjects and also said as a versatile sportsman.

“I heard the story. So, let me say this, if you have a prior plan, you should give priority to that. After all you should always be able to go out to play anytime. And…I think that you should finish “Something Unpleasant” quickly, before it becomes more troublesome later.”

Yukitou said that going shopping with Atsushi was, “Something Unpleasant”.

Sayama didn’t say anything, perhaps he was hesitating to refute the words of the chairman and disciplinary committee member. But it was clear that he was angry.

And, as if it was for him, the people around him finally made a move.

“Sayamaー. I know you really want to go out to play with Shirasawa-san, but let’s stop it here today.”

“Yeah. If you have something to do, you should finish it quickly.”

“As the chairman says, if you put off “Something Unpleasant” fast, that won’t be a bad thing in the future.”

“…….I know”

Sayama, who was clearly in a bad mood, left the place, saying “Let’s go”, with a calm expression.

The others followed him with an expression saying, “Good grief”.

Looking at his back, Atsushi sighed in his heart.

With this, the difficult problem is gone.

When Atsushi finally relaxed, Hiiragi turned his gaze toward him and opened his mouth.

“….. Don’t make a fuss. My work will increase.”

“Yeah, yeah. I’m sorry for that. I’m the most hated person after all.”


Atsushi thought that he would be scolded, but…

“I’m not impressed with that ‘demeaning yourself more than necessary’. You’re not doing anything wrong. Well, I’d be grateful if you could solve it a little more gently and peacefully.”

What Yukitou said, was a bit of an unexpected word, and Atsushi instinctively made his eyes round.

I mean, I’m the most hated person right now and he is the chairman and also a disciplinary committee member. I thought he would curse or give me some warning, but apparently it was needles worry.

But if that’s the case, I have to say this.

“… My bad. Also, you saved me there. Thanks.”

Thanks to Hiiragi, it didn’t become something more troublesome. That was why, it would be natural to give him the words of gratitude.

In Atsushi’s words, Hiiragi said nothing and left.

In this way, the situation settled down.

All I have to do is to leave school as usual.

Or, it was supposed to be like that…

“… Seriously, why it became like this…”

For some reason, Atsushi, who came to the department store with Yuri, muttered such words.

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